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  1. Hey TPR! It's been a hot minute since I've been on here but since I might be able to swing a quick trip to SFOT during Holiday in the Park while I'm in town for the Cotton Bowl, I have a few questions: -Since I'll be staying in downtown Dallas (non-negotiable, let's just say I'm part of a group that has some special gameday duties ), does anyone have any experience using Uber to get to the park or at least know if it's possible? (Is there some sort of drop-off area, or would the driver have to go through the parking line? etc.) -What should I reasonably expect to be open during HITP? Is everything open, or just a smaller segment like WinterFest at CF parks? (I think most things were open when I went for SFDK, but I don't know how climate-dependent that sort of thing is.) Thank you guys!
  2. Glad to hear you (have?) had a good time here in California! I'll be waiting to hear more about why you recommend Sonoma Train Town, since I'm probably not too far away but haven't heard of it
  3. Since they've already announced RailBlazer, why wouldn't they wait until next year to close Loggers Run? I doubt they'd be starting a waterpark expansion so early...
  4. That makes sense...do you think Twisted Cyclone would fall under that banner too, though? EDIT: Apparently the park was teasing the ride with the hashtag #ChaseTheStorm2018. So it sounds like this is a placeholder name after all...
  5. Just looked back at the renderings and noticed the edges of the pictures seem to conveniently obscure any view of Whitewater Falls. Is there any possible significance to that, or am I just over-thinking things as usual?
  6. So far... CGA took out Invertigo before I was tall enough Knott's: Boomerang, Coast Rider, Sierra Sidewinder SFDK: My first few visits missed Zonga, then Big Spin by a year or so :/ SFMM: Deja Vu (sigh!), Apocalypse BGW: Went the year before Tempesto...and then we drove right by KD USO: Revenge of the Mummy...we decided to go back to the hotel instead! Figures.
  7. I just now saw it on SFMM's Twitter too...it was only posted a few hours ago: (tried posting a mobile screenshot but it didn't want to play :/ )
  8. With FastPass+, FPs can be reserved 2 months in advance by those staying at WDW resort hotels (I thought it was 1 month in advance for non-resort hotel guests, but I can't find that anywhere...) You can choose 3 if you're booking in advance. It is possible to get day-of reservations, but they seem to be pretty limited. Not sure how current this guide is, but Screamscape posted a guide to FP+ a while back that is pretty descriptive: http://screamscape.com/html/walt_disney_world_resort.htm#WDW-Fastpass
  9. Knott's owns every square foot, or actually CF owns it. They lease nothing and are beholden to no one. He was talking about CGA, not Knott's.
  10. One of my friends was at Volcano Bay yesterday and said that waits were generally around two hours and the slides had downtime issues, but he still had a good time. Granted, he wasn't the one paying for admission, so I suppose you could take it with a grain of salt...
  11. ...what is TSM? Sorry, I'm a nerd. The League of Legends (videogame) team Team SoloMid was there...they're probably the biggest players in eSports (goes to show how much of a thing that is I guess).
  12. So the LA Times is trying to make some more guesses about the 2018 project... I feel like they just took notes off of the forum and pasted them into an article...And GCI? RMC? That would be pretty wacky. But hey, what do I know
  13. Pandora looks like one of the best things Disney has ever made! Thank you for the pictures and video! Out of curiosity, how exactly does Flight of Passage work? Is it VR, or more like Soarin' but with 3D glasses in addition to the screen?
  14. It was running two trains on Sunday and it was a station wait while I was there. That figures...they never did manage to run two trains on Boomerang
  15. The only rides I saw down beyond those two were the water rides, but by the time you visit those may be open as well. I didn't see any new paint on Riddler or any further work on Apocalypse (though I wasn't paying much attention to detail), so it seems both will be a while before reopening. If the park can open JLBFM by Memorial Day (which I would assume is a desirable target for the park), then I would assume Riddler would re-open alongside it, but as far as I know they've been mum on the subject thus far.
  16. On the way home from the park now. We got to the gate at 10:30, waited through some intimidating security and entrance lines, and got in at around 11. This was mainly a credit trip, so we started off with Goliath, TC, and Batman, all of which were station waits at that point. After that, I did Goldrusher (station wait) and Superman (1 side running, 45 min) solo. Also worth noting: lines for VR Revolution were consistently an hour-plus, even from when we walked in the gate and everything else posted 5-10 minutes! Twisted Colossus was definitely the highlight! It kept crazy speed and ridiculous airtime the whole time, to the extent that we all got the "what did I just ride" feeling. Several notches above Goliath, and a new #1 for me! Batman was great, but it did in my parents. They assigned us the back row and wouldn't let us wait for the front, so we definitely got the most intense experience. I was a little dizzy afterward myself! My brother had no interest in doing Goldrusher or SEFK, so I was the only one on those. Goldrusher was surprisingly jerky, not rough per se, but there were a few spots where I hit the side of the car and kicked the bar at my feet...so much for coat hanger engineering! Superman's line ended right at the entrance where a 90-minute wait was posted, but it ended up only about 40 or so. It was neat for sure, but not top 10 or worth a ride every visit. Now that I had checked off all the operating coasters there (minus kiddies), we saw the 90+ waits listed on the app everywhere and decided to head home and get some rest after our long week of college touring and sightseeing in LA. Besides, the park could definitely use some love...the bathrooms in particular were looking pretty rough. There were a few "Six Flags" moments also; the aggressive Flash Pass sales in the packed entrance plaza and paying for a 1ocker on Goliath only to find everyone else leaving their bags in the station come to mind! In spite of everything, we still had a nice few hours there, and hopefully we'll get another chance to use our passes down here this summer! Moral of the story: Get there early! It's amazing what a few hours' difference makes.
  17. I will be at the park for a few hours tomorrow! Obviously it's going to be a mob scene and we won't be able to do that many rides but I'm excited What would be a reasonably early time to get there? We already have our passes and everything, so at least we won't get caught up in the whole Processing thing.
  18. How do you check lines in the Six Flags app? I have a Gold pass but I couldn't get them to work even in park at SFDK...
  19. If not Helix, Blue Fire looks in some pictures like it has some hilly terrain because of the rock features. Then again, I'm not sure it qualifies as multiple launches...
  20. Money's getting a bit tight, so we'll see what ends up happening, but since I'm going to be doing some college visits and our family has some frequent cross-country flights for business, I might get to some out-of-the-way parks for me! Definite: -SFMM, spring break -SFDK Maybe: -SFOT? (University of North Texas visit) Blue sky dreaming, but probably not realistic: -SFFT??? (friends down in San Antonio) -Carowinds??? (business trips to Charlotte) If any of this ends up coming through, I'll have one heck of a year, but I'm still happy to be going back down to SFMM for Twisted Colossus and the other credits I've missed!
  21. I'm still confused about how it's different from VR, maybe because I still haven't used any of the VR coasters. Seems like it should work out better than the VR technology and I hope that is the case. Judging from the announcement, it sounds like there's going to be an active, video game-type component. Something about shooting aliens or something?
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