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  1. I wonder if Dollywood took in account for seismic activity on the mountain of LR. Could be constantly shifting the supports causing sensors to go out of wack.
  2. So I heard that the park is only at 20 or 30% staffed right now. The park may not even open on the days intended since many people still have to be trained.
  3. Did sf not have the idea of putting a string attached to the seat in front of you in case the vr headset falls off.
  4. "We are happy to announce the ride library should be released this weekend. Even though most of the rides were finished, we wanted to step back and devote some additional time for optimizations, cleanup, and polish. We also enhanced the lighting by introducing fast soft shadows. The new ride library looks great and we are very excited about the release If you would like to jump in and see them in action, we will be testing a couple parks this weekend that host some of the rides. Which brings us to our special announcement. We have some very exciting news to share! Theme Park Studio is proud to announce 'Live Parks'. Theme Park Studio's focus has always been on customization. It is our unique specialty and niche. To continue our vision, we are happy to announce a very special update that will take advantage of all our unique customization tools. This update is not part of our feature list . We love what we do and enjoy interacting with our supporters. It is simply a free bonus we are experimenting with, based on our personal goals, excitement, and vision, since we share the same enthusiasm as our community. If there is enough support for the service, we look forward to keeping it going! It is a feature we are super exited about, as we feel it will provide park builders a unique channel to express their dreams of building and hosting their own custom theme parks! It begins with Theme Park Studio's new front menu interface. The title now opens with an animated photo book. With the turn of every page, players can select the park they wish to visit. Players can select different categories for parks, including: "Featured Parks" Highlighted top picks. "Subscribed Parks" Parks you subscribe to on Steam Workshop "Live Parks" Parks located hosted by our server. Live parks are completely unique and operate like real theme parks. They have operating hours, host special events, and include multiplayer rides, games, and activities. They are networked with live guests, stats are tracked, and leaderboards maintained. The author of the park is granted their own leaderboards and achievements, unique to interactive rides they have created for their own park. Finally, they are granted exclusive access to our unique "PHC" panel (Park Host Controller), which allows them to manage live guests, events, and more! As a case example, when a member of the community has completed their park, it is submitted for live hosting. Once ready, the park is uploaded and a launch date and time is scheduled for opening. Goals for leaderboard status and re-hosting include getting as many live guests as you can to visit your park, and receiving positive ratings from your guests. Leaderboards and achievements will also be setup for unique visitors and satisfactory ratings. Once the opening date arrives, the author is granted access to the 'Park Host Controller'. From there, the host can open his park, and manage it, using specific features in the PHC panel. The host also has access to a special birds eye viewport for visualizing the park scene. For casual players that just want to experience some great parks and have fun, simply select the park from our new front menu and you will be automatically logged into a live world. After the park opens, you will be able to tour the park, ride coasters, get on the leaderboards through challenging interactive rides, and rate the park to provide the author feedback and leaderboard status We are super excited about the incredible possibilities this new service provides. Some awesome parks are already under construction by the community, designed specifically for live hosting. Here are just a few screenshots. These parks include (in order of their release): 1: "Enchanted Woods". A beautiful park that will be available at launch. It features go kart racing, bumper cars, coasters, and multiple flat rides. The scenery is simply stunning and beautifully highlights our new lighting. Go karts are connected to a Steam leaderboard for best time. Bumper cars are also connected to a Steam leaderboard for most hits. 2: "Splash Battle". A fun and highly interactive park. In addition to coasters and flat rides, this park features a unique interactive ride on a pirate ship. Each player has their own water cannon used to hit targets and set off special effects. Points are collected with each successful hit, similar to Buzz Light Year or Toy Story ride, and it is connected to a Steam leaderboard to maintain all time high scores. 3: "Majestic Gardens" An innovative park with stunning scenery featuring a hedge maze, interactive gameplay, custom lighting, and a beautiful night time environment. 4: "Four Winds" A beautiful park featuring extensive use of the Scenery Builder. No custom scenery was used and all the decor was constructed using in-game build sets. The park will feature multiplayer activities. Some of the architectural structures contain inside passages perfect for exploring. 5:. "Disney World" A Disney World recreation with 2 versions spanning different decades. Players will be able to tour the park, ride the rides, etc. The author's renders are a work in progress and do not represent the final project. In particular the texturing is only in its very earliest stages and most objects just have placeholder materials and textures for now. It is his goal to be as accurate as possible whenever he can find historical supporting data.. You can follow the authors progress here http://www.disneyparksearchive.com and on his twitter handle @DPEarchive. We look forward to seeing the amazing parks the community will design. Minus a couple new trains coming in the final update, this release completes our committed feature list for the Gold edition. This will free up some time to improve TPS and start a final round of bug fixes and community requests. If you have a specific feature request you would like to submit, now is the time to share your ideas. We have started a thread for another round of community requests here: http://forum.themeparkstudio.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=o2ojnj984dldp9huvj9mmonno0&topic=2300.msg22863#msg22863 We will be doing some initial network testing this weekend. If you would like to join us we will announce the times on our forums. We are starting small, probably only around 50 to 100 concurrent uses, and will grow from there. Special thanks to all our backers who supported us during development. Theme Park Studio Team "Theme Park Studio....How many guests will visit your park?" "
  5. For all of those wondering about a source from my statement earlier, the name Harley Quinn is written in the master ride instruction manual. The book that holds the manual for every ride.
  6. New roller coaster for 2015 called "Looping Dragon." Batman Backwards, Dive-In Movies, and expands Fright Fest.
  7. Skyhawk's cable snapped. It apparently broke the wooden fence in front of the ride. A piece of wood hit a man in the mouth and emt's are on the scene. No word that the people on the ride are okay.
  8. Does anybody know if there will be a media day for Zumanjaro? Also would this include Club TPR members?
  9. The cranes are on the trucks to be shipped out. The queue is almost finished with landscaping. I have not seen Zumanjaro test yet. Also the rides motor that powers the lift cable is still wrapped in plastic.
  10. I'd pick people up with metal hands and drop them into a lake and let them drown. I'd also pop their balloon. This is all after they somehow survive a roller coaster crash with their magical parachute.
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