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  1. I guess that covers up some of our questions! Damn, I really hoped it would head to a Cedar Fair park
  2. This happened to me when I had a "foe" in my "Friends and Foes" list. Check that list and see if you added a foe by accident, maybe that should help....
  3. Wow, you were lucky to see the eclipse! Here in Washington, it rained and the sky was cloudy for the whole day which really ruined my hopes of seeing my first solar eclipse anyways, AWESOME photo! Thanks for sharing so I could at least know how a solar eclipse looks like
  4. There's a butt load of commercials during this movie, so might as well keep the forum busy So far the movie is very interesting (sarcasm) especially after the WW3 announcement
  5. That looks really insane near the rock wall! I've riddeen the SFDK version, but by the looks of it, SFDK's version looks nothing ompared to this! I really need to get back to SFFT even though it looks like not much has changed since my first visit to SFFT in 2010.
  6. I guess they finally got the fact that CP does a better job at operating their coasters better than SFMM
  7. Alright, thanks guys! A.J. I'll use your method and see what happens...
  8. My new RCT3 park is 2/4th's from being shown to the world: Shot0001 (Medium).bmp The Entrance!
  9. Question: Is there a way to avoid lag when you're boosting up your game's resolution? That's a problem I'm currently facing right now with a park I'm building...
  10. Jer looks excited to ride! Anyways, awesome PTR Jon, I can't wait for June to finally ride this amazing coaster! At what point does the queue split up by the way, and were you able to ride both sides of the train? X2's queue splits up with one queue going up some stairs and the other leads you to a tunnel and takes you up to some other stairs if I remember correctly...
  11. You're back! I've always been a fan of your RCT3 projects and you inspire me to continue my projects no matter how much I suck I can't wait to see more!
  12. Nice Report Chad! I can't wait to go down there this summer and try it out, from what I see it looks like you can really feel the inversion now I've tried the St. Louis version forwards and I've always wanted to try the SFoT one forwards (since I heard it was MUCH better) but backwards is just fine for me!
  13. Are you serious?! What's the point of SFMM having a Zac-Spin if they don't want the cars to spin?! I think this is an all time low for them if they really want Green Lantern to run like this....
  14. I say this should open late June or or Early July, like Sir Clinksalot mentioned. The station looks like it will take a while to build, nd I'm pretty sure the queue should get it's finishing touches by Mid June and maybe we'll see testing by late June.
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