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  1. From the Thi13teen noise report: Thi13teen is clearly not a Vekoma Enigma... This is really bugging me now! Does anyone else reckon it could be Alton Towers trying to mislead people?
  2. I wasn't on TPR during 2010, but... AWESOME! Thank you, RCS
  3. Have TPR ever considered doing a "foreign" bash, or is just in the USA (I presume you are not so close to non USA parks). I'm just asking because I, like many UK TPR users would love to see a UK Bash if you do come.
  4. Going back a bit, the restraints do lock when the ride is open (the vest does not allow you to move foreward). You probably didn't feel it whilst in the storage area. They are better than the old B&M restraints, but they are much more restrictive. EDIT: I was also very excited to see how the trains came out. I don't think they are as good as Swarm's, but they are still beautiful!
  5. @Thomasdw This is exactly what I was initially thinking, but Gerstlauer introduced the four tube track last year on Takabisha. I don't see why they would change again and I doubt Alton would request for the company to change track style but you never know. I hope this is Vekoma instead of Maurer (I am a big fan of Vekoma's recent stuff), but I think this will be Maurer due to the vertical lift. (I'm assuming everyone is in agreement that this isn't B&M, Intamin, Mack. S&S or Zierer) Vekoma (only uses single support): Gerstlauer (support structure is too thin compared to plans): Maurer (most similar to plans, uses lattice support that is wider than the track): SW7:
  6. OMG, The Swarm is going to be so intense that your arms will fall off! I did initially say that it looked a bit too close for comfort, but this is probably Merlin marketing at work again.
  7. It is getting relocated to Lunapark in France & the new name is going to be... APOCALYPSE.
  8. From Screamscape: I'm not really that sad or surprised to see it go. When I last went, the park was busy but the Corkscrew was just a walk on.
  9. ^ SDL is getting Gerstlauer trains. http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=42955&start=1870
  10. Also their videos are awful, really shaky. TPR videos are much better and are also hilarious with Robb shouting. I do have a little bit of sympathy with CoasterForce though (only a little though), I have asked Alton Towers & Gardaland for permission to film with a suction mounted GoPro, Alton Towers said no & Gardaland didn't respond. I guess you have to start with smaller parks, build up a portfolio and then move to the big parks.
  11. @RCT3Bross I can say that this isn't the Premier Launch Coaster.
  12. Sorry about my earlier post, I didn't realise you meant the forward guard, there are leg guards to stop you as I put "kicking" the track on each row. I am sure there is a reason for them at the front, although I, like many, am failing to see why. That is a very wise decision Elissa, I can imagine the parks will be packed during the Olympics, and the parks will put up the prices accordingly. I am amazed how frequently you visit the UK though. I mean, if you come in 2013, the only "big" new coasters you will get to ride are a B&M Wingrider (Swarm) and a Maurer X Car (SW7) (and a Vekoma Junior Shuttle (Ben 10)!)
  13. @coasterkyle The guards appear on all rows of seats, and they are to stop your legs from touching the track.
  14. From the Facebook page: It sounds like a neat idea, and the layout looks fun. I'm looking forward to riding this thing.
  15. WWWHHHHAAATTT??? A Euro Fighter next to Oblivion? The world's first "vertical drop" coaster with a beyond vertical drop next to it. The layout looks fun though. It is screaming Takabisha to me. I'm going to start the Secret Weapon ball rolling: FIRST QUADRUPLE LAUNCH COASTER (beating Cheetah Hunt's 3) or MOST INVERSIONS ON A LAUNCH COASTER (beating Hulk's 7)
  16. Amazon Voucher Books Cash CHOCOLATE Clothes iTunes Vouchers Numark iDJ3 Decks Merlin Attractions Annual Pass (I now love my Aunty for ever and ever and ever) Sony Headphones Smelly Stuff
  17. I just got a confirmation email from Mitch. I haven't ridden a wood coaster this year, and I haven't been on many so here is how I voted: Favourite Steel - Nemesis (Alton Towers) Tonnerre De Zeus (Parc Asterix) Grand National (Blackpool) Wild Mouse (Blackpool) Big Dipper (Blackpool) Giant Dipper (Belmont Park) Roller Coaster (Blackpool) Colossus (SFMM) Stampida (PortAventura) Tomahawk (PortAventura) I didn't realise how satisfying it would be actually working out what order I prefer the coasters in (watching TPR POVs to jog my memory).
  18. ^ It is a cool suggestion, but they already have a launched coaster (Lynet), and Djurs Sommerland is too close IMO to suggest a Mega Lite. What to suggest... HMM
  19. That Hedgehog is so cute. This looks similar to the Runaway Train at Flamingoland, which I found pretty brutal.
  20. I hope it is a big family roller coaster rather than a flat, becuase then it would give me a real reason to go. Whatever it turns out to be, it is good to see Paultons expanding.
  21. That was a slight let down of an announcement... We don't know anything else than we already do.
  22. ^^ It is awesome to see them investing in the new trains. I rode Magic Mountain at Gardaland and I thought it was awesome (smooth and quite forceful).
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