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  1. I seriously can't wait for the release of this park! Love how much is put into everything, it's really nice!
  2. I like the idea, but I can't say anything for just having two screens being shown.
  3. I am so excited for what yet is to come to the park in the 80s! Having my fingers cross for a Arrow or Togo! If you did a Togo coaster I feel it would be interesting since I rarely see anyone anymore build Togos in RCT3. Although an Arrow would fit the park better in my opinion.
  4. I really think your park needs hills or some type of landscape. It would look fine if you added more trees and better foliage. You should add fencing to every path and more buildings in your park as well. It looks to empty and dull. That new Arrow would look better if it was terrian or had better foilage around it. I do like that station though and the transfer track part of the coaster. Also try using different types of path, I see to many boring and depressing colors in this park. Try and switch it up a bit. Anyway I hope you take some of my comments in consideration. Can't wait to see more!
  5. I am done with this park, but I am working on a Paramount Park. Well, at the moment I am putting a hold on the park due to school and not having time to play RCT2 lately. Hopefully I do get time in the future to post a new update for my Paramount Park. I didn't mean to double post, I haven't been on this site for a while now and I seem can't find the delete post button. Is it now gone or something?
  6. I am done with this park, but I am working on a Paramount Park. Well, at the moment I am putting a hold on the park due to school and not having time to play RCT2 lately. Hopefully I do get time in the future to post a new update for my Paramount Park.
  7. The two Schwarzkopf coaster's look good, but I feel you should add something that is bigger and more iconic to your park other then those two clones basically. Like a terrian Schwarzkopf running across the side of mountains, you could use that terrain for so many ideas and concepts. Don't waste that opportunity. Also having three or two coasters for the opening year of a park is perfect, so you have that idea done. If you do add a third coaster to your line up, at least have a kiddy coaster. Please don't build a wacky worm clone though, a park this big doesn't need a fair ride. You also need an entrance of some sort if you want the park to be realistic. I personally hate the in game entrances, and they're just so unrealistic. Anyway I love the scenario, the forest is very nice, and I feel you could make this park awesome. Keep it up!
  8. Your park is so empty. You need to add some buildings, more trees, some landscaping and maybe some theming for your new Arrow.
  9. To be honest I really hate the name of the park. It's not creative and seriously makes no sense to me. Can you please post pics of the park. I really want to see what it looks like.
  10. I feel the supporting on the wing rider could be better. Like there are supports not even touching the track in some parts, and some parts are very under supported. Also what is with the pre-drop on the lift hill? I don't know any wing rider with one and it just looks ugly and out of place. I know its probably for speed to make the train go through that way to high zero-g roll, but it just doesn't look good. I really like the station though. Also try landscaping the water you have around the ride, it looks very ugly and not natural at all. Oh and why do you have a catwalk on the bottom of that hill before the mid course brake run? You should take that out, it makes no sense what so ever.
  11. A few of my pet peeves are people not paying attention to the line moving because they're to busy playing on there phone. Basketballs being bounced by people all over the park, line jumping, and ride ops who make there own rules. Last time I was at Kings Island I was with two other fellow coaster friends and we were in line for Invertigo. Well we got up to the ride op who was assigning people there seats and he told us to wait after we said we have a group of three. He was apparently playing a game where you make every seat on the train full, well he put all three of us as single riders. So afterwards we got off and rode it again, he did it to us again and other groups as well. It really ticked us off, so we told one of the ride ops he cheated and didn't fill up one seat and I guess they believed it. They announced he lost and they switch out positions afterwards. We didn't ride again after that though, anyway later on that day we went in line for The Bat and they were doing the same thing on The Bat as well. It was like putting the full load option on a ride in RCT2 with no one going in line and waiting forever for the train to dispatch. I don't know if it is a thing that ops do there now, but it was annoying.
  12. Everything looks nice so far for a NCS park. The only thing that is bugging me is how the color of the land the water is in goes from one color to green. You should change the color to mud or something more darker. If you can, add some plants and rocks beneath the water to give it more detail and make it more realistic. Also I hope you soon redo that wooden coasters station, it's really ugly compare to your other buildings in you park.
  13. I go to Kings Island every year and I always ride Firehawk every time I go and I have never had a bad ride on it. Now I only been on two other flying coasters and they were Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAm and Night Hawk at Carowinds. Out of all of them Nighthawk was the worst, it was rough and not as fun as I thought it would be. Second would be Firehawk and third would be SUF just because it was smooth and I loved the preztel loop element. I can see you not like flying coasters since you are kind of old, no offense or anything. Even though I am wrong, because there are people my age who hate them to. Just you said you get sick and stuff real easy by them, I just thought of old age and stuff. Anyway I hope you understand I am not trying to be rude or anything. I just understand what you mean by your opinion I guess. Oh and this comment is towards cfc.
  14. The RCT3 park looks nice so far, but the RCT2 could have a little bit more work done to it. I know I say this a lot but you really should landscape and redo your foliage. I also think the sky diver and the tilt-a-whirl should be place somewhere else other then the entrance of the park. You should add a building where the tilt-a-whirl is and a carousel where the sky diver is. Also the mine train has a very ugly layout, when I picture a mine trian I see mountains, water, and lots of theming. So you should try and do something a little bit better with that concept. Also I know if you can fix this problem now, unless you have 8 cars per trainer, but anyway why did you make the parking lot so small? Why didn't you extended it towards the mountian by the racing coaster? It would have looked a lot better. As for the racing wooden coaster, they're fine. Although the station is ugly and way to long. You should make a station that is more open and fitting for your park. The station would have looked fine if it was surrounded by trees and water, but it's in the middle of the desert. Anyway I hope you don't get mad at my comments, I am just telling you what I think you could fix in your park.
  15. I think you should really consider changing the color or your palm trees. The color of them now are super ugly. Also try putting better fencing around your paths, I am pretty sure a low wooden fence won't keep people from "jumping" over in areas of the park you don't want them in. I also don't really like that water slide, unless you put more slides around it. Then I guess keep it, but if not you should really consider taking it out since it's really a eye sore and doesn't fit your park. You should also add some foilage and landscape to your park. Mainly the parts of your park that are empty and have nothing in them. Yea you may add some attraction in a certian spot in the future, but at least do some landscape to make it interesting and not boring. Anyway I hope you understand what I am saying, and just to be clear. I am not trying to be mean in anyway, I am just telling you what you could do to your park that could make it better.
  16. How is this a Paramount Park when I see no rides themed to any Paramount movies? I don't get why you would name a park with Paramount in the title and not even put any movie themed rides in? Also why would Paramount have Dinosaurs Alive, that is a Cedar Fair thing. I really don't get why so many rides get taken out so fast either, its just so unrealistic.
  17. I'm sorry that I don't think this coaster is amazing. I just think Intamin would done way better if they done this project. Even though I highly doubt Cedar Fair will ever build a Intamin again, I still think they could have done way better. Now I think if Cedar Fair wanted to be original they would have made the first B&M "Giga Twister". Something Raging Bull, but 10x better. That just my opinion though.
  18. I'm happy that the park is getting a new roller coaster. Although it just looks boring to me, yea it's the tallest giga coaster. But I can't get over the fact that they could have done something better then making a coaster that has similar elements to Intimidator. It just looks so ugly and not that exciting to me. I just hope that Cedar Fair will start adding more coasters to there parks that aren't B&M.
  19. I think this game will be better then RCT4 in my opinion. Even though they are going to be two completely different games probably. I just really love the concept of this game a lot. I just don't get why a lot of coaster nerds get mad at a roller coaster base game that is unrealistic. Like does it really matter if it's realistic or not? It's just a video game.
  20. I guess this is a big update. SCR160.bmp Main entrance to the Paramount Action Zone. Also the Vekoma boomerang isn't called Face/Off. It's actually called Switchback which is a 90's Paramount film. SCR8.bmp I made a space area called Planet X. I made it so I can put in rides themed to Paramounts science fiction tv shows and movies. I made a ride themed to the film called Event Horizon. It's not a top spin by the way. It's a chance inverter. I am saving the top spin for a Mission Impossible ride maybe. Finally found use for my Paramount logo I made. I placed it on the side of The Outer Limits building. SCR9.bmp Some of The Outer Limits. The entrance to The Outer Limits.
  21. I know it has been a while since I have posted anything on here. One day I was bored and felt like making a Paramount park. I still do not know what to call it, but anyway here are some pictures of the parks progress. SCR151.BMP SCR152.BMP The back of Top Guns station. SCR150.BMP The front of Top Guns station. SCR153.BMP My unfinished Hanna Barbera Land. I know it's really crappy. SCR154.BMP My really bad hockey guy on top of Stan Mikita's. I forgot to add glass doors to the restaurant. SCR156.BMP This is the Wanye's World section of the park. As you can see there is the famous Wanye's World car in the corner. SCR157.BMP My unfinished Hurler. If anyone knows anywhere I could download the Paramount logo. Please message me a link to it. SCR158.BMP I tried making it, but it didn't work out as planned. I was just testing it in this shot btw. I need it for Hurlers station. So if anyone knows any sites I could get one, please DM me a link.
  22. Your screens are awesome. I love the B&M inverted and the Schwarzkopf the most so far. The detail in the park to is very good. I do have a question though, what is the ferris wheel and the skyway on top of the roof suppose to resemble? Anyway keep up the good work!
  23. I really suggest that you should change the supports on the Schwarzkopf to resemble supports on an actual Schwarzkopf coaster to make it more realistic. They just look half butt to me. Also I do agree on the foilage thing, it really isn't all that great. Try changing it up a bit. You should add some fencing to your paths to, like what amusement park has no fencing around there paths to keep guest from exploring areas that there not suppose to explore. Everything else though is fine. All I am trying to do is help, so I hope you don't take my comments in a wrong way.
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