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  1. I wonder if Dollywood took in account for seismic activity on the mountain of LR. Could be constantly shifting the supports causing sensors to go out of wack.
  2. So I heard that the park is only at 20 or 30% staffed right now. The park may not even open on the days intended since many people still have to be trained.
  3. Did sf not have the idea of putting a string attached to the seat in front of you in case the vr headset falls off.
  4. "We are happy to announce the ride library should be released this weekend. Even though most of the rides were finished, we wanted to step back and devote some additional time for optimizations, cleanup, and polish. We also enhanced the lighting by introducing fast soft shadows. The new ride library looks great and we are very excited about the release If you would like to jump in and see them in action, we will be testing a couple parks this weekend that host some of the rides. Which brings us to our special announcement. We have some very exciting news to share! Theme Park Stu
  5. For all of those wondering about a source from my statement earlier, the name Harley Quinn is written in the master ride instruction manual. The book that holds the manual for every ride.
  6. New roller coaster for 2015 called "Looping Dragon." Batman Backwards, Dive-In Movies, and expands Fright Fest.
  7. Skyhawk's cable snapped. It apparently broke the wooden fence in front of the ride. A piece of wood hit a man in the mouth and emt's are on the scene. No word that the people on the ride are okay.
  8. Does anybody know if there will be a media day for Zumanjaro? Also would this include Club TPR members?
  9. The cranes are on the trucks to be shipped out. The queue is almost finished with landscaping. I have not seen Zumanjaro test yet. Also the rides motor that powers the lift cable is still wrapped in plastic.
  10. I'd pick people up with metal hands and drop them into a lake and let them drown. I'd also pop their balloon. This is all after they somehow survive a roller coaster crash with their magical parachute.
  11. I'm gonna marathon Nitro today! Gotta beat my record, 30 times in an hour and thirty minutes.
  12. Went to the park today and got some pictures of the mysterious coaster parts! PARTS OMG I had to tell the Drop Off bus driver to drive over there. He was cool and showed me the parts Some big trucks and cranes. Most of the parts.
  13. Hahahaha no... operations were OK till the Asian tour groups were waiting. They couldn't understand the fact that you are not allowed to have your phone on the ride, and that you cannot be in the station while they dispatch the ride.
  14. I sat on Nitro a couple of days ago for an hour and ten minutes without getting off. It was incredible
  15. They need to use the test seat and have it actually be set up correctly. If it doesn't click enough times they cant ride! If they are too wide they cant ride. It would have saved this persons life if she would have been denied the ability to ride.
  16. This is why overweight people need to be checked at the entrance or just not be able to ride.
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