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  1. That SkyLoop looks terrifying. On another note, does anybody know if S&S ever sold a Mini Hu?
  2. It saddens me, I have always wanted to ride a Schwarzkopf looper, and this one was the closest to me Great video though.
  3. I hope they invest in a new inverting wooden coaster. SoB was a prototype in a similar way that The Bat was, both were riddled with problems. But now they have Flight Deck.
  4. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Premier... My two cents goes on a large outdoor version of Revenge of the Mummy
  5. With the recent rumour that SW7 at Alton Towers is going to have a vortex tunnel style inverter contraption thing allowing it to hold the most inversions on a roller coaster record, I thought how call would it be to make various parts of coasters replaceable so that they will always hold the world record such as steepest drop on an El Loco etc.
  6. It was only a rough estimate, not really taking into air resistance, friction or wind etc. But if FR was to just go straight up it could be well over 500 ft.
  7. Nerd Time: To clear the top hat (to take into account air resistance and wind speed) the speed at the top of the top hat is about v = 25 m/s u= 149 mph = 65 m/s a = - 10 m/s/s v^2 = u^2 + 2 a s s = (v^2 - u^2) / (2 a) = 180m Which is 590 feet!
  8. When RMC said that this new technology will allow for maneuvers never seen before on wooden coasters I just thought they were talking about a few overbanks maybe an inversion or two but Outlaw Run is balls out crazy, never mind the fact it is a wood coaster.
  9. The vortex tunnel idea just sounds so vomit inducing & uncomfortable! I really do not like Submission (AT's Chance Inverter) due to the slow monotonous rotation so whilst the Vortex tunnel idea sounds ccol and crazy in theory, I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy it in practice (if the rumor is true).
  10. If it is opening in 2014, why have they announced it now?
  11. And the GP won't complain about there being no loopy loops!
  12. Whilst it sounds like a cool & crazy idea I can't imagine that it would be repeated more than about three or four times (I wouldn't want it to either).
  13. It isn't blue! It looks totally awesome but slightly strange considering they have Kanonen. I'm not complaining though. I really need to get to Liseberg, this looks better than Blue Fire IMO (currently my no. 2 coaster) and Balder!
  14. I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned this yet but Thorpe are replacing Se7en with an upcharge horror maze "The Passing" this Halloween. I'm taking the hyping up of this horror maze with a pinch of salt (because it is Merlin!) Sounds to me like you'll be doing a standard horror maze with a bag on your head!
  15. Here is my top 10 British coasters: 1 Nemesis 2 Grand National 3 Stealth 4 Wild Mouse 5 Saw: The Ride 6 Rita 7 The Swarm 8 Thirteen 9 Big Dipper 10 Colossus ^ I do actually really like Thirteen, it is highly rerideable and really good fun. I'm surprised no one has mentioned X:\ No Way Out! EDIT: If anyone is interested here is my bottom 5 (not including kiddy coasters, worst first): 1 X:\ No Way Out!!! (Infamously crap coaster, ride it every time I go for laughs) 2 Wall's Twister Ride (Reverchon Spinner...) 3 Infusion (It's an SLC...) 4 Air (Plain dull) 5 G For
  16. I think the general consensus will be Nemesis at Alton Towers, it certainly is by far my favorite.
  17. Just a quick question, how do you film a good POV on a roller coaster that is really shaky e.g. Pepsi Max Big One at Blackpool or Goudurix at Parc Asterix? Looks like Hershey has a sure winner on there hands here...
  18. I think it is really awesome that Hershey has got new trains but am I the only one who is slightly dissapointed that Gerstlauer did not design the new trains with the Schwarzkopf "face" (as I like to call it)? SkyRush is looking awesome!!!
  19. Just to clarify there is NO CHARGE for riding in the front row. The charge people are getting confused by is the Front Row Fast Pass so that you can skip the queue and get straight on the ride in the front row (as opposed to the standard fast pass where you can skip the queue but not ride in the front row). Hope this clears up confusion, I'm pretty sure there would be outrage if they charged to ride at the front of a coaster.
  20. It looks like Hershey has a winner on their hands here. Is anyone else thinking that SkyRush looks like a serious contender for No. 1 coaster in the world? There have been pretty much only positive comments about this thing after the testing video which is a rarity...
  21. It is kind of funny that there is this argument about the map, I created a topic about amusement park maps a few weeks ago in the Random Random Random forum: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=61787 If you think this map is bad, I invite you to look at the post from UrbanLegend regarding an old Six Flags Great Adventure map at the bottom of page 1!
  22. ^ Sorry to hear about that, that really does suck. My Grandpa had a kidney stone a few years ago, it isn't nice. Hope you get better soon. RCS
  23. I miss PortAventura after reading this TR . You seem to go on some pretty awesome travels. I wish my holidays were like yours, my parents are too old to do amusement park holidays (so they say). Can't wait for the Tibidabo report, it is one of those parks that fascinate me.
  24. Iron Shark just looks so wrong! That looks incredible and is really different to other Eurofighters. Well done Galveston and Gerstlauer.
  25. The £6 charge is for front row fast pass (£5 for regular fast pass). The front row queueing system is odd. You queue for the front row and get given a ticket. You then proceed into the station along with people who haven't queued for front row and then you show your ticket. It is a brilliant system because you get to ride in the front without too much additional queuing (I actually once got on quicker by queuing for the front row!) The thing with Thorpe though is that the only thing I can complain about is the people that attend (there is a lot of the London teenage crowd). It is much bett
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