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  1. That is so subtle, it took me about ten seconds to see the difference. It isn't annoying me, and is a really elegant solution to the problem of supporting this beast.
  2. I'm thankful for TPR for being amazing... and Nemesis: (from Wikipedia)
  3. ^ Great pictures, it looks like The Swarm will have alot of head & arm choppers. On that last picture it appears that the envelope tester touches the theming, I don't doubt B&M or Thorpe but it does look really close (almost too close)...
  4. Knight Valley GCI is on Raw 6 and Coastersaurus (Triple Hurricane) was on Raw 3. Oops, sorry about that. I thought the Knight Valley GCI was just called Wood Coaster rather than Mountain Flyer.
  5. I have the money, but my exams are finishing later than I expected, so I can't do Italy. I have just found out I have work experience the first week of the summer holidays so can't do Europe, and the airfares for the others are about the same as the trips themselves (which I don't have the money for)...
  6. ^ Of course not, that is why I put a wink & an exclamation mark. I love the idea that this is going to be a place for "classic" attractions (similar to your dark ride paradise). I also like how in this time in which the government is cutting the budget for pretty much everything, they have found a couple of million for restoring a theme park... Well done!
  7. I'd like to see what Rocky Mountain could do with the Scenic Railway! I think this is great news though and I am glad to see this after the arson, I always wanted to visit but my parents refused to drive for four hours for it.
  8. Hmm... 2012 is going to be hard, off the top of my head here are five: Europa Park (GCI) Happy Valley (Gravity Group) Knight Valley - Wood Coaster Knoebels - Flying Turns (if open) Legoland - Coastersaurus 2013 should be slightly easier with all the Rocky Mountain projects and GCI Big Funs (if any get built)...
  9. My brother went to opening day (he isn't an enthusiast), and he thought it wasn't worth it. UK horror mazes tend to be bad, I waited in line for the 7 maze at Thorpe Park for 45 minutes, which might not sound bad but there were yobs in front of us abusing the staff, it was freezing cold and the maze was a real dissapointment!
  10. How typical of Six Flags, blocking out people in front so you have to buy more, on the other hand, at Europa Park on Blue Fire they got a picture with three rows of two people... < Also my avatar is me riding alone on Apocalypse at Drayton Manor, the park was deserted!
  11. ^^ Woah, I adore pirate ships (the airtime and butterflies feeling) but I have never seen anything like that; 200ft & dueling... COOL!
  12. The best one I can think of is The Bounty at Drayton Manor, it is amazing in the back row, you literally float out your seat. I think in terms of theming, I love the Thorpe Park's banana themed pirate ship is pretty cool.
  13. ^ I think you have just upset alot of Beemer fanboys! But I have to agree SkyRush just looks alot more intense and looks like the better coaster. I originally thought (from the crappy HP animation) that SkyRush would be dull...
  14. Awesome Photo TR, I really like the look of this park. How are the operations, because they look amazingly quick on Shock, those two cars must be less than 10 seconds apar & the car on the right hasn't even cleared the block:
  15. ^ Totally agreed. Does anyone else think that turn looks REALLY close to the ground, especially with the winged seats.
  16. Does anyone know if Splinter from Gravity Group has Timberliners or Lost Coaster cars? I didn't initially see the point of FishPipe but it looks great fun.
  17. ^ They have moved to Florida & they are capturing pictures as well as video. I'm looking forward to hearing about the seatbelts on the GCI.
  18. ^ On the Mack Rides site, it says they don't swing but can spin, thus it is inverted. I said it would be powered since that is what was said in the "announcement post". I think things have been a bit lost/confused in translation. I hope this clears things up. RollerCoasterSmith
  19. That isn't a flying coaster, that is a powered inverted coaster. It was also exactly what I was suggesting also.
  20. We still don't really know what Die-Vertical will be. I am confused, is this thing Vekoma/Mack/Intamin? I just want to find out what this will be. If I remember from Italian class I think "IL BRIVIDO SFRECCIA SULL'ACQUA" translates as: I think this means it will be a coaster located on top of the water such as Krake at Heide Park (I am not saying it will be a dive machine).
  21. ^ I'm skeptical about the "flying" part, I've got a feeling it may have been lost in translation. Flyers have OTSRs which Europa is against. I think this is more likely to be an indoor powered inverted coaster. This is the only product on Mack Rides' website which hasn't been built at Europa Park (apart from the E-Motion coaster).
  22. ^^ It does cost money to go to this. I think if 2013 is full of amazing successes such as NTAG, Rocky Mountain Coasters will jet straight to the top, I think we could see some RMC fanboys/girls. I can't wait to see what they are doing, they are brilliant. The rehab in steel idea is just so original and awesome! Reading this made me wish I could have been at The Euro Attractions Show (because I had free tickets), but I was at school .
  23. ^ It looks like a more standard B&M than the others, but I think it looks by far the most awesome!
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