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  1. 1. Raptor 2. Banshee 3. Batman the Ride 4. Dueling Dragons Fire 5.Dueling Dragons: Ice Ive only ridden 6 Inverted Coasters and the one left off the list is Patriot. I dont think its a terrible ride, but its a bit forceless.
  2. Wood -The start of the Beast's Helix -The turn through the superstructure after the first drop on the Boss -Voyage's return run -The sideways ejector airtime on Outlaw Run. -Shivering Timber's trick track Steel -The first drop and the first two inversions on Batman the Ride -the last third of Lightning Run -Millennium Force's drop into the first overbank and the last overbank -The bunny hills on Magnum XL-200 -Mamba's first parabolic Hill in the back.
  3. I am planning on going on the 27th, how busy should I expect it to be during the day? I know that the haunt tends to increase attendance, but I also know that its early in the haunt season. Thanks, -Kafka
  4. I'm definitely not the world's biggest guy so I'm not really worried. But how would you compare it to say Outlaw Run? I dont think its too unreasonably unfriendly. When I was there I saw quite a few guest that would likely be considered large riding it. I think that due to the restraint style its likely that body shape will matter more than size. I would say that if one fits onto Outlaw Run, they will likely fit onto Lightning Run. -Kafka-
  5. I was at the park yesterday and I would agree that operations on some of the rides were not quite there just yet. I would say that the operations for all three of the coasters were excellent. Lightning Run requires a lot of teamwork to run effectively, but the team did an excellent job with it. One thing I would criticize is the lack of queuing for Lightning Run. In most instances the line was outside of the organized queue. Lightning Run is amazing, theres really no other way to describe it. Ive ridden a fair share of airtime heavy coasters, but this took the cake for me. The airtime on the last two bunny hills is beyond belief. After riding this, I hope more parks get these, because they are great additions. Thunder Run ran incredibly smooth and fast. The ride didn't let up for its entire cycle. Sadly, the ride only had one train operating so I was only able to get a single ride. I do believe this park has a ton of potential and after talking to the staff, I believe that they will reach that potential in time. -Kafka-
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew how much it costs to get a season pass reprinted at SFStL? I seem to have misplaced my pass for 2014 and was unable to find an answer looking online. Sorry for a kind of stupid question
  7. Missouri- Outlaw Run Florida- Incredible Hulk Ohio- Millenium Force Indiana- The Legend This summer, Ill get to ride rollercoasters in Illinois, and Michigan!
  8. Ive only ridden Hulk and Wildfire. Overall, I prefer Hulk due to the fact that even though the MCBR kinda kills the momentum of the ride, the first half of the ride is amazing. At the same time I feel that Wildfire is simply too short.
  9. Six Flags St Louis- Only 40 minutes from where I live. I try to go here weekly with friends. Holiday World- Holiday World is about 3 hours from my house. I tend to go here every season, but usually only once or twice. SDC/WOF- Both of these parks are about four and a half hours from me.
  10. During the Six Flags St Louis nine coasters in nine hours marathon we encountered a skunk. Ive talked to ride ops about this and apparently this isnt an unusual experience, but it was certainly interesting being there late enough to actually see it.
  11. Depends on what you intend on doing while there. If youre going to enjoy the park it should be fine. I personally feel that the areas around the park that they had scare actors was tamer this year than last. They got rid of a lot of the random Jason wannabees with chainsaws so its not as bad. If youre concerned about this still you can get necklaces that tell the scare actors not to bother you. When it comes to the mazes and stuff I dont really know, i only went to ride roller coasters at night.
  12. I had 14, I agree with all the people saying the list is pretty terrible. I mean Mean Streak and the Boss, but no Raven? I love the Boss, but its not anywhere close to the top of the list.
  13. Legend, it was a rainy day and we were the only 3 people on the ride. The laterals made it feel like we would flip off the side on every turn.
  14. May be an idiotic question, but are the Hannibarrels the rusted out ride visible from the first drop of the Ninja? Ive been going to SFStL for the last few years, but I have never been at the park when the Hannibarrels were open.
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