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  1. I saw "RCT4" and got really excited and then I opened this thread and my heart sunk. I'm beyond disappointed with this crap.
  2. I like the sound HUSS Giant Frisbees make. I'm not sure how to explain it but there's just something great about it.
  3. I don't like your color choices....they seem to clash IMO. You should also support your coasters better.
  4. Not sure if someone has already posted something like this. Anyways I've always just thought about how it would a dick move if someone puked on a coaster where they were facing other people.
  5. Depending on which park I get to first my first coaster might be either Goliath at SFMM or Gatekeeper at Cedar Point.
  6. Awesome trip report Jer!!! I really got to go to England and ride some of these awesome coasters!
  7. For not having a lot of CS this looks pretty good. I'd add more vegetation to make the park more realistic.
  8. The two Batman clones I've ridden (SFMM and SFGAm) are the most intense B&M's I have ridden. Tatsu is a close second though with it's pretzel loop.
  9. Top Thrill Dragster!!! I sat in the front row right after the sun went down. That was not a good idea because getting pelted with bugs at 120 mph doesn't feel too good.
  10. My home park is Cedar Point and I think Maverick is the best ride. For me it has everything!! Inversions, speed, and the perfect combination of positive and negative G's. Out of the 86 coasters I've ridden it's by far my favorite roller coaster.
  11. Great trip report!! I've never been to the Dells which is surprising considering how many times I've been to Wisconsin. I want to go but just for the credits because the parks all seem ghetto to me.
  12. I went to this park this past June and I was fairly impressed with the few rides it had. The S&S swing scared me so much but it was an awesome experience. I love the setting of this park and I hope it continues to grow.
  13. Dang it why'd you do that. He was funny and he wasn't really harming anyone.
  14. This is coming along really good. I really like the "Old Town" section of the park. I'll be looking forward to more updates.
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