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  1. Please don't! Screamin' Eagle is much better than Boss, plus the layout of Boss will allow something truly insane. I'd highly highly with a 99.99999999999% doubt that they even touch Screamin' Eagle. They have advertise it as their masterpiece and have honored it through the years so they wouldn't touch it. Not to mention that layout doesn't fit to what RMC has done. The Boss on the other hand fits the criteria. I could see this happening in the next few years. I think the boss needs some serious coaster love. The last couple of times I had ridden it I was afraid we were gonna stop in helix... My guess is the lack of spinning has to do with the real estate it is going into or lack there of. I think this should give them a good boost.
  2. So, does anyone here know anything about the guy that's in charge of maintenance at WOF now? There is a reason I ask, it's because I know. This is the the guy that built Formula Rossa at Ferrari World. My thought this was done on purpose. I think there is a plan, it may be a year or two off, but I think it's an Intamin plan. But on the other hand, I don't see any major capitol expenditures until they get some things fixed. I know last year they were supposed to do en extensive rehab on the Voyager which I don't think got done. They are also supposed to be trying to fix Timberwolf. Unfortunately I think the only real fix will be to retrack with topper track. As far as spending money on OOF it,s necessary because now you have to compete with Shlitterbahn.
  3. I disagree, Mamba is one of my favorite Hyper's. As a matter of fact it is much older than Diamondback and in my opinion it's smoother.
  4. Haven't been watching the thread as closely as I should as I have missed the discussion about the announcement being made later today. I really have to believe that it's got to be something besides the drop tower especially for the amount of space they have available. But here is an idea, I saw a post about a wing rider, but SDC is not really a "B&M" kind of park. I realize they have one, but their allegiance seems to lie elsewhere. Count the number of S&S rides. Powder Keg, Swing, Soon to be double shot, (they bought Arrow so....) Thunderation. I count Thunderation because SDC made a comment that the reason there are no longer backwards cars is because the manufacturer made them turn them back around. So.... With a little digging I found this: From here: http://news.hjnews.com/allaccess/logan-company-s-spinning-roller-coaster-promises-unique-experience/article_252562fa-013f-11e4-85f2-0019bb2963f4.html?mode=jqm Look at the specs, it's not huge, it's family friendly, and the cost is only $7 mil... I am soooo keeping my fingers crossed...
  5. Was at the park today, crazy busy. Not sure if this has been addressed or not but the age limit of 14 has been dropped.
  6. ^ I would have thought it would have made more sense to use one of those spiral ramps.
  7. No chucking them over the side... They put up netting to prevent that.. As far as people passing out, there are emergency call boxes all the way up the tower. I will admit I am out of shape and was out of breath the first time up. What I figured out is you pace yourself and above all DON'T TALK. Also they aren't rushing you up so you can stop and take in the view.. I think you will see changes in the process but not until next season. I am going to bet there will be a certain amount of off season tweaking to the ride and process in an attempt to get the body count up. I mean rider count... Keep in mind according to the travel channel special this was supposed to open last year, so I doubt they are going to do anything that would cause them to have to shut the ride down even for a day.
  8. DON'T chance it... Take your ID, your CC to buy tix, and the key for your car maybe in a ziplock bag bury it in your pocket. Take nothing else. You can go back out to the car and get the rest of your stuff later. It's not worth risking loosing your place in line. As far as capacity, just keep in mind this ride is the first of its kind. Boarding is a "process" just keep that in mind. They want to get as many people on as they can but they are being cautious on purpose. It can be frustrating especially when they read you the rules and make you answer yes or no to make sure you understand. Just be patient and realize they are doing everything to keep from having to scrape your body pancake off the pavement. I think the capacity will increase they may even tweak the weight requirements some. But I wouldn't expect anything to change this season.
  9. Awww dang, my bad. I thought you were describing/disccussing Verruckt at Schlitterbahn, which is where I will be in 2 weeks. Looking back at your posts I see you were describing Summit Plummet. Has anyone here actually ridden Verruckt yet? I rode it twice on media day. I will say is that it was not an abusive ride. But the steps are rough. You have to pace yourself and it is easy to get out of breath. If you do get tired you can stop and rest. If you get in trouble there are safety calls every 4 or 6 flights of stairs. Your group is weighed at the bottom and the top of the ride. I assume they are still handing out numbered wrist bands to keep you with your group. You get in the raft and all you can see is the horizon, when they hit the dispatch button you are on a tilting platform and it dumps you down the slide. You will pick up some quick speed and hit the track which acts as a trim break type system. Once you reach the end of it speed picks up and you reach the bottom of the first hill and start up the second. The water jets are required to get you up and over the hill unless the raft is close to the 550# capacity. You WILL get sprayed from behind. It was tons of fun. Also if you plan to ride Schlitterbahn posted this on their web site: Tips Verrückt, the World’s Tallest Waterslide is now open to guests of Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark. Due to the popularity of Verrückt, guests who wish to ride will reserve a scheduled ride time when the park opens for the day. This will allow guests to enjoy the other rides and rivers and tube rides and kids areas at Schlitterbahn while they await their turn! Reservations will be made on first come, first served basis. NOTE: Currently demand is greater than the amount of available rides. Come early for the best chance to reserve your ride time. How do I make reservations? The line will form at park opening at the bottom of the Verrückt tower. ALL reservations for the day will be taken at this time! Please arrive with everyone in your group of 2-3 riders. The entire group together must meet the weight and height requirements (every rider must be at least 54 inches tall and your group must weigh between 400-550 pounds – no single rider over 300 pounds) in order to make reservations. Your group will be assigned a time, and the complete group must report back to the Verrückt tower 30 minutes prior to ride time for briefing. What if I miss my scheduled time? Guests who miss a scheduled ride will forfeit their chance to ride, but are welcome to join the standby line. What is the Standby Line? Guests who were unable to make a morning reservation are welcome to wait in the standby line for the chance to ride. Standby line will be limited and will close as determined by demand. - See more at: http://www.schlitterbahn.com/kansas-city/rides/all-new-verruckt#sthash.6S1NIK3l.dpuf
  10. I don't know that I would call it a "track" per say. It felt more like a break run.. It was a lot of fun and I would and will ride again. Even with all the stairs. It was kind of funny watch news people yesterday and how they were doing multiple takes on the first couple of flights. Then by the time they were six flights up they were kind of done...
  11. Also forgot to mention the rules stay you must be over 14 to ride.
  12. So here is a scoop for you. 1. 2 to 3 riders per raft 2. No single rider can weigh more than 300# 3. There must be at least 400# and nor more than 550# per raft. 4. Your group will be weighed at the bottom and top of The stairs Media day was today. The ride is pretty awesome.
  13. What would be the point of making an announcement themselves after the ride has already been announced by the park? Do we know if they even have a buyer for whatever it is they're announcing? They described the product has officially "launching" August 1st, that suggests to me that's simply the date it goes on the market. If there was an installation already planned that would've most likely been in the press release. First off quite honestly why would they do it?? It's called non-disclosure, it seems to be very common in the amusement industry. If you look at the dates it makes perfect sense. Now here is my take on the B&M idea and why I think it holds little water. First off they are saying that parts will start arriving on the 25th that's just over 3 weeks away. So somewhere at one of the steel works locations that make B&M track there should be tons of track just laying around. I also know that there are a bunch of creeper enthusiast that drive by and take pictures daily. I also know there is discussion and pictures from the track plant for the coaster that everyone thinks is going in a Carowinds. So based on what I have seen, one of two things is probably true: 1. No B&M for Holiday World and a B&M for Carowinds 2. A B&M for Holiday world and something else for Carowinds. And based on leaks, it looks like #1 might be possible. So here is another possible idea, it could involve RMC to a degree. Rob and Elissa aren't the only ones that were invited to try this out...
  14. I am still thinking its gonna be something from these guys: http://skylineattractions.com/. Their first ride announcement comes on August first, shortly after the Holiday World announcement. Holiday world seems to always be on the cutting edge of things by being an innovator, I would hope that Holiday World sticks to it on this project.
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