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  1. Hey question for any regulars, what can I expect crowd wise Monday April 17th?
  2. Flight Deck at Kings Island was so much fun. With it being back away from everything else it was bit more relaxed without having to worry about the higher ups spying on you. My close friend Anthony and I would always make Top Gun references over the PA system. One of my favorite things to do was on a busy day pick out a random lady in the line and Anthony and I would reenact the "you've lost that loving feeling scene from Top Gun.
  3. So since it's already a IP crossover it would become a IP crossover within a IP crossover? Whoa!
  4. Thanks for the info, I'll be down there the weekend of Easter going to Star Wars Celebration, so I figured crowds will be big. Thanks
  5. I really don't like jump scares so I hardly ever attend Halloween events for the houses themselves. I prefer tension that's built up, very much Hitchcockian. On a completely random note, I'll be heading to Universal in mid April. What can I expect in terms of crowds?
  6. What I was saying was that with Skull Island they took the segment from the tram tour and are expanding it to make a full ride. Its how they made the entire park to begin with, taking the Earthquake!, JAWS, and Kongfrontation elements from the tour and fleshing them out to full rides. Its wouldn't be wrong to assume they will do the same thing here.
  7. Well the tram tour segment in Hollywood is in 3d so if you assume they're using similar elements like the new King Kong ride then it will probably be 3D. It also depends on what the ride system is. We might learn more about how this Fast and the Furious ride will shape up when Kong: Skull Island opens.
  8. In the animation it kinda looked like the same ride vehicles that are on 7 Dwarfs Mine Coaster, obviously themed different of course...
  9. B&M's, even smaller used ones, are still some fine looking pieces of steel...
  10. You would be surprised about how different Kings Island's policy's are from Cedar Point. When I worked there it was a mixture of policy's and regulations from the old Paramount days and some of Cedar Fair's stuff. Its honestly really confusing and amazing that the two "flagship" parks in the chain have completely different ways of operation.
  11. It is because of the mid course brake run. If the ride breaks down and a evacuation has to happen, then guest have to walk down a tall metal spiral stair case then along a long gravel path with a serious elevation change before finally reaching the old Tomb Raider photo booth. (that's where you rejoin the park). I worked on the ride in 2012 and we busted our asses to make sure that we did not stack, that photo above is just embarrassing...
  12. That is an awesome structure, imagine if they did that on Griffon at Busch Gardens, that would be a massive structure.
  13. Well that's something I never thought I would hear about a post year 2000 Six Flags...
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