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  1. ^ The source and I agreed in writing that I wasn't allowed to say which park or country it was going to until it is announced. It is not fully confirmed yet.
  2. I have been told from a very credible source that a certain park in Europe is getting a Premier launcher. I am not legally allowed to say any more than that...
  3. How much did the Scandi trip cost? Liseberg and Grona Lund are at the top of my bucket list. Awesome report, Bon Bon Land certainly looks messed up.
  4. Here is the source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204770404577080790753010740.html
  5. ^ If you want a better ride, ride on the inside, it is less "bouncy" (if Raptor is anything to go by).
  6. ^ I don't think plans have been released as of yet, there is something you might classify as an entrance under Stealth, but that will be the entrance to the bridge. There is also the "missing wall" there.
  7. No, I have one that loves them though! Have you ever been on a TPR trip?
  8. Just measured my heart rate; it is 60 bpm, I'm pretty relaxed!
  9. No. Is your most active forum Random Random Random?
  10. On G Force at Drayton Manor pretty much every time I ride it. You just cannot breathe with the restraint crushing you at the end! Also having to do an emergency evacuation on Air's brake run. We were stuck for half an hour facing down, and I was really scared.
  11. Can't be bothered to move from my desk to clamber into bed, MEH!
  12. No. Is your favourite coaster manufactured by Intamin?
  13. I have just watched the video of this testing and it appears to be whizzing around the tracks (I hope this is not just a break free run). This looks like a much better coaster than the other El Locos.
  14. I've heard so many things about this: I have heard it will be launched, yet I have also heard it won't be launched. I have heard it will have one inversion, yet I have also heard it will have no inversions. It seems TPR is going for the no launched, no inversion theory. Whatever it turns out to be I'm sure it will be a good coaster.
  15. No. Do you wish you could change your TPR username?
  16. Germany. I have been their four times, it is such a nice country, has nice food and nice people.
  17. Never I can't drive. When was the last time you logged onto Facebook?
  18. I love how this has just turned into a B&M versus Intamin thread. I'm a Beemer fan, but that is because I have experienced no real kick ass Intamins, but have experienced Nemesis the holy mother of all B&M coasters.
  19. Getting my 100th credit (Kumali at Flamingoland) Going to Europa Park (riding Blue Fire & Silver Star) Going to Gardaland (riding Raptor & Magic Mountain) Ben 10 at Drayton Manor (turned out better than expected)
  20. When I rode Raptor at Gardaland, it had quite alot of "bounce", and that was supposedly a "forceless" B&M. The Swarm looks more intense (and so do the other two wing coasters), so I can imagine you will be able to feel this more on them. The one I'm most excited about is Dollywood though, it isn't relying on a gimmicky first drop, but it looks like a good solid layout design without any inline twists (which was my least favourite part of Raptor).
  21. I think the steel coaster, from what I can make out resembles a Gerstlauer Bobsled or Spinner; it seems to have a lot of helixes (or is it helices?)
  22. I would call this pretty compact (Krake at Heide Park). It looks like a cool little coaster.
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