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  1. 3 Vekoma Coasters heading to Ireland! After another attempt by the neighbours to appeal against the intertwined Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster and Family Boomerang failed Tayto Park's planning permission is secure and they can finally proceed with their plans. News Article Source - March 2021 Official statement from the park: https://taytopark.ie/events/new-rollercoasters-planning-approval Some images from the revised plans showing the noise reduction changes, theming and interactions. Family Boomerang Station will feature two fly through moments from the STC. However; Tayto Park aren't stopping there. They recently filed a new planning application for another Vekoma coaster. This time a Jr Coaster to replace their Dinosaur walkthrough. It will keep the Dinosaur theme and be 11.6m tall, 254m long and have a top speed of 46km/h. Slightly odd as it is quite similar to the Zierer family coaster 'Flight School' beside it however should be another good addition for younger guests and fill the gap until the delayed 2023 coasters open. Following the 2023 coasters the park intend to revisit their hotel plans. Interview with park owner
  2. Tayto Park have filed planning permission for their 2021 addition. It will actually be two seperate coasters but intertwined with each other (like Taron & Raik in Phantasialand for example). The coasters will be a new generation Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster (https://www.vekoma.com/suspended-thrill-coasters) along with a Vekoma Family Boomerang Coaster. Really wasn't expecting one of the first new gen. suspen models to go Tayto - possible that this is the Europe First aspect the owner referred to previously. Intrigued to see how the airtime moments and inversions feel. The interaction between the 2 coasters should be nice - especially the first inversion on the STC which will go directly over the station of the Family Boomerang. The Boomerang itself also will feature an unusual twisted spike. Fan made recreation of the Vekoma STC from the design plans. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. Tayto Park have announced a new €14m steel coaster for 2021. In short: - 32m tall - Said to be around 400m longer than the Cu Chuliann (1,084m) - Described as two coasters in one. Possible duelling coasters? - 1,200 throughput - Investment of 14 million euros - Planning permission is to be lodged next week (so we should hopefully be finding out more then) Confirmed in an interview with the Independent.ie: https://m.independent.ie/business/irish/two-rollercoasters-in-one-tayto-park-to-lodge-planning-for-new-14m-steel-attraction-37578690.html Currently construction is underway for the park's 2019 addition which will be a Zierer Family Coaster. Last summer the park added a kiddie coaster in the form of a SBF Visa figure of 8 Spinner called Ladybird Loop.
  4. Highlander is actually being manufactured by Funtime - confirmed by Funfair Blog on Instagram who was at the announcement press event today. Not Intamin.
  5. Phantasialand is allegedly planning a large demolition project at the end of this season (January 2019). It is said to be the removal of the Geister Rikscha dark ride and the China Town area with the exception of Hotel Ling Bao and Feng Ju Palace. It certainly won't be Temple of the Nighthawk and Hollywood Tour since the park's popular dinner show Fantissima which is in the same building is currently taking bookings for 2019 and there are no signs of a replacement venue being built anytime soon (by this point a new home in Rookburgh seems very unlikely). Perhaps the China Project will include a replacement theatre, paving the way for them to be removed afterwards? Another rumour claims the China Town name will be dropped and the area will be renamed 'Asia' when the rebuild is finished. A few sites are reporting this including Screamscape but I believe the orginial source of the rumour is German site FreizeitparkCheck.de. Hopefully after 3 coasters and a major water ride they will build a new dark ride, certainly would make sense to reuse Geister's underground hall. That Geister would be the next ride to be removed has been rumoured for a while now so it will be interesting to if there is any truth in the claims that it will be demolished this Winter. One way or another as we approach the completion of Rookburgh the next major PHL project must be coming sooner or later...
  6. The hilly terrain and the way the park is built up with a lot of concrete makes it difficult to get an uniformly strong mobile reception through the park. After two years of planning of planning and coordination with three different service providers Phantasialand has installed a new hidden transmitter mast. The park already has two transmission towers (one at Hotel Ling Bao and the other at Wuze Town) and the third mast is there just to increase capacity for even more data traffic so guests can "send selfies anytime, anywhere, share fantastic experiences on Facebook or just check your emails." The task was problematic as the location had to be high enough for long range, stable enough for the heavy technology and perfectly hidden as not to disturb the immersive themed areas. The solution was to hide the modern technology within one of the towers on top of the Schauspielhaus (home to the 4D cinema and annual pass centre) on corner of Kaiserplatz in Berlin. The tower on the roof however had to be extended by more than two meters to fit the transmission mast. A specialist film set painter was brought in to create the fiberglass structure that encloses the mast and fits the typical look of the existing building resulting in the perfect illusion. They had to be careful about the paint used to create the copper look to blend with the roof. It couldn't be rich in metal as that would interfere with the signals. Video showing the process and the finished new look. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] https://phantasialandblog.de/fuer-v...endemast/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post Also the video features a shot of a drawing of the facade of the Schauspielhaus with the new transmitter tower. "Eingang Gasteservice" - entrance guest services. A teaser/sign that we can expect the 4D cinema to be removed and replaced with a new large guest services centre soon?
  7. Phantasialand want to keep things secret and just like with Klugheim release their own updates as part of their marketing in the run up to the opening next year. The park did tease on Instagram recently that we would be finding out more soon. Also the reason there has been no updates is that nothing noticeably has changed or progressed on site. I imagine now once the warmer weather comes things will start to progress. The only major change is one of the buildings on the Berlin street (inbetween the waffle bakery and cafe) has been removed to make way for a tunnel into Rookburgh. Source: Marcus Schmidke @ Achterbahn-Fans-Deutschland Facebook group Graphic from PhantaFriends.de showing the future connection to Rookburgh. And that Looopings article posted about Black Mamba is so poor. The park have been slowly but surely redoing the rockwork in Africa for a few years now very off season. "Almost all rocks are being replaced" is a load of rubbish. This season they have just redone the monkey face mountain and the ravine under the first drop. The video and update comes from this blog post on Phantasialand's website: https://phantasialandblog.de/wenn-felsen-eine-seele-bekommen/
  8. The Director of Efteling has said the 2020 attraction will be big but it won't make you scream (in other words it won't be a thrill ride) and it won't be loud. So no one should be expecting a Taron to come along. The current rumour online is a circus themed family coaster with indoor and outdoor sections (Source: Eftelflags on Themeparknl forum). There is also a rumour that it will feature a gimmick element. There was a claim that it would be a turntable of some sort although some others have suggested a drop track like Thirteen and Darkmare. Efteling have said there will be an official announcement before the summer. https://www.ad.nl/binnenland/efteling-gaat-uitbreiden-en-opent-nieuwe-attractie-in-2020~a73bf047/ Personally I think it will similar to Juvelen, a nice family launched coaster would suit Efteling.
  9. Hasn't there been rumours that they are working on a new gen. Tilt coaster. Perhaps this will be a prototype for that? Energylandia in Poland is looking to install one for 2020 - and they have worked with Vekoma quite a lot especially with the new gen. LSM launch coaster F1 debuting there.
  10. Klugheim was half standing in the terms of rockwork and track work was completed in the October before opening. Rookburgh is still mostly a large concrete hole in the ground. I was hoping for a 2018 opening but my optimism has went away after seeing the site for myself and knowing how long they spent on Klugheim. The early advertising thing confuses me too though (perhaps still gives me a glimer of hope for 2018?) Maybe though it was simply to make it known what they were building before track started going up and the surprise would have been ruined.
  11. Was at the park last Thursday, and heard from a few different members of staff that Rookburgh will open in 2019. They all seem to be under that impression, and considering how much work there still is to do, and how much theming will be going in (the park's creative team have said Rookburgh would surpass Klugheim in terms of detailed and immersive theming), I now think the same to be honest. I'd say that one corner of the site where track and buildings have started to go up only covers about 30% of the area. There was a lot of activity on the rest of the site though and a lot of concrete foundations + walls work has been done since the last photo I saw of the site 2 weeks ago. So construction is steadily progressing but I think almost certainly it won't be open in 2018. Not a bad thing though - it will look amazing when done and with such a major head start on construction it will definitely be ready for 2019 (no Chiapas situations here).
  12. There have been rumours for a while that Vekoma have been working on a new generation model of the tilt coaster so I'd imagine that is for Energylandia. Respectively disagree as a dual citizen of Germany and the UK. EU is flawed and needs reform but it's a good thing. The Pros far out way the cons. Getting rid of it would be terrible. But we'll leave it there, as you said better to keep the peace than debate that here.
  13. You can get subsidies for that? TIL. And this is exactly one of the reasons the EU needs to go. As cool as I think that is, the adult in me says taxpayer money doesn't need to go to things like this. If I ever find myself in Poland though, I will definitely stop by this park even with just the Intamin hyper! Oh yes definitely. Shame on the EU for creating jobs, tourism and boosting the economy in one of Europe's poorest countries....
  14. I don't disagree with Sliverado Theatre going. However the park have only just opened a family coaster and they've spent a lot of money on Colorado Adventure in recent years, so it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. CA's track was repainted, the wooden parts renewed and I believe they actually rebuilt a support to fit Chiapas in (which must have been costly) in 2014. For 2016 CA's trains received new chassis and wheels. And ever since Chiapas' construction there has been talk of new theming around the layout (Tikal was a start at Mexican theming). We've just seen how they've transformed River Quest In phases over a number of years, so I'm certain Colorado Adventure will receive similar treatment - perhaps the technical refurbs it's already received are the first phases of it. With regards to the future of the China Town area in the your other post. I find it highly unlikely they'd demolish the entire area + hotel. The hotel planned for the expansion is meant to be the 3rd one as the park moves towards its desired resort status not a replacement hotel. The park have great pride in the China Town area - it's the largest collection of Chinese buildings in the world outside of China itself, and the owners received Chinese cultural medals for creating it. Certainly the area will be refurbished/refreshed just like Berlin, Mexico and Mystery were. Phantasialand seem to be working through each area to refurbish them. Currently it is Fantasy's turn with the refurbished and new theming around the lake and Wakobato this year, Rookburgh next year and potentially something new on Hollywood Tour and Temple of the Night Hawk's site. I imagine we will see other theming improvements in this area in the next few years (Winjas queueline please). Once Fantasy is complete I'd bet good money on it being China and Geister Rikscha's turn.
  15. ^ Of course we can't say for certain. However the most recent rumours suggest Hollywood Tour and Temple of the Night Hawk are being removed at the end of this season (January 2018). With regards to Colorado Adventure the rumours/speculation is that when Geister Rikscha is removed and they remodel that area, the China/Mexico transition, Colorado will receive a new entrance from the main path (around where the exit for Geister Rikscha is atm) along with new theming around the layout. Be interesting to see what the next few years bring after Rookburgh.
  16. If you can definitely go in the winter. It's wonderful. Taron in the dark is just amazing.
  17. Honestly. Not that strange. Merlin didn't spend money on maintaining the ride as other parks with prefab woodies do. When it was deemed no longer safe to run they didn't fix it immediately they've left it for a year to 'decide' what to do. Meaning it has been left to rot. So the fact that it is now really costly to repair is no surprise. Real shame.
  18. The old Vekoma system started with riders on their back. However this new generation flyer won't do this as it utilises the new loading system. Also the launch pieces show the launch will be made in the flying position. So if it is a half loop launch you will exit it on your back. I assume then it will invert so you immediately return to the flying position and swoop down over Rookburgh.
  19. The track pieces have now left Vlodrop for Phantasialand. Hopefully when they are erected on site soon we'll have a better idea of how this launch works.
  20. From PhantaFriends.de We have vertical construction! The first support for F.L.Y. has been erected. You can see the top of it over this gate next to Maus au Chocolat. Two mobile cranes are on site. It has also been commented on that the support looks a lot like those on the Vekoma prototype test set up at Vlodrop.
  21. Not at all since it's replacing Race for Atlantis and not Nighthawk/Hollywood Tour. With this opening so soon after Taron and Riak and so close to TotNH and the fact that the ride is well past it's prime. I almost dare to put money on it that it's the next to go, almost. Most rumors are saying Geister Riksha is the next to go though. There was a lot of talk about Geister going next on the forums. However it seems to have died down in favour of discussion regarding TotNH + HT's removal. Especially after the Rookburgh announcement with the line 'day + night' leading many to believe Fantissma will move into a new theatre in Rookburgh. Once it moves nothing is stopping the park from demolishing that complex or stripping it out entirely to build something new inside. Also now with F. L. Y. people think this could Night Hawk's replacement - in the sense of an enclosed coaster. Unfortunately it is difficult to distinguish online between credible rumours or just pure fan speculation. But since there are a lot of rumours at the moment and a few months ago someone even started a petition to save Temple of the Night Hawk makes me think there must be some substance to it. Also Temple and Hollywood Tour don't fit thematically into the park and area. They're old and outdated. So personally I can see Phantasialand wanting to remove them first. But we cant know for certain yet until their is some solid evidence or we have to wait and see what attraction come January will close its doors for the last time.
  22. RCDB has it now listed as a 2018 opening. But nothing is confirmed yet, so 2019 could be possible as well. Although I think we are looking at a 2018 opening here. Considering they are starting to hype up the new area and ride I doubt its for 2019. Work is advancing rapidly, especially if rumours that supports have arrived/will soon arrive on site are true, so I can't see it not being summer 2018 (unless there is some sort of delay).
  23. Today was the press day for Viking Voyage. The ride opens to the public tomorrow. At the centre of the attraction is a 60ft tall mountain and over 500 trees have been planted to recreate the Irish landscape from 1,000 years ago. It has 3 drops including one which is backwards. The ride uses 1.7million litres of water, 5,000 bundles of straw, 10,000 tonnes of concrete and 500 tonnes of steel. There are six stunning Viking replica ships throughout the ride, which will thrill 720 visitors per hour. Manufactured by Interlink. http://www.irishmirror.ie/whats-on/family-kids-news/flumeing-hell-tayto-parks-massive-10630193
  24. The park opens at 9. Most rides open at 10. Typically Maus au Chocolat opens at 9.30. If the park is busy they will open other attractions early - especially Taron. If you are going on a quiet day then yeah there's no need to go at 9 unless you want to spend some time looking around the park before ride opening.
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