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Favorite Water Ride

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I tend to prefer flumes in general. That being said, my favorites are probabbly the one at Waldameer for its pacing/layout/theming, Knoebels for being a fun ride, and SFA for being a crazy dark ride/coaster/flume hybrid.

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Other than the obvious one's like the Disney and Universal's. I always enjoy the flume at Knott's, especially at Halloween. Also the rapids ride at SFOG was impressive, the channels are so wide, it's like being in a river.

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Overall, I would say my favorites are Daredevil Falls at Dollywood and Splash Mountain at Disneyland. They have an excellent balance between theming and traditional flume thrills. If you are looking primarily at theming, add Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland to that list instead of Daredevil Falls. If looking primarily at thrills, however, it is impossible to beat Perilous Plunge at Knott's Berry Farm. I don't care about the wetness factor, so I don't rate based on that.


Honorable Mention goes to Knott's Berry Farm's Timber Mountain Log Ride. It is a great log flume, but is just a little on the short side and doesn't have the largest drop.

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Hands down Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Runner up for me would be (2nd) Grizzly River Run at DCA and (3rd) Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knotts. Once I visit Florida this may change.


Edit: I totally forgot about Jurassic Park at USH. That is my #2 water ride after Splash Mountain at Disneyland

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Hmmm... a tough one. I'd say my top 5 would have to be as follows:


1.Dudley Do-Right- IOA

2. Escape From Pompeii- BGW

3. Jurassic Park- IOA (Haven't been on Hollywoods, so I'm not sure of the differences)

4. Popeye and Bluto's- IOA

5. Splash Mountain- WDW Magic Kingdom

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Dudley Do-Right, nothing even comes close to touching that ride, it's very long, it's heavily themed, and you get drenched, need anything else? My runner up, though, goes to Tidal Force @ HP, it's impossible to leave dry on that thing

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Both that I've been on are spectacular (not counting, say, POTC), which are Grizzly River Run and Splash Mountain. The two have amazing theming and loads of water.


Almost forgot Jurassic Park, though. The only downside to JP is the lack of restraints (or so it seems).

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