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  1. While it may not seem much, this is a pretty obscure park with no major roller coasters but for a boomerang, Xtreme roller coaster, and a Galaxi, with a John Deere roller coaster for kids. It's still Louisiana's only 'major' theme park, so it's good enough I guess? Anyways, I was surfing through the web at old rides cause I have no life on a Saturday, and I ran across what looked like the Xtreme roller coaster at Dixie Landin' (home park), I investigated, looking at the photos and I can confirm that they are trying to sell off their Xtreme roller coaster. The listing comes from this year being available at September 2017, park's closure this season. I know a few years back a lady got killed on it (I was at the park that exact day), but that can't be why their trying to sell it at this point? If they were it would of been done at the end of that season. (Credit to Astroworldfan1's photo on the site as I don't have a photo on my new phone of the ride) when I compared Astroworldfan1's photo to the ride, I noticed heavily, similarities. (Credit to Italintl ride brokers) Notice the trashcan placement is exact, as well as the same trees, railings for the ride, and off screen is Dixie Landin's Frisbee ride. Notice though they didn't directly rip off Astroworldfan1's photo as it would of had the same banners and the angle would of been slightly different, but it still similar angle. Infact in this photo that is the John Deere roller coaster ride. (Credit to Italintl ride brokers) The building I circled, that's the kiddie ride house at the park, another indication that it is Dixie Landin's roller coaster. If I'm wrong, then I must be a crazy fool who doesn't know theres a park similar to my home park, but nevertheless, I'm still believing that is Dixie Landins ride.
  2. Replies! ______________________________________________________________ cparkes92 Well, that answer lies in this update! ______________________________________________________________ Year: 1987 Welcome back to Astroverse, there was a lot that changed, more then quieter last year. A major new difference is that the main street area has had a overhaul, buildings have been remodeled, the City Bus ride and its forest of trees, removed for buildings, to appear more urbanized and welcoming. The Dixie Theatre closed due to size issues, the theatre's capacity for seating being small. So now, it's just kind of abandoned with the entrance covered with metal walling to prevent people from trying to sneak into it. With the new main street renovations, the dressing room area has been torn down for a entirely new, ride, one that isn't even common, in fact it's so rare, it's a prototype and manufactures are hoping that if it's successful it can wide-spread the ride! That is, The Eagle Tower! A prototype drop tower, with some, odd, seating arrangement, but it's a prototype it's expected. It's already a heavily popular ride within the park as it allows people to experience flying into the sky like an Eagle before plummeting to the ground of our blue and green marble of space, it's a unique part of our park that we can gladly say in the future, a historic part of the technological growth of the industry. That Octopus ride has been finally removed and installed with Scrambler. Woo? Also added is a entirely new area of the theme park, Virginia City! Named after the Virginia City located in Nevada, and with licensing of the old western television show "Bonanza", to help further add to the area's theme. Due to the Dixie Theatre closure, the park wanted to still feature shows of our favorite mascot, and other shows; so what do we do? We build the Virginia City Theatre to replace the old one, it's much larger, with the lobby being western themed, hopefully for many years it can serve as the park's premier point of theatres for concerts, and park produced shows! The "Bonanza" licensing was used for a the park's third major roller coaster, called, well.. Bonanza! It's the park's FIRST roller coaster to go at the 100 foot mark, exactly 100 feet. The park has shown us until now, that not all good roller coasters need to be 100 feet tall, but Bonanza opens the door to so much new possibilities for the park! A unique layout, full of twists and turns, it's a exciting and thrilling ride, just like the wild frontier that is the American West.. back in the 1800s. See you guys soon at Astroverse!
  3. Replies ______________________________________________________________________________ G Force I didn't even realize that till you caught it, something I got to fix in the future! ______________________________________________________________________________ Year: 1986 Welcome back to Astroverse, in all honesty, it hasn't change a whole lot- oh well, it's always fun for a yearly report from the park! The one actual addition the park did include, is the Lakeview Gardens, featuring a restroom stall and a video arcade/gift shop. Play the latest electronic video games, buy a Colonel Rouser mascot toy, t-shirts, and more! At the Dixie Theatre, a third show has been added! The "Stampede Trail", a wild west themed show, featuring action, gun slinging outlaws, the damsel in distress, a frightened town, and of course, Sheriff Montgomery to save the day and save the small desert town from the outlaws! Octopus, has been closed so far a good sixty percent of the season, with constant breakdowns and mechanical issues the ride, which was bought second hand from a closing theme park in California, shows to be a liability for the park with the maintenance costs going up for Octopus. Well, guess we will see what will happen in 1987, at Astroverse!
  4. No Replies Maybe this update can give some _____________________________________________________ 1985: Third Phase of Grand Opening Welcome back to Astroverse! The last part of the grand opening phases are complete, and the park is now fully ready for Jackson! More Coca-Cola stands have been put around the park, such as this one behind Entry Plaza. The new roller coaster, The Rebel Yeller, with three back-to-back loops and a corkscrew take people on a wild and fun ride! Built by Arrow Dynamics for the park to present everyone arriving a chance to see this park isn't all wood and buildings. Here is a few pictures of the ride to showcase the Rebel Yeller and why it's called that. No one knows for sure what will come in the future, but the future looks bright for Jackson's premier theme park, Astroverse! A overview of the park for 1985, we hope to see you guys in 1986! Y'all come back now y'all hear?
  5. Love the TR, shame about the park, but that is what happens when your country is red I don't know, I hate the design of the 'main street' and buildings, they look so obviously fake that it just does not feel right, same with the disappointing rides.
  6. REPLIES: Coasterbill: G Force: Yeah, I know they are honestly terrible, I purposely choose them to be the crud ones, I went as far as to find a six seat version on NeDesigns for them for the purpose of the park's story as they despite being coaster trains will play a element later on. _______________________________________________________________________________________ 1984: Phase Two of the Three Year Grand-Opening Plan Welcome back to Astroverse! It's Opening Day of 1984, and Phase Two of the Grand Opening plan has completed! We finally can see the back part of the Midway has finally gathered crowds to ride the thrill seeking rides! Also introducing; The Shoot-The-Chutes! A water ride that plunges riders from 60 feet onto water! Good for those dog days in the summer! Right across from it, is the Nifty Diner, a diner featuring outdoor seating, hamburgers, pizza, tea, soft drinks and more! It's a nifty place for the rain, or to beat the sun! As well as added is an addition to the Dixie Theatre, which to mask it they built the back part of the addition with facade buildings to give the Nifty Diner some company and appear more dense! The theatre is also happy to announce the park's mascot to start appearing at the Dixie Theatre in his own shows! Colonel Rouser A Confederate colonel, and his two shows at the theatre, "Dixie Land, We're Coming Home!" and "Bonnie Blue Fireball." It will feature Colonel Rouser, and his friends on adventures, such as with "Dixie Land, We're Coming Home!", the Colonel and his friends travel across Yankee territory to attempt to make it back to Astroverse in time for park opening! Stopping in New York City, and more on his wacky adventure to return. With "Bonnie Blue Fireball", Colonel Rouser and his regiment fight off a army trying to take over the city, using his wits, some wacky slap-stick, and friends, he will overcome his enemy and save Jackson to fall to the blue army! (Note: Please, like don't get offended by this, this is for sake of the story) You notice the Observatory when going to the other side of the Shoots, the empty land that sits near the entrance behind it will serve as the area to complete Phase Three of the three year Grand-Opening plan, promised to feature more thrills for the small park to help make it a regional destination for any local and tourist to Jackson. You as well notice a new deal was signed with Coca Cola to create Coca Cola stands throughout the park in the coming years, the first one installed where, there's hardly anything until Phase Three is completed But, there is at least a generic Wild Maus ride for the family, a cheap roller coaster, but also a thrill experience for the children, parents, and grandparents to enjoy at the park. See you in 1985 here at Astroverse!
  7. Before this begins: To anyone who did follow Expoland, I apologize for the stop of updates and all, right after the last update came out we had a family incident and my grandmother went into surgery and all after Christmas, she's doing fine and all, and I felt it would be awkward to just restart again after months of hiatus due to family; so decided to revive another older park from 2014 that was meant to be this huge thing that failed, so thought why not reuse its name. I also promise this time, no ugly pink paths ______________________________________________________________ The Year: 1983 Welcome to Astroverse, Jackson's favorite amusement park, located out in the hilly regions on the outskirts of suburbia, this Midway formatted amusement park brings pleasant joy to visitors and locals alike, with low ticket prices, quality rides and food; Astroverse is your premier destination of Dixie's Land of Thrills! We look today at the opening day of Astroverse; owned by the locally owned Astroverse Entertainment Company and it's owners, Earl J. Anderson and business partner Milton Owens. The entrance of the park here on opening day we see that the park is hopefully going to gather and get rather busy for the park's first day! Another view of the front of the park's midway, doesn't seem as quite, busy as expected.. maybe the central area of the Midway? Why no, it seems to have even less people! We'd imagine at least the skydiver would be having a ride right now! Maybe the end of the midway, it does have more rides? Well, at least the Enterprise is operating, and is that a rider on the Octopus? Only one, shame. Where can everyone be at? Well, The Switchback roller coaster seems to be jam packed with people, is that where everyone is, to ride above the trees? Well, the park did say that they were hoping to add more rides but the main focus was to get most of the Midway done, maybe then more visitors can be drawn into the park instead of shopping, Jackson Zoo or something else? Now, it can be recalled that the park was talking about something to deal with water to come in the future, maybe a water ride or even a water park expansion? Would help with the summers in Jackson! Only time can tell, see you next time at Astroverse!
  8. As much as I don't care for graphics and the 'eye-candy' that RCT3 Brings us didn't care for it since it came out, but I honestly think you're doing a great job with the limitations of the game with mods and custom scenery, keep it up! I am loving it so far. Can't wait for the new coaster announcement in the next update!
  9. Weather is pretty better than is was, we had the large historic flooding just north of us; [i live in Louisiana], it's really, really, cloudy; but at least our city escaped flooding compared to Baton Rouge, and other cities; I have family who were affected, and lost a lot of their personal items from the flooding, but going strong.
  10. Comments! The tree issue will soon be addressed by NAMCO; and the pink paths, who knows; maybe something will go down. To hint, or not to hint is to be revealed when it comes. Everyone gets ate by a dragon, I'm kidding but you will soon see. ______________________________________________________________ Update 9: 1983! ______________________________________________________________ Welcome back to the, 'new' Expoland! NAMCO's first amusement park, and their first adventure into the business! New things to discover and lead to, we will dive on in! One of the first new things as you see walking into the midway, is the brand new roller coaster themed to the video game, Galaxian! The black track scheme is meant to be space, and the red and white coaster cars represent the spaceship featured in the video game. Also in the shot, you can see the park warehouse has expanded; that is to temporarily house the rides that were removed to make way for the roller coaster, next season or so; we should see either a new carousel or the old double-decker carousel re-used from storage. The next major thing, is the brand new Midway Diner; which has a more, Americana feel to it; complete with one of those nifty oversized signs on the roof! NAMCO announced as well, a full refurbishment and continuing restoration of the Leap the Dips, and replacing a lot of wood. Walking by the American Dipper; you can see the new Arcade Cafe and the new NAMCO Arcade, housing the latest video games, and food! Continuing to walk, you'll find Pac-Man's Great Chase, a very, very, very small kiddie roller coaster that goes around its circular track three times, like one of those fairground coasters; with the cars painted to look like the ghosts chasing Pac-Man! Rumor also says, NAMCO will in the future create a massive expansion here, so the area to the Greezed Lightin', and the Pac-Man roller coaster, won't look as bare. We will see you next time for 1984!
  11. COMMENTS: I believe from RCT Mart? Can't recall exactly. :/ _________________________________________________________________ Update 8: 1982! _________________________________________________________________ Six Flags Finds Park Seller! [Newspaper Clipping from the Pine Bluffs Courier] Six Flags today, after the major lawsuit last year; finally found a new owner for the property that they, and the city could agree on. They found that the Japanese company known as; "NAMCO", who heavily focus on Amusement machines, and the creators of games such as Pac-Man, is attempting their hand in operating amusement parks, they already own several video arcades across the USA; NAMCO promised to preserve historical areas of the park while remodeling other areas to create a new modern, Expoland. Things planned such as a brand new arcade, the famous Midway Diner to be remodeled, and other areas to be retouched. _________________________________________________________________ This is the logo that NAMCO has released for the amusement park. _________________________________________________________________ NAMCO has put scaffolding and other signage around the park to hint for new things to come to the theme park. The park entrance has signage over the entrance itself, you can see the signage before even entering the park! Here is the most likely spot for the new video arcade for the amusement park! Another rumored area, rumors say that this may or may not be a NAMCO themed area, but no one really knows. The Midway Diner already is showing it's under remodel, We will see the effects with our next update in 1983, till then; see you then!
  12. UPDATE 7: 1981 _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ That's right, a lawsuit against Six Flags was filed and won by the city of Pine Bluffs over destruction of ExpoLand's entrance for the new one, and scrapping the original "Tumbler" ride in the main midway. Let's see what Six Flags has caused! This is the new amusement park entrance for the park, that has caused a lot of controversy of the city and Six Flags. Behind it, is the other controversial piece; the Ferris Wheel replacing the tumbler ride in the park. Meanwhile, the city now claims the "Caterpillar" and the park's fun house are historical parts of the city's past with street-cars/trolleys. Six Flags, losing a lot of money on the lawsuit; if Six Flags walks and focuses on other parks; what will happen? Will the city take care of what Six Flags has left them? Will Six Flags walk and sell to another company? Who knows.
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