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Favorite Water Ride

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For one, I really enjoyed Coal Cracker at Hersheypark. Great scenery (including unusually close interaction with coasters), interesting layout, and surprise airtime at the end of the drop!


I agree, the airtime is definitely something most don't have anymore. Hershey had two of my favorites but they took out of the best rapids rides out there. Still can't believe it was replaced by a wave pool!

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My opinion:


River Quest at Phantasialand, Germany. This is probably one of the most insane water rides. I mean, Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is great, but River Quest is unique. It's like a River Raft, but instead of developing it on the ground - due to space limitations - they built it vertical. Just the 'first drop' is 11 meters (about 36 feet) high - in a twisting rafting boat without any restraining devices! I've seen grown-up men taking off their soaked pants in public afterwards, queueing up in front of the dryer and swearing all the time... I guess, that's the funniest water ride I know so far.

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One more great log flume, and my favorite of the genre (outside of Disney/Universal, natch) is Paul Bunyan's Log Chute.


Picks up on the Knotts vibe for the MN crowd. And, oh yeah, year round accessible but doesn't leave you wanting to go home rather than continue to explore the mall.

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Splash Mountain/Ripsaw Falls/ Popeye are all pretty high in my book although I rank the log fumes higher because I don't always like to get completely soaked on water rides, kidna ruins your day sometime.


Some other favorites of mine are Dare Devil Falls and Mountain Slidewinder at Dollywood, Frightful Falls at Holiday World because of that long dark weird tunnel at the beginning, and Dive To Atlantis at Mt. Olympus because even though it sucks really bad it's a credit that I have you probably don't !


Also a shout out to awesome water rides that have been removed, White Water Landing at Cedar Point might have been one of the best traditional log flume rides anywhere and I always love the Kenton Cove Keelboat Canal at Kings Island. The Keelboats were a little different than most log flumes but had a great drop, loved that ride!

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My all time favorite water ride is the Splash Battle at SDC, 100x better than Indiana Beach's, Dollywood's, or SFGAm's.


Flume Top 5:

1. Splash Mountain-Magic Kingdom

2. Splash Mountain-Disneyland

3. Journey to Atlantis-Sea World Orlando

4. Dudley Do-Right

5. The Log Chute (Nick Universe)


Rapids Top 5

1. Grizzly River Run

2. Kali River Rapids

3. Popeye and Bluto

4. Dollywood

5. Holiday World

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Favorite Water coaster:

Poseidon at Europa park.

Favorite Flume:

Crazy River at Walibi Holland. Wasn't that great until I did it backwards love the big fall then.

Favorite Rapid:

River Quest at Phantasialand.

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Splash Mountain at WDW is by far #1 with Vahalla at BPPB #2 and Journey To Atlantis when the effects used to work at SWO #3.


I'm surprised to see so many people list Ripsaw Falls as #1! I always found it painful with gross and moldy water and logs and effects which rarely work.... have I just had bad luck?

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