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  1. Went to the park today for Opening Day here are some random thoughts. El Toro has a bit of a rattle after the first turn around and throughout the rest of the ride, nothing that would ruin the ride but you can feel it. Nitro's rattle wasn't as bad as last year. I only felt it when I was in the back. The spot where Rolling Thunder was doesn't feel as empty as I thought it would be. NONE of the effects were working on The Dark Knight. New Jersey crowds have issues with Biometric scanners. The piece of track on Rolling Thunder that went under El Toro is still there. Zumanjaro is ridiculously tall.
  2. Pro Wrestling Legend and Superstar The Ultimate Warrior passed away last night.
  3. They had a log flume? I was actually surprised with the X coaster, it was lots of fun.
  4. So I managed to find the inside of the Duffy bus. Yup, That's Terrifying.
  5. Whatever they get Im sure its going to be a great addition and another reason to go back!
  6. Just signed up for the trip with no NYC. Can't wait to get to Knoebles!
  7. I hate standup coasters, never thought they were enjoyable in the least. but from a GP standpoint the idea of standing up on a roller coasters is pretty cool. I remember when they announced Green Lantern at SFGAdv My friends marveled at the idea of a stand up coaster. its a neat gimmick but I cant stand the rides they manage to give me the worst pains in my legs.
  8. Bottom Five: Gwazi-Tiger - Busch Gardens- Tampa, FL Roar - SF America, MD HellCat - Timber Falls, WI Gwazi-Lion - Busch Gardens-Tampa, FL Hades - Mount Olympus, WI Top Five: Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City, MO El Toro - SFGAd, NJ My Favorite Steel - Anypark Anywhere, ** Phoenix - Knoebel's, PA Wild One - SF America, MD Thunderhead - Dollywood, TN
  9. These rides are miserable. I never understood the appeal to some of these rides.
  10. Yeah the cars look great, in the other photo Robb posted it appears more padding are on the bottom of the restraints which is great because during Texas/Midwest I know the restraints destroyed some peoples shins on Outlaw Run.
  11. I remember a long while ago you used to be able to ride through the parking lot and they had light displays set up. But once that ended we haven't had any form of holiday in the park.
  12. Looks like a great ride and really gets me excited for Mini New Hotness.
  13. Hades 360, coming down the first drop feels like being punched in the stomach.
  14. Kind of stinks Jingle Cruise wasn't as great as we imagined.. at least the free food made up for that.
  15. Happy to see the cars have arrived. Will check them out while going to the park tomorrow.
  16. Will agree with Powder Keg was really a great ride.
  17. SDC went all out for us it was such an amazing day. Night ERT on Outlaw Run was AMAZING!
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