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  1. I've had a CF Platinum Pass for a couple of years now - still haven't made it up to the Point (I know, loss of nerd cred right there). I took up distance running in order to have a reasonable "excuse" to head to Disney and spend $$ in significant quantities. Much as I love coasters, gotta go with the World on this one.
  2. I'm curious: Did anyone else sign up for the new Dopey Challenge? I'm signed up, and would love to know who else from TPR will be running the nearly 50 miles that weekend!
  3. Glad to see you're nearly ready for the updates, Big Mike! I'm sure the last few months have been trying. Enjoy Hawaii! I know you're not headed there for the coasters, since I think you have all of their traveling models already. Hope your trip is relaxing!
  4. I (like Joey) got signed up for the Dumbo Double Dare during the Expo at WDW Marathon Weekend. Unlike Joey, however, the electronic registration systems were working properly when I did mine, and so I have the full confirmation that I'm in. I know this is record speed for a runDisney race, with the half selling out just over 26 hours after it opened, and the DDD and 10K incredibly fast, but this is tarting to reach the speed of some of the most popular MARATHONS (Chicago, Boston, Marine Corps) in the country. it's a little insane. It seems that your best be of getting into one of the
  5. I saw that one too - I remember it being amongst a bunch of other "stupid joke" type signs, and laughed it off as a non-sequitur like a few of the others. I don't know when you went through the expo, but when I was there around noon on Friday, they had 8 computers there in use for the signups. The line was still slow, but nothing nearly as bad as you experienced. Hopefully this was a "fix" from your experience, rather than the original plan and several broke. I do recall that last year when I attended the expo on Thursday, they only had 3 computers for DL 1/2 advance registration,
  6. A few quick notes about the race weekend, now that I've made it home: Start Time and Temp were in the 62-65 degree and 97% humidity range both Saturday and Sunday; I found neither to be oppressive for the start. As one of the "faster" runners, I didn't find the weather too bad for finishing the Half, either. Finished before 8 Am, with a time of 2:03:37, nowhere close to my PR of 1:45:01, but I wanted to save something for the next day. The end of the marathon started to feel somewhat hot for me, though - I was up to pouring water on my head starting around mile 9. With that said,
  7. I guess it falls to me to be the first dissenting voice... I dislike the move to September. As one of the admittedly few runners here on TPR, my late summer/September trip to the west coast is centered around the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend. Justifying two trips a week apart or even a full week out to be able to do both race weekend and WCB is more than likely a no-go for me. I hope you all enjoy WCB13, and I'll hope to see it return to it's old time frame for 2014. I'll miss you.
  8. Have to say I;m getting excited about Marathon Weekend as well... I'm doing the Goofy Challenge this year... I'm #22124, and am in Corral B. Hope to see many of you there!
  9. ^^^That is outstanding! I admit, I had a strong plan for 5, had I made the finals, but you clearly wiped the floor with all of us. KUDOS.
  10. Joey - That's awesome! I totally agree with you about 88 being WAAAAYY too hot for running - kudos to you for keeping it up anyway. See you in January, I'll be doing JUST the Goofy. (I know, just nothing right?) In the meantime, anyone in the DC area, please come cheer me and the other runners on in the Marine Corps Marathon this coming Sunday! It's my first full marathon...I sorta am ready for it to be over just to be able to say I've done it once.
  11. Yay! That makes me happy, as I'm a fan of the 'offseason' event, too!
  12. Seaside? Mountains? Islands? Tropical vegetation? All in one spot? EFFIN' AMAZING!
  13. Question... with the West Coast tour [theoretically] scheduled for late July, will West Coast Bash still be happening in the February/March timeframe, like usual, or is it expected to get pushed to coincide with the trip? Just curious on how to plan for "off time" from work.
  14. Yay for Big Mike and the China Culture! and, really is there any doubt? I want to see Megan's cartwheels, too!
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