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  1. Dear Dennis Allen, I have to words for you: Terrelle Pryor Sincerely, An Oakland Raiders fan
  2. Okay, here's another hint. "A private company is building a railroad. But that route goes through an occupied town, so to drive out the residents, they try sending in corrupt law enforcement and a football player."
  3. A private company hires a Detriot Lions Linebacker to destroy a small little town
  4. ^It could be any Indiana Jones movie, but I'm leaning towards Last Crusade
  5. "When will the world listen to reason? I have a feeling it'll be a long time."--Dexter Holland
  6. On my RCT3 Recreation of CGA's Demon, someone tried to tell me that since my RCT3 reacreation is 105 ft tall, (rounded) that: To which I said that my rec is 105, but according to RCDB, the real ride is 102. To Which he said:
  7. Great Photos, nothing quite beats the ghetto carnival. (Oh I'm sorry, I mean "state fair')
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