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  1. I rode the Ring°Racer today. The launch packs a lot. The rest of the layout is "okay". The brake after the launch slowed the train immense down. The ride is rough, but not that much. I liked it, because of the very intense launch.
  2. On 17/05/2012 I visited Phantasialand. It is my home park, because of that I've only taken Photos. I hope you like them. Flowers Lots of people are watching talocan Colorado Adventure Black Mamba! corkscrewed Zero -g- roll loop the Loop happy faces Lifthill building africa theming more happy rider lets take a look to Colorado Adventure where is the train? Tikal - family drop towers. Smile China Town Geister Rikscha western - china style? the new show "Jump!" - I like it. giant plant vs. giant frog hopper! Old Berlin with Maus au Chocolat In my opinion one of the nicest wave swinger in the world! Entrance Mainstreet The Wintergarten with the magic show "7" Exit Maus au Chocolat - the 2011 new 3D interaktiv Dark Ride. One of my favorite rides in the park House of the 6 Dragons - a new Shop for 2012 with party dragon and non party dragon by the way: the shop ist really nice! "Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff" - a new fun house with 21 rooms on 3 floors! It open in late spring for "Race for Atlantis" please follow this way Fantasy area nature area fantasy theming is this hidden mickey? yes it is :O Winjas Questions are welcome Mystery Castle
  3. Maybe "Birthday Event"? because Phantasialand will be 45 years old this year.
  4. No one know what they want to build on the new place, but at the moment it looks so: Source
  5. Great interviews ! I hope some Rocky Mountain hotness comes to europe
  6. Hey. Here a photo of the new El Loco trains: Source: Airtimers.com There is also an articel, but in german: New el loco trains I like the new trains with onboard sound!
  7. Hi guys, I made a video of Black Mamba at Phantasialand. I hope you like it.
  8. Great TR I will visite the Park next year, to ride Turbine.
  9. Hi everyone, I changed the name into "GeForce´s Coaster Pics" because I will show you pics of rollercoaster in Europe. The next coaster that I will show you, after Expedition Geforce is Troy at Toverland. It´s a awesome GCI Woodie, with nice theming. The ride is very twisty and have much airtime I hope you like my pictures. Let´s go so nice wood, wood and wood the first drop ist amazing TWISTY! nice theming sunset and Troy Troy from the other site Troy from the other site ² I hope you liked the pics.
  10. Hi René, great photos of Phantasialand. the theming at Phantasialand ist amazing and the new family freefall towers "Tikal" and the new Waveswinger are awesome. I really exiting to ride the new 3D Darkride "Maus au Chocolat". Thanks for your TR.
  11. Hi guys, yesterday I went to Holiday Park. The reason was the megacoaster "Expedition Geforce". The coaster is great. It is my favorite coaster and I think for many of you, too. The firstdrop is incredible, and the airtime great. The most pictures are from Expedition Geforce and I hope you like it. Go up the fast Lifthill Go down This camelback brings a lot of Airtime Through the trees Wonderful firstdrop <3 Airtime! Twisty! Intamin track (: Expedition Geforce is well integrated into the nature. sunshine Though the trees again OMG! It is Superwirbel. AUA. Where are the EGF photos? Ah there! The train in the Station Lifthill First Drop I hope you like it! ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added the "Photo TR:" notation to the title of your thread. Thanks for sharing this with us!
  12. I heard that Etnaland in Italian get one of the Twist n Splah, too.
  13. I live in Bonn, Germany My local park is Phantasialand. 20 Minutes away from my home. - Movie Park Germany: 1 hour - Toverland (NL): 1 hour - Fort Fun: 1 hour 45 minutes - Efteling (NL): 2 hours - Holiday Park: 2 hours - Walibi World: 2 hours - Bobbejaanland: 2 hours - Europa Park and Heide Park: 3,5 hours
  14. Heide Park has post a picture of their new "Krake" trains on Facebook. Link: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/HeideParkResort They're not finished yet But the colors are great.
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