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  1. It seems CSM have produced track for Mack a few times. And worked on Pulsar and Helix. Kind of like how Stakotra produce track for Intamin. https://www.csm.be/nl/productgroepen/pretparkattracties/ CSM did the track for Pulsar, but only the supports for Helix and Blue Fire. That mean they have produced 1D track (track that bent in one direction at a time) but not yet 3D track. This require another level of skill and machinery. If Efteling trust them I am sure we can too, but yeah, that looks like a bold bet. Where do you see they only produced the supports for Helix? For Blue Fire it says 'supports, but it says nothing about Helix (so I assume they did the whole track). Also, I see on their site that they made the track for 'De Vliegende Hollander', so this would not be the first time they build 3D-track. I wouldn't call this a bold bet at all, since their site mentions that they have the know-how to build 3D-steelwork. https://www.csm.be/nl/productgroepen/pretparkattracties/
  2. There are 2 good parts about this coaster. The first is this beautiful ride sign/logo when you enter the queue, the other is when you're lucky enough to get off the ride without having major physical problems.
  3. Not smooth. That's too bad. It was good in 2012. I think back then a lot had to do with the train being full or nearly empty (more or less weight means more or less friction between the wheels and track). I rode it 2 weeks before you guys did and to me it was the biggest piece of crap B&M ever made. It was even worse than Dragon Kahn back in '08. During my 2 rides (1 front seat and 1back seat) there was only 1 other guy on the train and it felt that it was riding on cobblestones. It got me a headache for the rest of the day. I don't know why it's even worse now, but maybe it has something to do with the foundation it's build on ot could it be purely maintenance issues?
  4. Wildfire is technically SBNO too due to the permit issues (man 2016 has not been a good year for European woodies...) Oh, right, forgot that "Team Green" has found a way to deny pleasure for normal humans. Well, in that case, I'll pick number 3 (and my personal favorite) from the list: El Toro! Please, someone tell me this one is still operating...
  5. REAL records: World's fastest coaster: Formula Rossa Worlds's tallest coaster: Kingda Ka World's longest coaster: Steel Dragon 2000 Coaster with the biggest first drop: Kingda Ka "Meaningless" records: Wooden coaster with most inversions: Wildfire World's longest wooden Coaster: Beast World's tallest wooden coaster: Colossos (or Wildfire, since Colossos is SBNO)...oh wait, or El Toro, since Wildfire is SBNO too...
  6. I also expected B&M or something else, just thrilling. I understand this is mainly family-oriented park, but it looks like they gave up on coasters and trhill attractions completely, which is dissapoiting for me, as I´m thrill-seeker. You said it yourself it's a family oriented park! So why would they invest in thrillrides? Because some thrill seekers crave for it? Europa Park is a theme park, not a thrill park. If you want that, plenty of options all over the world. EP focuses on family and an overall experience that you only get (or are supposed to get) at Disneyland Paris (as far as Eurrope goes). To me it's the most complete park in Europe (and possibly the world) with plenty of rides for all ages. And I also think that they want to avoid some types of people you often see in (getto) thrill parks. Sure, none of the rides really stand out as being world class or super exiting, but if you look at the whole picture, it just fits together and delivers one of the best theme park experiences in the world. They can expect me and my family back next year, that's for sure!
  7. The wasps (not bees) are indeed a real pest at Kolmarden! Try to take a soft drink with dozens of them around all the soft drink dispensers. Don't understand why they aren't doing anything about it. We went 2 weeks ago and we couldn't believe our eyes when we suddenly hit traffic 7.5km (4,6 miles) from the park. The place was packed! Over 30 minutes from the back parking lot to actually getting inside the park. I have been to major parks in the US, Europe and Asia, but I had never witnessed this before. The only good thing about the back entrance: it's very close to Wildfire! Thank god for Wildfire to make our day worthwhile with reasonably fast operations and low waiting times (10-20 minutes). Seems like most Swedish people will ride it once and that's it. The back seat was our favorite because of the better airtime on the first drop. The safari ride was also very good, but if you see a queue of 20 minutes, do it immediately. We waited out because we wanted to ride Wildfire and came back in the afternoon to find a queue that reached outside the normal queue line (1 hour). There are some minor negatives though: - The back entrance is inaccesible for wheelchairs or people with weak physical health (the incline to the entrance is like 20% at some points). It is a long hike 'till the entrance. Shuttle service would be a good option here. - They didn't know that Club TPR members are getting free entrance. It can't be hard to have a piece of paper with all the possible discounts on it at each ticket office, can it? Also no barriers to force people into a certain queue line. Now it feels chaotic, people trying to make up some spots in the queues by cutting in line somewhere or some queues not having a line, because everybody is just standing somewhere in front of the ticket booths. BTW, thank you TPR and Kolmarden for getting us free entrance!!! - I asked if I had to pay for parking, because it wasn't written on the signs above the ticket office and the ladie said yes. No problem with that, but there isn't anybody when you leave the park to actually check if you payed for parking or there aren't any barriers. So I think that the park is missing out on a lot of money here, because if you don't ask, you don't pay for parking. - Wasps, wasps and...wasps! They even follow you inside the queues of nearby rides! - Despite the fact that the animals have fairly large exibits to live in, some of them seem to be neglected a bit. As if the last couple of years rides and the whole children's area were the priority (which they were) and some animals were a bit forgotten. Or maybe it's just me and I compare Kolmarden too much with Pairi Daiza here in Belgium. But after hearing how it was not so long ago, I do think the park has made a major step in the right direction. - A gondola or other transportation ride throughout the park could be a big help for a lot of people, as it is a rough terrain with lots of hills to conquer. - We exited the park at around 5PM and there was no park official at the back exit/entrance area. So if you arrive late and feel like spending just a couple of hours in the evening, its easy to just walk in and enjoy Wildfire! Again, the possibility of lost money for the park. These minor things didn't impact our day personally though, as we had a great time and I love getting back someday.
  8. Expedition G-Force. Don't get me wrong, it's a great ride, with one of the best first drops in the world and some decent airtime; but I don't get the hype. To me, Goliath @ Walibi Holland is as good as EGF. The whole ride just didn't amaze me like some others (Black Mamba, El Toro SFGAdv and Maverick) did.
  9. Played about an hour. To me it's a polished version of RCT3, some tweaks here and there, nothing more though. Graphics are poor and outdated. I do like the coaster editor, which gives you more freedom than before to make crazy coasters. I don't like the fairly steep learning curve however. And apparently this isn't a theme park simulator, but more a water park game: Oh, and before someone asks, yes these are screenshots from RCTW and not RCT3! Middle of the desert, making a glory hole (tutorial asked me to do that) and thought I hit the jackpot, until I discovered it was water and not oil. Wait, what??? Named my park Desert Springs after this. Rain boots are required...so is swimwear. This park is definitely located near a top secret military facility (maybe Area 52?). Just look, even the water realises where the no-go zone is (parking lot). What's with these stats? Excitement level of 2.9, but intensity is 17.9 and sickness 14.3??? And does someone knows what the new safety item means or what purpose it serves?
  10. This is a project that apparently started in 2011. Despite some delays, there really going for it now. The water park is scheduled to open this year and it looks massive! Phase 2 is the theme park, which is scheduled to open next year according to their website (www.rixosworld.com/en/). Here some pictures I found on the internet: Photo: serotss - instagram.com Hotel - Photo: Abdullah Çimen Photo: Ali Demirel Photo: Ali Demirel Photo: Ali Demirel Foto's: TC Zafer Demirtaş
  11. Probably my favorite and the ONLY good thing about this coaster: Beautiful logo and color scheme, but an absolute horror to ride it!
  12. Valhalla, no doubt about it! It has an incredible scenery (props, fire, ...) and combines it with an unmatched wetness! Silver goes to Splash Mountain (Tokyo version) because of its beautiful theming and length. Bronze goes to Phantasialand for Chiapas and River Quest, because both rides are a beauty and you never have the same ride twice. One time you can get drenched on both, the next time dry as a dead dingo's donger.
  13. Inferno has reopened during the last week of july. I was there the first week of august and had some good rides! It was given a new paintjob and they are only using 1 of 3 trains, even if there is a (huge) line waiting. Magic Mountain being outdone? Unacceptable indeed, but I wouldn't say they outdo MM, since MM has a lot more visitors than Terra Mitica (thus longer lines). However, in the blistering heat of Benidorm, it doens't take more than 60-70 people in line to make it go agonisingly slow when using 1 of 3 trains.
  14. Inferno has reopened during the last week of july. I was there the first week of august and had some good rides! It was given a new paintjob and they are only using 1 of 3 trains, even if there is a (huge) line waiting. Another interesting fact is that the park is split up in 2 seperate parks, Terra Mitica (all the coasters and thrill rides) and Iberia Park (some dark- and waterrides and the spa-pool). You can buy a combined ticket or just a ticket for 1 park and get a discount for the other one if you want to do it. Don't know why they choose this strategy. Next to the Egyptian part of the park (so actually in front of the park if you look at Terra Mitica from Benidorm) they are building a (business)hotel, which is scheduled to open next year. For 2016, they are also getting a starflyer.
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