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  1. Tomorrow's 4/20. I've heard rumors that their bringing in drug-sniffing dogs to our school.
  2. I have a Disneyland Theme Park map in Japanese. If that counts.
  3. ^Don't take this thread so seriously, we like to share this type of stuff and we think it's funny. We don't hate the GP for making these comments, we just like to have a good laugh.
  4. I can't help but feel like at least some of this is true, seeing the type of clientele that Carnival gets.
  5. Just got back from Puerto Vallarta. All I an think is, YOLO!
  6. Right by my school, there's a burger place called Wizzbangs. It's so good.
  7. Blood and Glory is awesome! I'm on level 5
  8. Dear Robb or Elissa, or anyone else who can answer this thread... I was just wondering if you are ever planning on holding a TPR event at a Bay Area park in the foreseeable future. It is perfectly fine if you are not, I am only curious. It would be very nice to find out though. -E1ticket5
  9. A Teletubbies Theme Park What's worse than Busch Gardens paving over Sheikra and Montu?
  10. ^Not getting berated tonight vFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!
  11. I recommend... 1.Rage Comics: An app for people who like Rage Comics (Free) 2.Alien Blue: A Reddit browser for your iPod or iPhone (Free) 3.Jetpack Joyride: A fun side scrolling game (Free) 4.Rides: An app showing info about rides and roller coasters. (Free) 5.iFunny: An App with funny pictures. It's good if you can past the stupid people who use it to get attention. (Free)
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