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  1. I have just been browsing a few British coaster forums and there is a rumour going around that Drayton is planning to build a major coaster (most likely wooden) for the 2013 season. I have seen two locations mentioned: replacing/near the pirates ride or replacing/near the Buffalo Coaster. I really want this rumour to be true but I can't see it happening to be honest. Drayton has invested a lot recently with the hotel, Ben 10 and improving the look of the park.
  2. Nickelodeon Streak at Pleasure Beach Blackpool; Nickelodeon Land looks incredible, but it is kind of upsetting to see it with restraints now.
  3. Thirteen at Alton Towers. The more I ride it the more I love it, especially in the back car. It is great fun.
  4. Happy Birthday Nemesis! It is still fast, smooth and intense after all these years. Every time I ride I just come off laughing in joy. I know what Sub Terra is, but I'm just wondering what it will actually be like inside. It could be anywhere on the scale from simple decoration to amazing animatronics...
  5. ^ I have ridden Raptor and will ride The Swarm in a few weeks. Raptor was an excellent coaster IMO and you did really notice the near misses because there were loads of them. Raptor (whilst being fairly forceless) also managed to keep up the pace, Swarm looks like it stalls in the zero g. From what I have heard about The Swarm, Raptor definitely takes the better coaster title. It kind of upsets me that the biggest coaster in the UK for possibly a decade has ended up being forceless and dull and that Thorpe haven't managed to build a better coaster than Stealth or Nemesis Inferno. I say br
  6. ^ The Eye costs from £17 - £30 depending on what option you go for. The two day tickets and standard tickets with a trip on the eye would therefore coast about £110, which is a considerable saving on the £192 Premium Pass and the £156 Standard Pass (which doesn't include parking).
  7. @DirkFunk They aren't trying to stir things up: It is quite a good ride and it is the oldest operating coaster in the UK (maybe even Europe) with an inversion.
  8. It is considerably cheaper just to do it by two day tickets. It would cost £87.50 (including parking) to do it by pre booked two day tickets against the cost of a premium pass which is £192. I don't think you would need two days at Thorpe Park though.
  9. ^ I'm going on 28th March, I think quite a few UK TPR members will go to TP on 15th though. That advert was awesome...
  10. 27 days until I ride this thing! I can't wait to give it a try, although I am not expecting much... It'll be a fun ride for sure, but I am not expecting it to blow me away by any means.
  11. I'm going to call it now: I think this will definitely debut in the top three in the Mitch Hawker poll. Lap bars only and no seatbelts (by the looks of things), low sweeping turns, nice pacing and hopefully amazing air time will make this one of the best coasters in a decade.
  12. ^ They are obviously doing some work on Enterprise then, because when I went on Friday it was dissasembled, I should have taken a picture. I also think it is a wise move because when I went on Friday Forbidden Valley and the Spinball area were fairly busy, but X Sector was deserted. Oblivion was a walk on (they were having trouble filling trains).
  13. ^ I feel, as an enthusiast, that I don't need to follow marketing. I know of all the major additions to UK parks, and I don't need a park to generate excitement for me, I am either excited by a project or not. I will go to Alton Towers quite a lot this year and ride Sub Terra once or twice and that will probably be it. I didn't really see the point in Extremis, I found it a bit meh (the drop was good though). Another thing: this will probably bring all the guests to Forbidden Valley, right next to Nemesis. That will mean bigger queues on Nemesis (a similar thing happened with Thi13teen
  14. Hi TPR, Which amusement park do you think has the best (or worst) park map design? Why do you like (or dislike) it? I really like the Alton Towers map from 2007. I like the Habbo style, I think it is really clean & cool: Discuss! RCS
  15. Thank you for that, I am less creative and more interested in the mathematics, mechanics & physics side of things. That further confirms that Mechanical Engineering is right for me.
  16. AJ, I'm hoping of doing mechanical engineering. May I ask what "left a bad taste in your mouth". Thank you, RCS
  17. Clue 1 - You are Orlando International airport Clue 4 - The picture was taken at Orlando Airport. Clue 3 - All those Airlines will take you off the continent Clue 5 - Australia has its Outback Clue 2 - Warner Bros. Movie World has just opened GREEN Lantern Clue 7 - CNN is owned by Time Warner. Clue 8 - Manta is at SeaWorld. There is an amusement park in Australia called SeaWorld. You enjoyed Jet Rescue: "This coaster gives me hope for San Diego's Manta!" My current guess is Warner Bros Movie World in Australia from Atlanta. You flew from Orlando with Virgin Atlantic.
  18. The most common surname in Britain is Smith (not my actual surname), and I like Roller Coasters. But due to the character limit, I just went with RollerCoasterSmi.
  19. I would most like to watch a "how it's made" style documentary, but since it really isn't practical (since there are no major coaster companies in the UK), I would rank the documentaries as follows: 1 The History Of UK Coasters 2 UK Coasters The Most Extreme 3 UK Coasters Best & Worst I have watched a few coaster documentaries similar to the "Most Extreme" and all of them seem to focus on height, speed & inversions. Trying to put the ideas accross to the GP about airtime etc. is hard. A "Top Ten Coasters In The World" (can't remember what it was called) programme I watche
  20. @BeemerBoy That is one of the best comments I have ever read (the spoiler part). I keep on checking out this thread, but there are no really exciting pictures. With Leviathan, Verbolten, SkyRush, Swarm, Wodan etc. we had close up pictures, all we have here are pictures from really far away. Nothing really to get excited about.
  21. I bow down to Klotten for taking common rides and giving them steroids: Heisse Fahrt: Wild Mouse on Steroids Their Log Flume: Log Flume on Steroids! Heisse Fahrt has always been one of the coasters that has intrigued me (another being Wild Train at Erlebnispark Strasswalchen). I just love the idea of messed up and aggresive family coasters. I also wonder if ABC Rides could be the next Zierer? Just a thought...
  22. ^^ Sub Terra isn't that major or exciting, and after Thi13teen I am ignoring Merlin marketing. The Twitter feed is also very persistent and annoying.
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