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Favorite Water Ride

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I hate to say it, but I really liked Perilous Plunge at Knott's. One of the few times I had an "Oh Crap" moment on a water ride.


I truly miss Grand Canyon Rapids (Arrow Rapids) and Over the Edge (Arrow Log Flume) at MGM Grand Adventures back in the day.


But you can never go wrong with The Timber Mountain Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm!

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I love Splash Mountain, Ripsaw Falls and Pompeii but for me nothing beats a classic log flume. This sounds amazingly stupid but my favorite may be the one at Knoebels, though for some reason I'm a big fan of the one at Kings Dominion too. Those are my favorites but I have never ridden a log flume I haven't loved.


Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to ride the one at Knott's as it was undergoing it's renovation when we were there.

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Even though I only rode it once, I loved Perilous Plunge at Knott's. It gave a pretty extreme ride experience for a water ride and some great airtime in the back row!


I will also always have a special place in my heart for Blizzard River at SFNE. IMO its a great river rapids ride that features tons of hidden surprises such as indoor and outdoor waterfalls, pop jet fountains, and mist that makes it hard to see whats coming around the next turn.

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I don't remember anything about my last ride on Splash Mountain so I have to say my favorite water ride is Shipwreck Rapids at SeaWorld San Diego. No matter how many times I ride it, I come off the ride either in a wetness rating from soaked to completely drenched and that's mostly because of this waterfall:


Image Credit: Incrediblecoasters

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I know they aren't rapids or log flumes, but Holiday World has the 2 water coasters that are the best water rides I have ridden. Wildebeest and Mammoth are both fantastic. I prefer Wildebeest as I think you get a few more negative g's than Mammoth. But with Mammoth you turn the full 360 so you are forward and backward going up and down the hills. Both are excellent.

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I really liked Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld Orlando. The theming is pretty cheesy, but it's decent. I personally prefer the first drop on JTA to the drops on Manta and Kraken. I also like how the smallest drop on the ride gets you the wettest. I wish it had a slightly longer coaster section (like on San Diego's version), but I think it's still a pretty good water ride.

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Splash Mountain (Duh)

Polar Explorer (Mack water coaster and clean water FTW)

Airtime log flume at Cosmoworld

American Plunge Silver Dollar City

Space World's log flume with a helix

Walrus Splash for the cute seals and sea lions

Fuji-Q's River Rapids

Journey to the Atlantis Sea World San Antonio

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My favorite type is the log flume

Here's is my list of favorites log flumes

1. Loggers Run- SFGAm

2. Log Cuite- NU

3. Stanley Falls- BGT

4. Splash Montain- WDW

5. Ripsaw Falls- UOR

6. Rocky Rapids- IB

These are all the Log Flumes that I have ridden.

Honorable mention- Yankee Clipper SFGAm.

Loggers Run is my favorite because of the double drop.

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1 - Ripsaw Falls (UOR)

2 - Splash Mountain (MK)

3 - Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges (IOA)

4 - Jurassic Park: River Adventure (UOR)

5 - Journey To Atlantis (Seaworld Orlando)

6 - Daredevil Falls (Dollywood)

7 - Shoot the Rapids (Cedar Point)

8 - Stanley Falls Log Flume (BGT)

9 - Congo River Rapids (BGT)

10 - Smoky Mountain River Rampage (Dollywood)



Least Favorite - Kali River Rapids (AK)

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Zoom Phloom @ Moreys.


I'm super nostalgic for the thing but beyond that its just awesome: two large, decently steep drops with a big splash on both, a good amount of elevated sections w/ some interesting interaction with the piers SLC, and of course the tunnel under the boardwalk with its cheesy themeing and fake-out waterfall. Glad they've taken care of this flume and even made some upgrades to it in recent years.


Probably one of the better POV's on Youtube (not my video)


Runner up: Sawmill Log Flume @ Great Adventure

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Valhalla, no doubt about it! It has an incredible scenery (props, fire, ...) and combines it with an unmatched wetness!


Silver goes to Splash Mountain (Tokyo version) because of its beautiful theming and length.


Bronze goes to Phantasialand for Chiapas and River Quest, because both rides are a beauty and you never have the same ride twice. One time you can get drenched on both, the next time dry as a dead dingo's donger.

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