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Favorite Water Ride

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I love Splash Mountain at DL. Trivia: You know that drop under Brer Bear's butt? Originally, the ride had many more parts just like that, but the cars kept derailing. The only coaster part that the cars never derailed on was the Brer Bear drop, which they kept.



Ummmm..... No.



My fave water ride is Splash at WDW with 12 TPR folks crammed in.

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It's hard to only have one favorite water ride, i mean there are such different water rides to choose from. As for my favorite types...


Favorite log flume: Splash Mountain DL (Great themeing) and Dudley Do-Rights Ripsaw Falls(the drops are amazing and you get completely soaked.


Favorite Rafting ride:Hersheypark's Canyon River Rapids (just when you think you survived from getting wet...they hit you with like 4 waterfalls) and Popey bilge rat barges because of the crazy ending after the lift hill)


Favorite other: Journey to Atlantis (seaworld orlando) and Hersheypark's Tidal Force becuase it makes one of the biggest splashes i have ever seen.

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I just have a number 1, it´s Valhalla!

Awesome, I just saw water from all sides, but I don´t knew from where it came.

The three drops are also exciting, and I was SO much surprised about the theming and the effects!


Other nice Waterrides are:

-Fuga da Atlantide @ Gardaland (nice theming)

-Stormforce @ Drayton (In the backrow VERY wet)

-Rio Dorado @ Hansapark (I really love it, it makes SO much fun if you spin the whole time so fastly)

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a decent river rapids is always a favourite, especially if it has a wave machine thats really good!!! i dont mind RRR at TP, but i perferred it when it was Thunder River


Tidal Wave at TP is a must. it has one of the biggest splashes ever! (55ft or something) wheeeeeeeeeeee.... SKLOOOOOOSH!!!!!


Dragons River in CwoA is great as well. yay! big drop! *oh sh*t! wheeeeeeee! (continues along run) 'where's the splash?* SKLOOOSH!!!


i am partial to the dinghy rides as well. i was within 4in of hitting the wall at Southend.





CwoA: We need a decent but fun ride that either spins or gets people wet.


Inventor: Chairswings?


CwoA: too simple.


Inventor: how about a ride where people get squirted?


CwoA: hmmmm... Chairswings with garden hoses pointed straight up... I like it!!!



lol, Willy's Bizzer i mean, Billys Whizzer is great fun...

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I love the themeing, the atmosphere and the high soak level of Valhalla at BPB. This is my number one.


I also like Niagara (Bellewaerde), Tidal Wave (Thorpe Park) and Stormforce 10 (Drayton Manor) beacause you get soaked.


Fata Morgana (Efteling) and Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland Paris) are my themeing favorites.





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