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  1. If you go by train you must pass Cologne Central Station (Köln HBF / Hauptbahnhof). At Cologne Trainstation you can deposit your baggage. Then you can take the STR 18 (Tram direction Bonn) to Brühl Mitte. Or the RE 5 or the RB 26 (direktion Koblenz) to Brühl Bahnhof. There you can go by bus to Phantasialand. And back the same. http://www.bahn.de/ There you can see it.
  2. Here are some pictures from yesterday: http://www.nrw-parks.de/index.php?/Aktuell/phantasialand-bilder-neue-attraktion-2012-akradengang.html http://www.rideonblog.com/index.php/item/156-phantasialand-saisoner%C3%B6ffnung They have done very much! -The Logflumes are removed -Casa Magnetica is removed -The new show "JUMP" -A new shop "House of the 6 Dragons" -A froozen yoghurt snack -and some more little thinks and they get a new attraction in spring 2012 in Old Berlin area
  3. No text. ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added "Photo TR:" to your thread's title. Thanks for sharing this with us! and a Silver Star nerd shot
  4. In Hamburg and Nürnberg(Germany) are restaurantes like this. The whole ordering-system is in german, french and english. And it´s very easy to order. The Foodloop is over the Historama.
  5. - Booster Bikes Toverland - Troy Toverland - Temple of the Nighthawk Phantasialand and some rides on fairs
  6. New Pictures of Phantasialand: Direkt link I hope they can finish it until 1.April
  7. Why? Some ohter Intamin did have need a pull through before opengin. ADMIN EDIT: I have edited the above post to remove the ALL CAPS. Please be sure to refrain from posting in such a manner, as it comes across as screaming.
  8. ^It´s a daily show so they aren´t allowed to die http://www.traber-show.de/seiten/weltrekorde/weltr.htmlThere are some "world record" from them.
  9. Hi Guys! I want to share my trip to Europa Park with you. Europa Park I think the most of you know Europa Park Rust in Germany. There are 10 coasters located. 9 Macks and 1 B&M. Alpenexpress - Mack Powered Coaster Atlantica SuperSplash - Mack SuperSplash blue fire Megacoaster - Mack Megacoaster Euro Mir - Mack Spinning Coaster Eurosat - Mack Indoor Coaster Matterhorn Blitz - Mack Wild Mouse Pegasus - Mack Youngstar Coaster Poseidon - Mack Water Coaster Schweizer Bobbahn - Mack Bobsled Coaster Silver Star - B&M Mega Coaster And they have MUCH flatrides, shows, waterrides, transportrides, darkrides and much random things like walk thoughs, playgrounds, museums and a REAL castle. Conclusion: It´s worth a visit. I was there at 21.10 - 22.10.2010. 2 days EP and 2 nights in a holiday home 5 minutes away from EP. I was there with 3 friends by car. Marcus, Tim and I have sleeped at Marcus home near Cologne. After a short night we stand up at 3 AM and drive to Hürth near Cologne by train. At 4 AM we meet there Chris. He drives the car. Tomorrow i´ll Upload Part II A wonderfull morning Dont sleep! Eurosat aka Pumpkin coaster The world biggest pumkin I´ve said it was a wonderful morning lot of pumpkins 20 min wait time. It was worth. A escalator in a queue! very unique a space shuttle Nice halloween theming more Eurosat queue pictures Welcome in space. Eurosat was a funny coaster. Silver Star. One of the major coaster at EP Silver Star station. Inside is a merces museum and the queue. MERCEDES!!! The 35 year celebration. It was very boring. Euro Mir. nice themed queue. It´s very cool station Euro Mir is a turbolant high speed roller coaster. I hope the ufo-train find the right way that´s the right way "Help! I´m in a ufo!" powered coaster I´m in Italy End of day 1. With some beer, vodka and fernet branca A Nici shop. "What the fuck is this?" "Oh no! There is a fire" "Sorry i´ve lost a ciggaret in my backpack" London bus. It´s a Zamperla. nice thming. there is so much theming. again NO Mack. A Huss and a Intamin That is why everybody love Europapark. And more High Definition Europapark theming <3 Tortuga. A walk though only for Halloween. I don´t know what there normal is. Did you know? Dutch area Historama. With a rotating theater which shows the history of Mack and the EP. Euro Mir outside track russian area. There is a REAL space station in which you can go. In the background is a very huge satellite dish. Random pupkins nice natur. and a funny car ride. with real engine cars. Silverstone piste I spy EuroMaus! RC boats English area funny theming special halloween boat the lake station Dschungelfahrt. In the background is a house of a EP neighboring. There are 100.000 pumpkins in the whole park "Why are there so many people?" "I think they are watching the ride" typical EP photo "OMG there is a guy on a bike" camelback. but no airtime Amazing blue fire! And a very nice splash battle skyline another shot
  10. They are removing the theming at the final brake! PICTURE HERE! It is the rock with the indian face. I hope they make a good job.
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