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Favorite Water Ride

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Three come to mind.


First is one of The First to make flumes interesting, and that's the old log ride at Knott's. Always enjoyed the little 'tour' outside and then the surprise fall into the middle of the 'hill.' This is a scenic log ride, pre-Splash Mountain, yes?


Second one was Maelstrom at the Norway pavillion, EPCOT. The first to use reverse flume travel, too, hmmm? Yes? And a bit of the downslope into the finale, hmm? Liked that, too.


And I always got a kick out of DL's Splash Mtn. with the 'coaster dip' before Brer Bear encountering the "bees". Buzz buzz buzz buzz......


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My overall favorite would have to be Splash Mountain.


This rides encompasses many features that make a truely great water ride.


The Themeing, I mean look at Splash Mountain from the outside! It doesn't get much better!


This ride itself is lots of fun, with some surprises (When the ride goes down a drop then shoots back up the hill) Fantastic!


The Music, Characters, the Overall Story. I never get tired of the this ride, whenever I visit Disneyland it's the first attraction I head to. (To get my fasspass!)

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Splash Mountain @ DLR

This is my favorite water ride because of the themeing, drops, and the mysterious water jet! The themeing is awesome, going back to Song of the South (an awesome movie). The only thing I don't like about the themeing is they took stuff out of America Sings . Drops on this ride are the main part. The coaster part where you go under Brer Bear's butt is awesome! The big drop always surprises me because it seems like we're going on forever! The mysterious water jet is if you sit in the back of the log now, the "splash" from you dropping, slaps you in the face! It's awesome (but it slightly hurts ).

---Brent 8)

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Yeah I like those all to but my favorite is Splash Mountain at Disneyland. I love Splash Mountain beacause of that huge drop at the end. I also like the great theme but i do not like the wait.


I love jurrasic park to. I wish SFMM had it so i could go on it more. I wish thouh

that they didn't make it have controlled brakes at the end.


I also think ripe tide is cool at Knott's.

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I think that HersheyPark has some of the greatest water rides of any park. Tidal Force is one of the biggest of its kind, and Canyon River Rapids is better than any rapids ride I've ever been on (a close tie with Grizzly Run at SF:DL). Then there is CoalCracker, which is a long, fun flume ride, and RollerSoaker, which is very unique and gets you absolutely drenched.


The water rides at Islands of Adventure look like the best ones overall. Ripsaw Falls and Jurassic Park look great.

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Yeah, like Phishy said, Splash Mountain is cool because it lasts long, but Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls is my all time favorite flume. The second "humps" after each fall made me laugh my ass off cause they caught me by surprise the first time I rode it. Classic. 8)

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my favorite water ride would be Perilous Plunge at KBF, it was really one of the few rides that actually scared me, i got on right after the long downtime it had after the woman was thrown off of it. it was extremely scary seeing all of those seatbelts, one for each sloder, one across your lap, and those balls crushing lapbars that they kept announcing that if you touch, you would be banned from the ride. its like they were screaming 'UNSAFE!'


a more traditional favorite water ride would be grizzly river run, so much better then bigfoot rapids or roaring rapids. great theming and actual drops on a rapids ride!

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I really like the Arrow Hydroflumes- the jump at the bottom of the drop is pretty insane, and there are only a few Hydroflumes left. (Either the jump has been removed or the enitre ride is gone.) So, Yankee Clipper/Ice Mountain Splash at Six Flags Great America has a dear place in my heart. You also can't beat racing Logger's Run in the middle part of the ride, and, when the rides are timed together, the dueling drops are pretty neat.


But, all the water rides at IoA are awesome, and I'm a huge fan of Dudley.

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