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  1. Ugh, that is so cheap. This is the biggest property Disney has had on their hands in years and they're not willing to invest more on this? What a shame.
  2. I want to buy tickets for Magic Mountain this year! Where do I buy them!?
  3. Anybody want to be super ambitious and meet up at the IHOP right across from Knott's beforehand? I plan to be there around 7:00. I'll be the tall mustache guy wearing the 2013 Haunt shirt.
  4. Just trodding through the semester and with work. Saturday CANNOT come soon enough. I'm trying really hard to eat healthy to amend myself for all of the crap I'm going to indulge in this Saturday. Also, I like what they selected for the Haunt maze tour. I'm very glad they didn't have us tour Toothfairy or Voodo because I really want to be surprised by those.
  5. Both of those would have been extremely helpful now. That park is such a pain to run around.
  6. 1) I don't like the name "Twisted Colossus". Iron Colossus would have been preferable. 2) There better be a crap-ton of airtime. I will rage and hate SFMM for all eternity if this thing is all inversions but no airtime. Texas Giant was awesome. Give me that airtime for this. 3) I don't like the one-track only rumor, but let's face it. SFMM would never have the other side running anyway. I've heard from someone that this is supposed to be a "cross of Goliath and NTG". We'll see how the video turns out. For now, this better be good.
  7. It sounds like they're taking some of the leftover mirrors from last year's failure that was "Mirror Mirror". Sounds fine to me. Also, I'm hearing rumors that there's still one more maze to announce at Scare LA. If this is true, I see the new venue being Windseeker's spot.
  8. ^Its just unfortunate because Murdy won't do Resident Evil because of Walking Dead. He doesn't want two zombie houses. I hope they do it next year.
  9. ^16.1 million people tuned in to the season 4 premiere. I don't know if I'd call that a decline in popularity. It still is the most-watched television drama in cable history, but I am ready for something new. Walking Dead is becoming long in the tooth for a third year. I would be extremely disappointed if they brought it back for a fourth year...especially since next year is HHN's tenth anniversary.
  10. It's all about Alien VS Predator. Now....say it with me.... ALIEN VS PREDATOR!!!!!! This is going to be an awesome house.
  11. ALIEN VS PREDATOR!!!!!!! Who gives a crap about Potter now! AVP for HHN!!!!!
  12. I walked under the Jet Stream flume yesterday seeing a massive leak. SFMM really cares about conservation. They'll shut most of their coasters down due to the heat than to conserve water. It's true.
  13. I'll miss being able to get my horror fix throughout the year, but this will be good for HHN. Now we can have seven real houses next year.
  14. Just recently got my ticket secured! This year, I'm only going to Knott's, but I'm excited!
  15. I learned something from CNN: theme parks are dangerous places to go that are never safe. They're full of whale abusers, child molesters, and unsafe coasters that will kill you.
  16. I know it's early, but I'm going to post a prediction on this year's lineup for HHN: -Dracula Untold in House of Horrors -The Conjuring in Persian Square -Cabin in the Woods in the Mummy overflow -American Werewolf in London in the JP overflow -the original concept maze in the backlot -Alien VS Predator in the sound stage -Walking Dead has already been confirmed.
  17. The save the Back to the Future ride petition got around 3500 petitions..and it still did nothing.
  18. This looks like a very nicely themed ride. The 3D blended beautifully with all of the physical sets. It looks like a very solid addition that DLP really could use. Glad that they have a really nice addition now. This would be the PERFECT ride for Epcot's France showcase. It would also be a good way for Disney to introduce the system in the U.S.
  19. Got to ride Expedition Everest for the first time in eight years. It's a great ride! Its my favorite Disney coaster. I was able to ride it seven times during my stay at WDW.I noticed that there was a bee hive on top of the mountain. I could see bed circling the top. I reported it in so Im sure its been taken care of now. As for the yeti, its unfortunate that they can fix it. Even with a simple strobe light and wind I could clearly tell it was a still figure even with the three seconds I was able to see it. By the way, the broken piece of track has returned.
  20. Looks like TriTech may provide the ride system like they did with WM's Guardian. Kingdom of the Dinosaurs: Battle Across Time. I'm calling it now. Actually, there are some far better possibilities.... Ride Warriors: Battle for the Windseeker El Loco: Battle of the Disco Ball. Kingdom of the Bears: Battle for the Boysenberry
  21. I would love to see Tampico Tumbler back in Windseeker's old spot. It would also be cool to see La Revolution be moved where that basketball game is in front of Xcellerator. That opens up some more room for maybe the return of "Gran Slammer" and a Troika.
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