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  1. I have looked at the ride again and it will be a fun ride. The discussion about hyper and or giga is whatever to me now. KI Fans you have a brand new thrill coaster that will be a lot of fun. To answer the point of Fury with the long brake run, I feel part of the reason in most cases is obviously slow it down but to allow it to keep moving so the trains will not stack. Obviously based off current operations it still stacks but thats another topic.
  2. Boogie board racer announced and Grand Carnivale for 2020
  3. Yeah CS is definitely #4 in the park because of the huge drop off. And when I go back I'll ride it as long as the line isn't longer than 15 min. I'm just really curious as to what the park was trying to accomplish with CS. Was it intended to be a high thrill coaster or a mild coaster? Seems to me it was the former. If true IMO it's not a good addition. Copperhead was never meant to be a thrill/intense ride it is has always been a family thrill coaster. It fills a void that Vortex, Cyclone, Hurler and Flying Cobra can not.
  4. Carowinds has extended there open schedule August 19th-23rd 10am-8pm carolina harbor 12pm-5pm November 2,9,16 10AM-8pm 3,10,17 10AM-6pm 8,15 9AM-5pm
  5. I recently visited both parks literally back to back. Went to Carowinds on Friday and Saturday, then SFOG on Sunday and Monday. You said you wanted honest thoughts... SFOG is nice and definitely better than other SF parks, but I still think Carowinds is a vastly better park. It's more than just rides: Cedar Fair parks are just more well-run. The food lines are actually manageable, food service is always good and efficient, the food itself is better (ya'll have Harmony Hall!). Operations are better at Carowinds. You can pretty much expect all coasters to be running at Carowinds any day throughout the summer. I greatly prefer Carowinds and honestly almost every other Cedar Fair park to SFOG, expect maybe Dorney or CGA. However, I do think SFOG's ride line-up is more well-rounded. At Carowinds, there is a pretty large drop off after the "big 4." There are several bad coasters at Carowinds: Hurler, Vortex, Nighthawk, Cyclone... they're all mediocre-to-bad coasters. At SFOG, I don't think there is a bad coaster in the park. I enjoyed all of them and they have some excellent "underdogs" like Mind Bender, DDD, and Blue Hawk (I'm sure you read my post above). There are some slight advantages to SFOG, but overall I would much rather visit Carowinds again. It's just a less frustrating experience. Six Flags does some things well, but a lot of their operations and services just make you roll your eyes and say "I wish I were at Carowinds" lol. Sorry if that seemed negative. You asked for honest. I really do like both parks, but Carowinds is just so much less stressful to visit. And, well, Fury. Yeah. Fury... Luckily the parks aren't *that* far from each other! (at least from the perspective of us west-coast people) No i appreciate it, It does help
  6. So interesting enough I will probably be moving to Georgia in the next couple of months so my new park will be SFOG. I just want opinions how it feels to Carowinds. I went to SFOG long ago and just looking for some honest thoughts about the park. I appreciate it. I have been reading the post for this for a long time so I get the gist of it all. But just want some more feedback
  7. New update Completed the look for the Kids restaurant area. ( I haven't really been good with designing buildings and such) I started more of Canyon Theming Overall view of the park
  8. My Opinions Fury 325 Front RIght Seat Intimidator Front Left or Rear Back (Outer Seats not inner) Afterburn Right Rear back seat, (It Whips) Copperhead Strike (Front seats) These are my opinion of course but I feel you can feel the most out those seats when I ride.
  9. a few of the other pictures I thought were added. Also agreed Copperhead Strike will put a smile on your face and is a great addition to the park Pictures also include hotel construction moving right along
  10. Had a improptu night to go Carowinds got there at 7 left around 9, Was able to ride pretty much everything I wanted. 1. Fury is always amazing day or night 2. Intimidator with 2 trains rides ops were moving only stacked once because of person complaining they didnt want to ride 3.Copperhead is always fun. People talk about a rattle I have never felt it, I do hear a rattle and I think its the floor on the trains vibrating. 4. Afterburn after 20 years is still strong as ever 5. Dodgems - First i made a little kid cry because I bumped him. Whoops. Also Is it really difficult to put the straps on the bumpercars. Saw a kid almost choke himself because he couldnt figure out how to put it on.
  11. I present Rage a Giga Coaster ( I can say I am officially done with it) In other news Kids Restaurant Area has started The view the kids get to see Started finishing up Vertrex scenery and Landscape Lockers near Rage
  12. You may want to check the park app and make sure Fury is open. There was a power outage that shut down Fury, Hurler and Drop Zone. I think it is reopened but cant confirm it
  13. Whats up peeps. I know a brand new park already well this will be my most realistic that I can do. Riviera Downs was a test park for how I could design a realist park. Riviera Winds is the final production of this. My most realistic park includes town and hotels and just a complete fine detail that I can do. Enjoy the beginning of the newest park. Gas station Parking Entrance Parking with Season Pass Special Parking Dog Sitting Center Main Entrance with Ticket Booth Wow look at that fence so awesome Cyclone a custom arrow from the 1980s and Kaleidoscope beginning construction The Arrow coaster has been named ARROW Kaliedoscope getting themed Eagle (Flying Eagles) Ride Height Requirement Station New update Still working on the county fair area. Finishing up the rides I want there and will add the food and drinks buildings next. Also added a new log flume to that area. Small updates to the entrance New Log Flume New bus parking area Dont you just love trees New update Kids area is beginning to start work I think i want to go Nickelodeon theme we will see Old south area has begin also Vertex a floorless B&M Outside of the park shopping area What is RAGE https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/964242094207261784/17056F3037D780458673F789E0FA707CB0C32D91/ I made Golf top (based off of Top Golf) Thoughts on what I could put in this area Venom Full Layout a Dual Launch Coaster Overview of the whole park I have started to add tables and chairs and lights into the main entrance area and I am going to work my way around that area. I moved the kids area around and removed the dinosaur Here is a nice photo-op area for Rage Rage entrance has added the photo op area and a little sit down spot Vertrex is starting to get filled in with theming and scenery Tidal Wave is pretty much done in the beach themed area
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