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  1. A new Theme Park announcet on 6th of December 2011 for China The Name: Martial Arts Theme Park A Los Angeles-based entertainment group is expected to announce later on Monday plans to co-develop a $3.1 billion theme park and resort in China's Hubei Province with a local investment firm, two people familiar with the project said. Ikonic Entertainment Group will plan and design a martial-arts themed park, as well as a $50 million live show, one of the persons said. The development will take place at Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province, which is famous as a center of Chinese martial arts. Asia Today: Chinese securities regulators require firms to hire government-licensed bankers to oversee domestic IPOs and bond sales. Also, in China's Hubei region, developers want to open a martial-arts theme park. The WSJ's Alex Frangos and Alison Tudor discuss. Ikonic is a new entity co-founded by Tony Christopher, head of Landmark Entertainment Group LLC, an entertainment production company. Landmark has a history of creating amusement-park attractions, including "Terminator 2: 3D" for Universal Studios Florida and "Jurassic Park—The Ride" for Universal Studios Hollywood. The China project is being developed with Hubei Wudang Taichi Lake Investment Group Co., which invests in local cultural and urban development projects, said one of the people familiar with the project. The companies are expected to announce the project in Beijing on Tuesday, according to another person familiar with the plan. Representatives for Ikonic and Taichi Lake couldn't immediately be reached for comment. Ikonic's plans come as other media and entertainment companies battle for a stake in one of the world's fastest-growing markets. Earlier this year, Walt Disney Co. broke ground on Shanghai Disneyland, a piece of a $4.4 billion Disney resort which is planned to include hotels, restaurants, retail shops and other amenities. In addition to the Wudang Mountain project, Ikonic and Taichi Lake will develop an oceanfront amusement park in Qingzhou, Shandong Province and an Ikonic-produced videogame featuring tai chi kung fu legends. The companies will also develop a traveling martial arts show, featuring Taoist and taichi kung fu culture that is expected to tour U.S. college campuses.
  2. Best Amusement Rides TOP for 2012 1) Hong Kong Disneyland - Grizzly Gulch themed land The Frontierland-like gold mining town features the Big Grizzly Mountain roller coaster. The runaway mine train ride begins with a twisting and turning backward decline before launching forward and upward around the mountain. 2) Dinosaur Land - Fourth-dimension roller coaster Sitting in 360-degree rotating seats that straddle the track, riders will ascend a 250-foot lift hill before plunging at 80 mph into raven turns, vertical dives and half twists at China's Dinosaur Land. Built by S&S Worldwide, the as-yet-unnamed ride joins similar fourth-dimension roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California (X2) and Fuji-Q Highlands in Japan (Eejanaika). 3) Thorpe Park - Swarm wing coaster The Swarm winged coaster at the United Kingdom's Thorpe Park will take riders through post-apocalyptic scenes of war and destruction when the $29.5 million ride opens in spring 2012. The Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Rider would be the second coaster of its kind in the world following the 2011 debut of Raptor at Italy's Gardaland. 4) Legoland Malaysia - New theme park Legoland Malaysia will feature miniature Asian landmarks, including a 42,500-brick Taj Mahal and a replica of Malaysia's twin Petronas Towers -- which will become the tallest Lego model in the world -- when the theme park opens in late 2012. Geared toward children age 12 and under, the 76-acre Legoland Malaysia will include 40 rides, shows and attractions set amid six themed lands. 5) Jinling Happy World - 11 Inversion Coaster The aptly named 11 Inversion Coaster at Jinling Happy World theme park in China will feature a record-setting 11 inversions, including a quad heartline roll, a double corkscrew and a pair of loops. The new ride bests two existing 10-inversion coasters: Colossus at Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom and aptly named 10 Inversion Roller Coaster at Chimelong Paradise in China. In 2012, Happy World will also debut the Seven Ring suspended coaster, which features a mere four inversions. 6) Hopi Hari - 10 inversion coaster Instead of matching the world record for most inversions, the as-yet-unnamed 10 inversion coaster debuting at Brazil's Hopi Hari theme park finds itself in a three-way tie for second place. The Intamin coaster will feature a quad heartline roll and a double corkscrew. 7) Happy Valley Wuhan - Dueling wooden coaster The new dueling wooden coaster debuting at Happy Valley Wuhan will include a one-of-a-kind camelback hill dubbed the “High Five” where riders banked at 90 degrees can extend their hands toward each other. Built by Martin & Vleminckx and Gravity Group, the wooden racing coaster will feature twin tracks filled with twists and turns. Four other coasters are expected to come online in May 2012 at the new Chinese park, including a pair of launched coasters and a Maurer Sohne SkyLoop vertical coaster. 8) Nurburgring - Ring Racer coaster Originally set to open in 2009, the oft-delayed Formula One-themed coaster will reach speeds of 135 mph, making it the second-fastest coaster in the world behind Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in the United Arab Emirates. Reaching its top speed in 2.5 seconds, the S&S Worldwide compressed-air-launch thrust coaster is expected to open in 2012 at Nurburgring motorsport race track in Germany. 9) PortAventura - Shambhala hyper coaster PortAventura theme park in Spain plans to debut a record-setting mountain climbing-themed roller coaster in spring 2012 featuring a series of camelback hills, pitch-black tunnels and a water element. Named after the mythical Tibetan kingdom of Shambhala, the Bollinger & Mabillard-built ride will be the tallest (249 feet) coaster in Europe with the continent's longest drop (256 feet). 10) Europa-Park - Mythos wooden coaster Germany's Europa-Park plans to open an elaborately themed wooden roller coaster in March 2012 that celebrates the Norse mythology of legendary heroes and supernatural creatures. The theme park's first wooden roller coaster will top out at 115 feet and reach speeds of 60 mph while navigating hairpin turns and airtime hills over a 3,500-foot-long track in the Icelandic area of the park. 11) Legoland Billund - Polar X-Plorer drop coaster The new Polar X-Plorer roller coaster at Legoland Billund in Denmark will feature a vertical drop section of track that will appear to fall through broken ice. Riders on the snowmobile-themed trains are expected to encounter live penguins and Lego polar bears. 12) Efteling - Aquanura water show Built by the same team that created the Bellagio water show in Las Vegas, the 10-minute Aquanura nighttime spectacular at Efteling theme park in the Netherlands will feature dancing fountains, synchronized lights and fire effects set to music. 13) Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Wallace & Gromit ride Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the United Kingdom will add a family-friendly Wallace & Gromit ride based on the British stop-motion animation characters. The waterfront amusement park hasn't announced if the attraction starring the eccentric cheese-eating inventor (Wallace) and his anthropomorphic dog (Gromit) will be an all-new ride or a retheming of an existing ride. 14) Park Asterix - Inverted coaster The as-yet-unnamed inverted roller coaster coming to Park Asterix in France will feature a dive loop, a corkscrew and a zero-G roll. The Bolliger & Mabillard ride will have an Egyptian theme and an underwater tunnel. 15) Mirabilandia - DiVertical water coaster Mirabilandia in Brazil is expected to add a towering water coaster in 2012 called DiVertical, a classic shoot-the-chute flume ride featuring an elevator lift and a big splash finale. The new Intamin ride will be similar to Pilgrim's Plunge at Indiana's Holiday World, according to Screamscape. 16) Alton Towers - Nemesis: What Lies Beneath thrill ride Riders will unearth a secret hidden for decades in an underground catacomb on the new thrill ride coming to the United Kingdom's Alton Towers in 2012. Nemesis: What Lies Beneath, an indoor dark ride based on the back story created for the original 1994 Nemesis inverted roller coaster, promises to combine heart-racing thrills with horrifying chills. 17) Toverland - Spinning coaster Toverland in the Netherlands will add a family coaster with spinning cars that pull up to 4Gs as riders navigate a twisting and turning track. The new Mack coaster will be similar to Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's Berry Farm in California. 18) Universal Studios Japan - Wonderland kiddie land Universal Studios Japan will open a new Wonderland area in 2012 themed as a town populated by Sesame Street, Peanuts and Hello Kitty characters. Replacing the former Land of Oz area, the Wonderland kiddie land will include a new family-friendly ride and character meet-and-greet locations. 19) Alton Towers and Gardaland - "Ice Age" 4D movie Based on the third movie in the animated series, "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 4D" will debut at special effects theaters at Alton Towers (United Kingdom) and Gardaland (Italy), sister parks operated by Merlin Entertainment. 20) Everland - New roller coaster Everland officials have announced plans to replace Eagle Fortress at the South Korean park with a new roller coaster in 2012. The Arrow suspended-terrain coaster, which hasn't operated since 2009, is similar to Ninja at California's Six Flags Magic Mountain and Iron Dragon at Ohio's Cedar Point. and Leviathan for Canadas Wonderland the best coaster for 2012 Link: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/dec/02/news/la-trb-2012-theme-parks-world-12201102/2
  3. Top 13 of best Amusement Rides for 2013: 1) Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic Manor Mystic Manor will serve as Hong Kong Disneyland's ghost-less Haunted Mansion, with tributes to the classic Disney attractions Indiana Jones Adventure, Enchanted Tiki Room and Adventurer's Club included throughout the ride. 2) Robot Land - New theme park The oft-delayed $600-million Robot Land theme park will include a robotic-arm ride, roller coasters, drop towers and water rides. A giant robot, twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty, will serve as the centerpiece of the South Korean park. The first phases of Robot Land are expected to open in 2013 and 2014. 3) Ocean Kingdom - New theme park The $1.6-billion Ocean Kingdom theme park in China will feature the world's longest wooden roller coaster and the world's tallest Ferris wheel as well as boat rides, a 4-D theater and a nighttime zoo. 4) Space Theme Park - New theme park China's Space Theme Park will take visitors on a tram tour of rocket launch pads and offer a variety of space-travel attractions, including an cosmos-themed roller coaster, a moon-themed train ride and a 3-D space exploration theater. Scheduled to open in 2013, the interplanetary park will be divided into four themed zones: Earth, Lunar, Solar and Martian. 5) MGM Studios Park Korea - New theme park MGM Studios Park Korea will feature movie-based attractions on a planned resort island near Seoul's international airport that will include hotels and casinos. 6) Alton Towers - Secret Weapon 7 Alton Towers has announced plans for a new "world's first" thrill coaster in 2013 dubbed Secret Weapon 7. The United Kingdom park has announced that one lucky contest winner will join the SW7 design team in dreaming up plans for the new coaster. The last Alton Towers secret weapon, the family-oriented Thirteen vertical drop coaster, debuted in 2010. 7) Dreamland Margate – Amusement park restoration A historic trust hopes to reopen Dreamland Margate in the United Kingdom as a repository of classic amusement park rides, including a whip, shoot the chutes, caterpillar and haunted swing. The centerpiece of the project would be the 1920 Scenic Railway, a brakeman-operated wooden coaster partially destroyed by fire in 2008. 8) Europa Park - Arthur and the Invisibles themed land Germany's Europa Park will add a new carousel, kiddie drop tower and indoor family roller coaster in 2013 based on the "Arthur and the Invisibles" animated movie by French director Luc Besson. 9) Universal Studios Singapore - New attractions Universal Studios Singapore has announced plans to add three new attractions in 2013, with two of them unique to the park and the third a copy from a sister park. The recently opened park plans to add the Transformers special-effects dark ride in 2012. 10) Tokyo Disneyland - Star Tours 2.0 Tokyo Disneyland will add high-definition 3-D imagery to the aging Star Tours attraction with multiple storylines. Updated versions of the 1980s-era simulator ride debuted in 2011 at Disneyland in California and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. 11) Happy Valley Tianjin - Wooden coaster The new wooden coaster will be the centerpiece of Happy Valley Tianjin, part of a chain of theme parks in China. Gravity Group previously teamed with Martin & Vleminckx Amusement to build a dueling wooden coaster at Happy Valley Wuhan. 12) Walt Disney Studios Park - Ratatouille dark ride Walt Disney Studios Park will add a $150-million Ratatouille dark ride as part of the 20th anniversary of the Disneyland Paris resort, according to Disney & More. The trackless attraction, employing a ride system similar to Pooh's Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland, will follow Remy through a series of kitchen scenes from a rat's point of view. 13) Disneyland Paris - Pirates of the Caribbean update Disneyland Paris is expected to update the Pirates of the Caribbean ride with the Jack Sparrow animatronics and other special effects previously added to the U.S. and Tokyo parks, according to Screamscape. Link: http://articles.latimes.com/2011/nov/29/news/la-trb-2013-theme-parks-world-11201107
  4. What manufacturers of amusementrides, roller coasters, thrill rides, waterslides and more are at the IAPPA in Orlando 2011?
  5. KMG is currently working on a deal for a “Speed” (Booster) ride about 230-feet tall and holding 24 to 32 riders. The first unit will be delivered in 2013. Also planned for 2013 is a 230-foot Inversion that will premiere in Europe. Both rides will be available in transportable and park versions, travel on 4 semi-trailers, and come with the latest in LED technology, scenery, and sound systems. No crane is required for either attraction. Concept drawings for these rides will be available at the IAAPA Convention. Also from KMG is the tallest transportable chain swing ride to date, The KMG Stratosphere. This new ride is constructed on two trailers and has a telescopic tower reaching a height of 214-feet along the midway. According to KMG, the complete tower rotates during the ride cycle and is equipped with LED lights along the tower, arms, seats, operator booth, and entrance. The ride is comprised of 12 seats, each holding two people. Set up takes between five and six hours, no crane required. The first unit has been purchased by McDonagh’s Amusements and will be ready for the 2012 season. Now ready for the midway is KMG’s XLR8. As described in the March 2011 issue, XLR8 holds 16 passengers in 8 gondolas. During operation, the ride reaches a speed of 65km/hour, offering extreme acceleration and deceleration. “First test runs have been made and were very impressive,” says Peter Theunisz of KMG. “We’re installing a new LED light system and completing artwork now.” Soon available from KMG is the new ride, Sicko. This swing ride is five meters higher than the Fire Ball and has the same set up system as the XXL. The pendulum (swing-arm) is V-shaped and swings up to 120˚ with motorized, rotating seats. The Sicko is constructed on two semi-trailers and can be set up without a crane. The ride swings up to 85 ft. The first Sicko is sold to France and will be delivered in May 2012. The ride will be revealed at the IAAPA Show. Link: http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php/topics/1432486/123.html
  6. A new ride similar to Capriolo is puclic to the EAS 2011 in London. 2 Exemplare of Turbine are in 2012 Frankreich and Benelux. its a bigger Capriolo Version. Link: Eine Weiterentwicklung des Capriolos aus gleichem Hause. Höher: 62 Meter Drehende Gondel mit 2 mal fünf Sitzen Je eine Gondel an jeder Auslegerseite Zwei Anlagen bereits veräußert (Frankreich / Benelux) Link: http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=65336
  7. Dubailand is back?? Construction Starts an announcements for the Mega project in 2012. I have to give credit to CoastersandMore for being the first to uncover a bunch of the Gerstlauer and Premier Rides news we posted last week, though it’s all in German so I’ll have to take their word for it. They also dropped off a bit of extra information about that Premier Rides launched coaster, claiming that not only would it have a gigantic 80 meter tall spike at the end of the run, but that the cars will actually spin 180º while going through this element, turning around half-pipe style to face back down towards the ground. During an interview with Mark Shapiro posted at the LA Times, they touched briefly on the Six Flags Dubailand project. While Shapiro didn’t confirm the exact coasters going into that park, he did say that it would receive major coasters on the scale of: Kingda Ka, El Toro, Nitro and X2. This kind of matches up with another rumor we had heard that Intamin had been asked to come up with another Rocket coaster design that would be bigger and faster than Kingda Ka for a park in the Middle East. Biggr and Faster than Kingda Ka?? wow Have you got pictures conceptarts about this Coaster and Dubailand?? Over the weekend we learned that an plans for Intamin to build a bigger/faster version of Kingda Ka for Dubai are off the table. That doesn’t mean that something big isn’t still in the works, it just wont be another Kinda Ka / Top Thrill Dragster style coaster. Rumors this coaster will be 220m tall... The project Dubailand is back.. Link: http://www.hoteliermiddleeast.com/12498-stalled-dubailand-in-talks-for-fresh-investment/
  8. Great Coasters international: http://www.coasterfriends.de/forum/newscenter-park-und-coaster-news-park-talk/3545-eas-2011-a.html News, Pictures, Videos etc.
  9. Various Chinese sites have posted an article which suggests the Happy Valley park situated in Beijing is looking to expand with a large indoor section, a 5 star hotel and a large wooden roller coaster. I have summarized the main points of the article below. “Park Future: There will be one billion yuan investment to build the indoor amusement park in order to help Beijing Happy Valley out during the “winter”, The plan would involve the building of a large indoor amusement park with the option to open up a 50,000 square meter second phase. It is understood that the planned opening of the indoor amusement park is towards the end of 2013 and the superstructure could include an automatic roof which could be open for ventilation in the summer and closed during the colder winter months. In addition to this plans indicate the construction of a large wooden roller coaster in the Shangri-LaValley area of the park and the addition of a 5 star hotel and facilities. “
  10. Hy! Can you post pictures about the Asian Attractions Expo 2011?
  11. Next week the Euro Attractions Show started in London 27-29th of Septembre 2011 Picture and infos, news, announcements can you post here.
  12. It will be an Giga Coaster in Wing Rider Design.. i am hope for an Intamin Strata Coaster new worldrecord breaking in heigh
  13. ydney's Wet 'N' Wild water park to be among top 10 biggest in world From: AAP September 11, 2010 1:10PM 25 comments Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Email Share Add to Digg Add to Facebook Sydney's $80m water theme park will be one of the world's biggest. Picture: Adam Ward PLANS have been unveiled for a new $80 million Wet "N" Wild theme park in Sydney's west. NSW Premier Kristina Keneally said the park, tipped to be among the top 10 biggest water parks in the world, would provide entertainment for families across the state and create at least 300 jobs. Issues of water use and transport to and from the site would be examined in detail once a development application is tabled, she added. But the company planning to run the attraction, Village Roadshow, has demonstrated it can run other similar venues, including Wet 'N' Wild on the Gold Coast, in a sustainable way, Ms Keneally added. The state government has signed a 50-year lease with Village Roadshow for the 25ha site, designated for commercial use, at Prospect, off the M4. The cost of the lease was not disclosed at a media conference today but Ms Keneally said it would be in future. "This is good news. It's good news for the economy in terms of jobs and economic investment," Ms Keneally told reporters. "It's good news for those mums and dads in western Sydney, indeed right across the metropolitan area and right across NSW." The park will undergo a thorough, merit-based planning assessment once the development application is lodged, she added. Village Roadshow Theme Parks CEO Tim Fisher said it was likely tickets for the attraction would cost around $45 or $50 a person, with discounts for families. Sydney was chosen as the venue because of its large population and because it's a "world class city", Mr Fisher said. He said it would be an environmentally friendly park, without being able to offer detail on precise water use. A statement from Village Roadshow said it expects the attraction to be completed in the summer of 2013-2014. It would attract 900,000 visitors a year, including 175,000 interstate and international tourists, the company said. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/sydneys-wet-n-wild-water-park-to-be-among-top-10-biggest-in-world/story-e6frfkvr-1225918332710#ixzz1UexlOuMu
  14. Amazon Falls Waterpark in Pattaya designed, engineered and supplied by WhiteWater Richmond, BC – WhiteWater West Industries Ltd., the global leader in waterpark design, engineering and manufacturing, announced that it has been named lead designer and supplier of Amazon Falls, the newest and largest waterpark in Thailand. This world-class themed waterpark will feature more than twenty unique rides and attractions, making it one of the largest waterparks in Asia. Located in Pattaya, a highly popular tourist region, Amazon Falls will set a new standard for family entertainment. Along with providing conceptual planning and engineering, WhiteWater will build and install a total of seventeen attractions, including: a Boomerango, SuperBowl and Inner-tube ride complex, raft rides including the Abyss, Python, Rattler, and the awardwinning Family Boomerango, Asia’s first Dueling Master Blaster raft ride, a Whizzard multilane mat racer, FreeFall and AquaLoop body slides, a wave pool, a wave river, a Double FlowRider, an AquaPlay RainFortress and a Kids’ Zone featuring an array of water toys. “From the start, we set out to build the best waterpark in Asia,” says Liakat Dhanji, CEO of Amazon Falls Co. Ltd. “WhiteWater’s unmatched experience and creativity are vital to helping us realize our goal to the fullest potential, and their wide range of attractions are second to none when it comes to thrilling entertainment for the whole family. Sourcing so many unique, quality rides from a single supplier that truly understands how world-class waterparks should work will help us bring our project to life as quickly and efficiently as possible.” “We’re very fortunate to work with Amazon Falls, a company with such grand vision and ambition,” says WhiteWater CEO Geoff Chutter. “It is truly inspiring to be a part of this project, and we look forward to opening day, when the people and tourists of Pattaya will be able to soak up the fun and entertainment of Asia’s newest most prestigious waterpark.” Amazon Falls will open in December 2010. http://www.blooloop.com/PressReleases/Thailand-s-newest-and-largest-waterpark-set-to-break-ground/2372
  15. bu Dhabi out to make splash with Yas water park Rebecca Bundhun Aug 10, 2011 Water parks are creating waves in the UAE tourism industry. Abu Dhabi expects to open its first major water attraction by the end of next year as part of the US$40 billion (Dh146.92bn) Yas Island development programme. Financial Fallout: Read The National's coverage of the global economic chaos Dark clouds force Opec to cut back oil forecast Opec lowered its forecast for global oil demand, giving ammunition to member countries who have pushed for production drops. read article Crash halts as traders try to stem losses The stock market crash in Europe halted abruptly yesterday as traders tried to claw back billions of Euros of losses accumulated in more than two weeks of turmoil. Read article Money exchange braced for recession drop-off Business at the UAE's biggest money-exchange network could decline by as much as 15 per cent in the event of a second global downturn. Read article Gulf's US assets in firing line Standard & Poor's downgrade of the US rating has raised questions about the wisdom of keeping a large portion of the Gulf's several trillion dollars of savings in US treasuries. read article Costing about Dh604 million the park is designed to have more than 40 rides and attractions including scuba diving, cable skiing - a form of water skiing - and a "lazy river" boat ride. Aldar, the developer, is confident the new Yas attraction will be a major tourism draw. "We will have four one-of-a-kind rides that have never been seen before in a water park," says the company. Development is well under way with "work on the substructures of the park's buildings nearing completion". Yas Island will be banking on the water park to help pull in the tourists. Dubai has two and they have proved to be very popular. Jumeirah Group's Wild Wadi is located between the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab, while Aquaventure is part of the $1.5bn Atlantis resort on the Palm Jumeirah. Last month, both were ranked in the world's top 20 most visited water parks in a survey conducted by Aecom, a support services company, and the Themed Entertainment Association (Tea).Wild Wadi attracted 690,000 visitors last year, while Aquaventure brought in more than 1 million, according to Aecom and the association. "Water parks work very well for the climate here," says David Camp, the vice president for economics at Aecom in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. "They appeal during the hot summer because it cools people off. "Water parks in other parts of the world can be a seasonal business - an industry that works when there's school holidays and so on," he says. "Other parks such as the Orlando that topped the [top 20] list are more year-round, better climate. Dubai also fits into that year-round business operation." Incorporating a water-themed park into a major hotel complex can also reap dividends and pull in tourists. Owners of luxury projects in the UAE have started to look for attractions that stand out from the crowd. "A large proportion of [current] water park visitors are actually hotel guests and the two work well together," says Mr Camp. "The hotel provides guests for the water park; the water park sets the hotel apart in terms of business model and encouraging people to come. "With a significant number of hotel rooms for both of the [Dubai] parks, a good chunk of their visitors are effectively on-site hotel guests," he adds. "It's a slightly different dynamic to the American parks that are stand-alone and full fee-paying." The Yas water park will be surrounded by seven hotels and will complement the island's two main attractions, Ferrari World and the Formula One racetrack. In purely economic terms, water attractions make sense. They are relatively cheap to build compared with theme parks, and their operational costs are highly attractive. "If I can drive my volume I can drive profitability," says Scott Deisley, the vice president of Aquaventure at Atlantis, The Palm. "It doesn't cost me any more to have a 100 people in the park than it does to have Abu Dhabi out to make splash with Yas water park Rebecca Bundhun Aug 10, 2011 The vast majority of Aquaventure's guest are tourists. This year the park launched a discounted rate for UAE residents of Dh140 for a ticket instead of Dh200. Its hotel guests get free access. Even though Aquaventure is in direct competition with Wild Wadi, Mr Deisley believes the rivalry has generated increased demand. "I think that we were all a little concerned about whether there was a market for both Wild Wadi and ourselves," he says. "What we've done is actually created more of a market." The other major water parks in the UAE are Dreamland in Umm Al Qaiwain and the WOW RAK Iceland in Ras Al Khaimah. Others planned for Dubai, including a development called Aqua Dunya, which was supposed to be the world's largest water park and part of Dubailand, have been put on hold. Aquaventure is now planning to expand attractions after Wild Wadi added two new rides at the beginning of this year. "We all know that we need to invest in the park to keep it interesting for people," says Mr Deisley. "My fingers are crossed that we could get something started next year." http://www.blooloop.com/ViewNews.aspx?ID=16745 http://www.blooloop.com/ViewNews.aspx?ID=16745
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