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  1. A very small drop tower like Space Vertigo at Gardaland would be quite cool...
  2. I just saw this on British news... I heard a woman has died after falling off a roller coaster then looked up at the TV to see Texas Giant. I was deeply saddened/shocked. My thoughts go out to this woman's family & friends as well as well as to the park employees, I can't imagine how it must have felt nor to see a rider return safely.
  3. Back in the original press release from Gerstlauer they promised us they would debut new launch coaster train so this is why we are seing new restraints. If the ride is smooth and the new trains are as comfortable as they look, Tripsdrill & Gerstlauer have got a definite winner on their hands. I know this coaster is Gerstlauer but it reminds me of a compact Blue Fire at Europa Park.
  4. Sorry if this is coming across as backseat moderation but I think everyone just needs to calm down. I joined TPR because it was the most friendly, funny & intelligent forum that I had found on the internet where people can discuss and debate (NOT ARGUE) about roller coasters & theme parks. I know in the past I have posted stupid things (hence my title of DumbTums) but people are taking tiny details way too personally. I find it ironic that a coaster called The Smiler has caused so much heated debate. EDIT: ^ Agreed
  5. I agree with everything that Robb and others have said. I rode it yesterday and I was impressed with the coaster, a lot smoother than I thought it would be. I also agree on the fact that the Marmaliser, while it looks cool it doesn't add anything to the ride. I restrained myself from watching POV videos so that I would be surprised because John Wardley said there would be surprises. I was thinking there would be effects after the first barrel roll, so I was left dissapointed on that front. All in all though, considering Alton Towers limitations, it was well worth the hype and it is a very solid addition if you don't go expecting a Top 10 coaster (which a lot of enthusiasts seem to).
  6. ^ It isn't honestly too bad (in my opinion). I mean in the park all the rides are quite tall so you just see the ride & walk towards it! It also has lots of details which are hilarious...
  7. Of the top of my head: - Vomiting at the top of a free fall tower and then getting hit by it again at the bottom. - Jumping on a stand up coaster whilst in a loop.
  8. I don't have a smartphone or tablet to play this on. But apparently the element "The Giggler" is a dose of laughing gas! I would love to see this done for real...
  9. Whatever it turns out to be I'm really looking forward to riding it. There are just too many theories and not one clearly most popular theory now the washing machine element theory is pretty much now dead.
  10. First ever: Air at Alton Towers Inverted: Nemesis at Alton Towers Dive: Oblivion at Alton Towers Flying: Air at Alton Towers Sit Down: Dragon Khan at PortAventura Hyper: Silver Star at Europa Park Wing: Raptor at Gardaland Floorless: Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain Standing: Riddlers Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  11. There is still a blue square, yes - but on other images posted on other websites, there are pictures which clearly show that there is just an inversion in that position. Towerstimes have removed all news articles that they originally released about the washing machine element. Could you give an example of such a picture???
  12. So in 2013 we have one inverted, one hyper & one wing coaster being turned around... fascinating! EDIT: I know this is a far out idea but could B&M doing three coasters backwards be an early test for 4D coasters?
  13. The Smiler is officialy confirmed by the park... http://www.altontowers.com/thesmiler/ I guess I'll end up liking the name but I am really excited for the ride. OTSRs???
  14. A new clue from Thorpe about whatever they are doing in 2013: Read the first letter of each word...
  15. The Daily Mail is a bit of a silly paper in my opinion! My guess is that it was Alton has made some sort of agreement with The Daily Mail & The Sun (the two papers the article appeared in) as they cater for Alton's main target audience. I mean there are comments which say that Alton Towers are behind it, yet they haven't updated the articles. ^ EDIT: Beat me to it!
  16. ^ I guess I can't get my head around the fact they are calling what could be one of the UKs best coasters The Smiler... I thought they would come up with something a little more serious/intimidating!
  17. Holy CR@P that is just pure genius! I'm loving the marketing, I have high hopes for SW7. I'm hoping it will be a lap bars only ride which will be awesome.
  18. Thorpe have been posting a few teasers about plans for 2013 on their Facebook page... I've not really been following this closely but the comments on Facebook seem to suggest these things: - Create a back story for The Swarm (either change the 4D cinema or add a Nemesis: Sub Terra style ride) - Retheme of Saw: The Ride (possibly due to the license ending) - Retheme of X:\ No Way Out & possibly turning the trains around so they face forward. And my personal favourite: - Turn the back seats of The Swarm around so they face backwards!!!
  19. The Smiler (SW7) since it is the only one I'll probably be riding next year! If I could choose to ride any of them it would have to be Outlaw Run with Iron Rattler coming in a close second. I'm also really looking forward to hearing reviews of Hades 2π radians!
  20. B&M: What were the challenges faced when building a 300+ foot coaster? I'm sorry this is not a question but more of a statement: would you feel comfortable asking the ride manufacturers themselves why their product is less forceful (i.e. less good)?
  21. RMC: What made you decide that you would like to enter into roller coaster manufacture?
  22. That looks more messed up than I could ever have imagined... THANK YOU
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