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  1. sorry to double post, but just got back, hell of a day! Fast Pass was worth every penny it was PACKED today, Behemoth definitely edged Leviathan, although Leviathan was also fantastic, lovely park, got on 15 out of 16 coasters in the days time, solid, thanks again for the suggestions everyone!
  2. thanks for the suggestions! I had a feeling Behemoth had the edge, I've been on every other B&M of this kind in the USA so adding Behemoth, Leviathon and Goliath at La Ronde is going to rule and Diamondback is my favorite out of those so it's going to be cool to see how these 3 rank with the others! I'll probably have a PTR of my visit, and I'll report crowds for whoever else will be going in the near future!
  3. Going here tomorrow! Any tips for me? Where to head first, where to ride on Behemoth/Leviathan, best eating places, where to expect longer lines, etc, any input is appreciated! First time at this place, want to get on all 16 coasters
  4. oh man, this was totally one of my favorite parks when it was around, definitely more when it was Six Flags, obviously when it became CF they started shipping away almost every coaster to other parks. The location of it, the beauty of it and not to mention the SICK coaster lineup! X-Flight, Knight Flight, Superman, Big Dipper (such an out of control woodie) Villain, etc, it was an amazing place to get some solid credits! When this was open it honestly made Ohio the most dominant state for coasters in my opinion with CP, Kings Island and this place, not all too far from each other, I took a vacation for those 3 parks and it still ranks as one of my favorite trips I ever took, deeply miss this park, these pics rule so thank you for putting them up and starting this thread!
  5. Despite Gatekeeper being announced yesterday, this ride is still my most anticipated for 2013, such a daring and epic ride Silver Dollar City has coming! That drop will be fantastic, the insane elements, speed, air and INVERSIONS, clearly going to be a top 10 buster in many lists!
  6. WOW, what an addition for CP! I was always wondering when B&M would make its way back to the park (saying that Mantis was the last installation in '96!), and what a huge way to do it! I love the name, adore the layout and absolutely blown away by the keyhole over the gates, definitely going to grab guests coming in that way! I agree with BlakeCoaster about the ending though, it seems like the MCBR isn't totally necessary because all the ride does is the helix then pull up into the breaks, similarly like the ending to Intimidator, but it sure hugs the ground so I'm sure that thought will leave my mind when I ride it, way to go CP & B&M!
  7. love the name, love the logo, love the colors, great job CF and Dorney on this one, I enjoy these rides even though it's capacity sucks, but Dorney is great with lines so it will be a good fit, pumped for 2012
  8. let the trip planning begin for Canada next year never been to CW or La Ronde so it will be a sweet credit trip! I love how B&M designed this more for Speed, Behemoth has the airtime with all of those camelbacks so this one will be a much different and awesome ride, very stoked about this one
  9. tie between Volcano and Batman & Robin: The Chiller (RIP ), on Chiller their was nothing like being hauled out of the station with no warning lol
  10. I think it's a good move for Carowinds, install a B&M hyper to go over 200 feet and 2 years later get a 300 foot flat. The marketing is excellant: "Tallest ride ever built at Carowinds", that's all the GP needs to see to be sold, brilliant addition to Carowinds
  11. unbelievable, I was at the park yesterday and had a wonderful day, pretty eerie that I was there just a day before this! On the note of Mach Tower, I got on it yesterday and had a fun ride. It's not the best, the effect at the top was quite lame and the drop, while very quick (and some say pointless) was fun, I was most thankful that the breaks worked , overall a nice addition because they needed a bigger flat to go with Darkastle
  12. woot woot 2 8th inning rally wins for the Mets, back over .500!!
  13. How are you not interested in seeing this? It combines all of the AMAZING movies over the past few years, they tied them together so brilliantly, Captain America was the final piece to get The Avengers ready, it's going to kick so much ass
  14. putting down a Shock Top Raspberry Wheat as I type this, very nice new brew expanding their original Wheat
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