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  1. Oh, and then a few nights ago, I had a dream where a couple of friends and I were visiting an Animal Kingdom/ Magic Mountain mix amusement park, and I'm seeing rides that I'm familiar with (Tatsu, Revolution, etc.) But as I keep walking along, I see a old, degrading piece of the first drop of a white roller coaster that I never thought was at Magic Mountain on a hill covered in dirty, creepy vines. I pass it and look forward, and I see that the area I'm walking toward is unkempt, abandoned, and flooded, with it more rusting, spooky attractions that, again, I never thought would be at Magic Mountain. The voices of the amusement park behind me eventually faded away as I walked into the terrifying graveyard of a land. I wondered where the flooding was coming from, and I saw that Kali River Rapids and an old, disgusting lake filled with moss contributed to most of the water. I kept walking, eventually passing through the water, until I got to a large, sharp rock. There, I looked past it and below it, where I realized that I was standing on the edge of a large cliff overhang. That's all I remember. T'was a strange and creepy dream...
  2. So, sometimes I'll have dreams that I'm on roller coasters, often about Goliath (SFMM) and Matterhorn Bobsleds, and I'll be enjoying the ride... until I fall off. Usually when that happens in the Goliath dreams, the dream will end before I hit the ground. However, in the Matterhorn dreams, I will usually get to my feet and start walking around the mountain, looking at all of the rocks and crystals around me and thinking that, at some point, the abominable snowman would pop out of nowhere and rip me to shreds (though I remember hearing him roar many times, I don't think I've been killed yet, thank god. )
  3. I loved Green Lantern's intensity, but some of the abrupt motions were painful down below. It's one of those rides that I would make sure to ride every visit, but rerides would be difficult. I agree with "GForce", I didn't find the restraints to be that painful. In fact, my friend and I found the ride to be suprisingly thrilling! Yes, I know the first thing you'll say when you see this is "YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?! GREEN LANTERN, THA-RILLING? TELL THAT TO MY PELVIS!" I'll admit, my pelvis did get somewhat of a thrashing, but it was still a fun ride! And we rode it at night, which made it a lot more awesome (night rides are always better than day rides, even on an indoor coaster.) I'm sure MANY MANY MANY of you have different opinions but hey, that's just me!
  4. Even though Cali Adventure is my home Disney park, Orlando's TOT literally turns DCA's into a kiddie ride. The lighting and video effects at DHS's are much more superior. So is the feeling of not knowing what will happen, whereas in DCA there is a fixed drop pattern. And, come on, you MOVE in Orlando's. In DCA's you just sit there in the shaft. Though they're both good rides, Orlando's crushes DCA's.
  5. I know... first Colossus, now Cyclone (though I'm a bit more sad about Colossus because it's at my home Six Flags park, and it's one of my favorite rides at the park.) But, it is the dawn of a new era for both of the rides, for RMC will very, very likely visit both parks and give it the Iron Horse treatment. Although I will miss the classic vibes of both rides, RMC ought to spruce them up a bit and return them to their old glory. Who knows, maybe Cyclone will get its 20 foot drop back.
  6. Then that would really suck... What if you were given the opportunity to fly for ONE HOUR!
  7. I personally think that SF should keep the sides somewhat similar, especially on the first drop, because two different drops just, for me, doesn't seem right. Find a way to integrate different elements into each track, but keep them essentially the same and not different enough for it to be weird.
  8. I've been stalking this rumor for years for this moment, and now... it's here, and it's coming... I'm SO EXCITED! Can't wait to see what RMC has in store for Colossus. Now it remains to be seen if Colossus will keep both tracks...
  9. I'm currently wearing my black Chuck Taylors!
  10. Then there'd be many more stoners than there are today... What if Divine Spirit Fortune Teller Robb Alvey appeared at your door and told you that your whole life was all a dream... and it ACTUALLY WAS?
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