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  1. Florida resident rates are for Florida residents. You can take your chances and hope they don't ask for your ID, but in many cases they will. And if they do, and you aren't from Florida, you will have to go to Guest Relations and upgrade your ticket. This can be time consuming especially when just getting to the park. So really it's up to you how much the difference is and how much frustration you may or may not want to have to put with if they check your ID and there is a long line at GR in the morning. That's what i figured, just wanted to verify before buying. Thanks Robb!
  2. Hey all, I did a search on the interwebs and on this thread and couldn't find my answer so i'll go ahead and ask. I'm heading to USO and IOA in may and looking at tickets. I'm going with a friend who lives in FL. Would she be able to buy me a ticket at the resident price or will they check my ID at the gate? I'm fine paying full price if have to but I'd like to save some money as i'm sure everybody does . Thanks in Advance Harper
  3. What did Valleyfair ever do to you? Why are you so evil? The park already has plenty of mediocre coasters. Hahaha, Ok, not VF?
  4. While I do enjoy the iconic location and the photogenic nature of Mantis, put me in the camp of a relocation. I don't see Cedar Fair putting hype and money into converting a less than decent ride into a slightly better ride. I'm all for seeing Mantis move to MiAdv, Dorney or Valleyfair, (preferably MiAdv as that park could use the most love in my opinion) and CP putting in something new for 2015 or 2016. Cedar Fair has been pushing B&M to their limits recently and with Holiday World getting the first launched beemer, then maybe they've got a few more new tricks in their bucket that we've yet to see
  5. After my 6 laps on Manta SWSD yesterday I noticed that after the sun went down and with the cooler temps those trains were flying. The brakes before the second launch were damn near stopping the trains before sending them down the launch and caused an uncomfortable jolt after whipping into that straight.
  6. Awesome report! I've had my eye on this park ever since moving to Phoenix. I'd love to make it up there one day and get my first credit on several different coaster types .
  7. Most flats will make me think twice about a second ride. What I find even more weird is I have a threshold for inversions. 7 or more on a coaster and I need to take it easy for a bit after riding, yet I can lap a 6 inversion coaster countless times with no issue.
  8. I thought about Legoland as well but time and mostly money are holding me back. To be honest I managed to barely sneak in SeaWorld as it is haha.
  9. I thought about Legoland as well but time and mostly money are holding me back. To be honest I managed to barely sneak in SeaWorld as it is haha.
  10. ^We're staying in Oceanside so it'll be a bit of a drive. But one of the points of the trip was my niece wanting to see a bit of CA so it works out. I'll deal with whatever comes and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the majority of the crowds will be hanging out by the convention center haha.
  11. I've finally managed to get my trip to San Diego scheduled and after getting everything set for next week Wed-Fri. After getting everything booked and planned out I realized that next week is ComiCon. Does anybody happen to know if this is going to make it a little more crazy than a usual Friday? Also going to spend Thursday at the beach and Belmont
  12. I'll be a little selfish and say Phoenix AZ haha. I can't afford trips all over the country just yet and with LA being a 6 hour drive a one day park adventure quickly becomes a weekend. We've already got a Wet 'n' Wild and plenty of room for some expansion in the Northwest/West valley. Phoenix needs some good fun.
  13. It looks like I'll be at the park for the first time next week. During my visit I'll break 100 credits but there's my issue. What coaster to be #100, Xcelerator or Montezooma's? The first Intamin rocket or what will most likely be the only Anton shuttle loop I'll ever ride? Please help me decide haha.
  14. I was there last summer and Timbers was running amazingly. Surprisingly smooth compared to my previous memories from trips before, at least the front half of the train, as we moved closer towards the rear it started to get a little uncomfortable but by no means unbearable. It was really the only reason I went while visiting family, that and getting my Thunderhawk credit (my first and only SLC credit currently haha). It's still an absolute airtime machine and even after lapping it about 15 times throughout the half day we spent there I was still ready for more. Definitely and underrated and overlooked ride in my opinion. The park does have a ton of room for expansion and not only needs a thrill ride or two but another fantastic coaster as well. A nice B&M or Intamin to get them that one step closer to competing with SFGAm.
  15. I used to be about simply re-tracking/slight layout adjustments to help out MS, that is until seeing and understanding what RMC can do. I'd be perfectly fine seeing an NTAG type remodel as long as there is still some sort of massive structure in that area of the park. The main reason I love MS is because of it's jaw dropping structure.
  16. ^Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. I've been wanting to ride manta since it was announced but I do agree with you on the shows, I'll definitely take all of them in. I've been to the zoo many years ago, maybe it's worth another visit. I'm just looking to get out of this town and do a bit of exploring, a mini vacation if you will. The two I'm bouncing between is here and Knott's. I'd love to go to knott's since I've never been but then I'd be tempted to tack on SFMM and that's a lot of money I just spent haha. I figured San Diego would be less of a hassle and less people.
  17. What's up guys?! I'm considering making the drive from Phoenix for a weekend trip to SW in the next month or so and was curious about a few things. My main curiosity is if there are more credits in the area. I'm not familiar at all with San Diego and the surrounding area. Second, on a weekend in June would I be able to hit all of the main shows and lap Manta a bunch in one day without feeling rushed? Third, what else in the area outside of animal life is worth checking out? Thanks in advance.
  18. Wow, i can't believe NL2 is finally here!!! I'll definitely be making my purchase soon, and although it should run on my current computer im in the middle of building a brand new pc that will keep the frame rate topped out all the time. I have a couple questions on the specs though, why does the standard version have such a small video resolution? Are you able to up it past that 720x586? The extra features in the pro version would keep my attention for five minutes or so but i dont want to spend the extra money just to get the resolution size if i dont have to.
  19. I have a bunch of pics of the Lakeside Gliders at Michigan's Adventure I'll post once I get settled now that I'm home.
  20. nice video Giga! I laughed when I heard the perfect example of the YOLOcrowd while you were on the back of the mountain, "and this is what's called the afternoon workout" followed closely with " I NEED AN ESCALATOR!!!" Haha classic. I don't think I'm going to be able to make WCB this year as much as I want to but I'm hoping to get out there around fright fest or maybe a little after. I'm actually somewhat excited to give this thing a spin.
  21. I'm gaining more and more interest in this project now. An invert would definitely help round out the coasters in the park (and that's the direction I believe it's going) but I'm secretly hoping for another dive machine in the states. KI is the closest I can easily get to the the DM's here already haha.
  22. Skyhawk was testing the one side randomly both Saturday and Sunday, along with what appeared to be training for the crew on the working side. I went in for a closer look on Sunday and not only was there a cable hanging from the mechanism up top but also one laying at the bottom of the tower. If rumors of the part being on hand now are true then it looks like they aren't moving too quick to repair it. Unless they were waiting for the weekend to be done. GateKeeper lived up to my expectations. I went in without expecting a full on intense ride and had a blast riding it. After a total of 6 laps (2 front right, 2 front left and one each in the back rows) I found I liked the front left then the back right as a close second place. Like everybody's been saying it's a great fit for the park and the GP do love it. The setting couldn't have been better and it is absolutely gorgeous to just sit and stare at. I planned on writing a full TR for my weekend but the weather at CP didn't really cooperate for taking pictures. When the weather was clear we were in full on ride warrior mode hitting everything we could and I didn't have my camera with me. I might do one when I get home to Phoenix later this week and include the pictures I took at Michigan's Adventure, then just write about our days at CP.
  23. Every time I've ridden X2 it's been non stop belly laughing. Maybe it's the fact that every time I've ridden it whoever was with me at the time is freaking out while I'm having the time of my life. I hit the brakes every time with a grin that goes ear to ear.
  24. I love wicked twister as well, the last row and the whip you get coming out of the full height of back spike . Unfortunately I haven't been able to ride the last few years, gotten a bit rotund in the midsection haha. I'm just glad I don't get the walk of shame on dragster and MF anymore.
  25. Awesome pictures!!! I really love the pick of sundown looking through the MF hills. What kind of camera do you use? I have a middle of the line Nikon but I'd really like a full blown DSLR with the lenses and everything. I'm going to shoot some coasters for the first time with it this weekend at Michigan's Adventure and CP, I hope it gives some decent pictures.
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