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  1. Definitely a great day and was happy to be part of it. Thanks again!
  2. We haven't yet, but heard nothing but AWESOME things about it. It's on our "to do" list. I prefer it over Rocco's and it's pretty much what I'm going to compare every Mexican restaurant to going forward. Definitely check it out.
  3. Have you guys tried Agave Azul up on Kirkman? It's a really good Mexican restaurant you should check out. Great margaritas and excellent chips, salsa and yummy ranch dip which are complimentary.
  4. Wikipedia should NEVER be considered a source for any type of news. I could go edit the page right now to say Tinker Bell swooped in unbeknownst to all riders and released her lap bar therefore causing her untimely death. Never go to Wikipedia as a source for completely accurate info.
  5. The Food & Wine Festival sounds awesome! So sad I won't be there. It's interesting Italy is focusing on desserts and no entree type dishes. But there are definitely plenty of other delicious sounding options!
  6. Agreed....that looks like the place to be for that drop and a few other spots on the ride. Looking forward to reviews on how this compares to others.
  7. It was great to meet you Big Mike and hope to see you when you're back in Florida later this year!
  8. OK...that Big Baller drink actually sounds delicious! I want to try it!
  9. Its 70 MPH Update on Carnival Triumph in Mobile, AL Is that update from the Carnival press department?
  10. Definitely forgot about adding Alabama to the mix. Makes perfect sense now!
  11. So they are blaming 35 mph winds for causing the ship to break loose. Since when have 35 mph winds done something like this? That's a normal summer storm wind in Florida and I've never heard of this happening. Something seems fishy.
  12. This looks like it will be a great addition! I haven't been on a splash battle but this will be a must once it opens. Theming looks outstanding!
  13. Sadly, these people will probably be ecstatic over a discounted future cruise. I'm sorry but you couldn't pay me to get on one of those ships.
  14. Pizza at Via Napoli is a must. It's that good! Flower & Garden will also still be going on and they are having a mini Food & Wine with it so there will be some different options available. Elissa posted about it a few pages back.
  15. How is having to crap in a bag not bad? That alone is freaking awful....I don't care about anything else the media may or may not have exaggerated! Pooping in a bag is never acceptable.
  16. It's been raining most of the day down here, so that probably explains the light crowds.
  17. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some great night shots of this! Pretty cool that they have added the light package.
  18. Oh, but Jen, these conditions really are "bearable", c'mon, shitting in a used red bag isn't THAT bad...I mean, the people on the Speldor had to crap in each others mouths. They aren't that bad off. That made me throw up in my mouth a little. I saved it to send to Carnival to offer up as a dinner special on the re-launch of the Triumph!
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