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  1. My awesome gift basket from my Secret Santa consisted of a Vinylmation, and running, beer, vanilla and pumpkin related items. The pumpkin spice bark was delicious and my roommate and I are going to experiment with cooking with the pumpkin pasta sauce soon. Thank you, Secret Santa!
  2. I received the package from my Secret Santa a few days ago and I love it!! I'll try to post photos this week. Thanks so much!
  3. I'm registered under "renuh" if anyone feels like adding me.
  4. I was a fan of the old Test Track and have ridden it countless times, but I absolutely love the new version. I was blown away with how different and unrecognizable the new queue is compared to the old one, in a good way. And while it was fun to mess around with designing your car, I do like the fact that the single rider line can pretty much bypass that and get on the ride quickly.
  5. ^That's a crazy amount of stuff that they gave out! I'm so glad we get to look forward to the amazing offerings in Disney's "virtual goody bag" next month.
  6. I'm really curious to see what this event is like. I'm hoping to take my parents there in a few weeks. Everything I've seen so far looks great!
  7. I haven't been to this event in a few years but I've always found it to be more crowded than Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party. If you don't have a regular park ticket, they still let you into the park with your MVMCP ticket starting at around 4pm, so I'd recommend doing that to get some rides in before the party starts. The ride lines during the actual party aren't too bad either. The viewing for the parade and fireworks will get extremely crowded, but there are plenty of places to see those from, such as Frontierland for the parade - and go to the second showing of that one instead of the first. Have fun!
  8. I would if I wasn't already doing the Tough Mudder race this weekend. I'd like to try it one day, though. Good luck!
  9. Very cool, that was a nice little addition to the park for the holidays last year. I'll definitely check it out again.
  10. Agreed. The also have some new photo areas this year. In addition to the snow globe by the waterfront that was introduced last year, they added another one by Shamu stadium. And I believe there are meet and greets with animals by the O Wondrous Night theatre. My only disappointment was that they no longer offer the booth where you chose what type of bread you wanted and added a variety of spreads and toppings. But the smores cobbler is still there!
  11. Same! Tho as much fun as we had, I don't think I'll ever go on a Carnival cruise or spend 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom ever again. Once was more than enough!
  12. Pleasant Surprise - Space Mountain at DLP. I was braced for an awful and painful ride but I actually really liked it! Unpleasant Surprise - Mystery Mine at Dollywood. This ride looks cool and for whatever reason, I really wanted to like it, but I just felt like I got beat up on it.
  13. Well, I guess if we're posting interests, I like marathon running, Broadway musicals, Disney, vinylmation, beer, traveling, anything pumpkin flavored, and vanilla scented stuff (especially Bath & Body Works).
  14. ^I think there's a foam 5k here next year that I might check out. There's also a thing called the Color Run, where you apparently have to wear white and they throw paint at you or something. I wish I could do it but it's the same day at the WDW marathon. I love finding races like that where it's not just a normal 5k run.
  15. I didn't know that existed - I need to see that! I just got the DVD of the sequel, Love Never Dies, and it's interesting but no where near as good as the original. I saw A Christmas Story the musical earlier this month and absolutely loved it.
  16. It's true... And the part that freaked me out the most was when they said "the creature" was right behind me. When, in reality, there was no one there. Yet I swear I saw a shadow following me and stuff like that is what gets me!
  17. $69. You're welcome. If you consider that the park closes at 5:30, I'd say that it's definitely best to stay there from open to close to take full advantage of everything they have to offer. And with unlimited food and drink too, why not! You won't have any problems spending a full day there, especially if you do the dolphin interaction and SeaVenture. And even if you don't do either of those, it's still totally worth it. I'm not a huge beach person either and when I visited, I didn't lounge around in the beach areas there at all.
  18. I never saw the original area that Freshwater Oasis replaced, but they did an excellent job with it. The otters are about 7 months old and are freakin adorable. There's a small viewing area for them if you don't want to get in the water, and then a tunnel-like viewing area in the water, almost similar to the way you view the sharks behind glass in the Grand Reef. The marmosets aren't easy to spot just yet, maybe still getting used to things there. A popular new area is a small pool across from the snack bar where you're able to bring your drinks in and relax with the built-in chairs. They have been bringing other small mammals out for guests to interact with around the oasis, like the tortoise and anteater. It's not a huge area but definitely a nice addition to the park!
  19. I love musicals and theme parks and I would totally go see it if I didn't have to work - sorry!!
  20. I miss Japan, especially DisneySea!! Thanks for the great update. I almost forgot about drunk Stefan!
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