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  1. I guess I'm in the minority here... I could never really get into Drag Race. I've watched it on and off because my partner likes it... I guess I'm just more of a blood and guts guy LOL. I love me some Dexter and TWD
  2. I'm kind of surprised no one has posted this yet, so I guess I'll go ahead and throw it out there. While posting some updates on his twitter about his work with HHNH for this year, John Murdy also dropped hints about something non-HHN related that he has been working on that according to him is going to be announced in the next week or two. Here what he said: "Also been working on some non-HHN projects that will materialize in the park in the next week of so...I'll give a few hints on one of them. Its somethng from a famous movie that I have a long, strange connection to. I crashed the set of this movie when I was in high school. The movie in question was filmed on the Universal Backlot but also in my home town of Whittier. It was the #1 movie for its year. In about a week you'll know what I'm talking about. Been working on this project for the last year. Wish I could be there to see it arrive." The hint points pretty much at BTTF, and I'd put my money on a restoration of a DeLorean... Of course that's just one project, and he alluded to there being more. Any other rumors coming out of USH about small projects like this?
  3. So my partner surprised me with HHN VIP tickets for later this month, and I'm really excited about going. I was just wondering, from anyone else who has done the VIP, what to expect of the guided backlot tour? It's the only aspect of the HHN VIP experience I haven't been able to find any info on.
  4. ^ My guess is it isn't being developed for any specific location, but is rather a film that parks can lease for their 4-D theaters... That's the only thing I could come up with
  5. I understand and agree, that in the end, money will win out. But I think it's unfair to say that no emotion should be involved. Look at Knoebles and what they are trying to accomplish with Flying Turns. It's been in the works for over 5 years! Most parks would have cut there loses and moved on long ago, but they keep working away trying to perfect it. That's passion and commitment, even in this very different time. I dunno... I guess I don't see it as black and white as "good business" and "emotionally invested" being mutually exclusive.
  6. ^ Can't say I completely agree with that. Yes its a business, I understand that. But where would Disneyland be had Walt not poured his heart into the park? Where would Kenobels be, or Canobie? Yes it's a business, but ask the owners of any of those parks and I'm sure they will all tell you they are more then just "parks" to them and there family. Sometimes it's good to be emotionally invested. That all said, I think they should find an alternative for the site. I think they should just let KK rest in peace.
  7. ^ congrats! And good luck! I hope it all work out for you I will say, dating (go on dates/trying to meet people) was my least favorite part of being single. I'm a very introverted person in general, and tend to be very clumsy and a little odd ball at times. It made dating a bit daunting for me. It all worked out in my favor in the end though, my partner says that those are all things about me that made him fall in love with me
  8. It's good business to create the hype. You build higher exposure for the park with a very limited amount of time and money spent, as opposed to tv ads and billboards which can eat away at the marketing budget. And as far as Facebook fans go, I've learned to ignore them. Go to just about every park Facebook page that has made an announcement so far this year. Even those with big new coaster like Cedar Point, SFFT, and SDC, have people that are doing nothing but complain. Why? Because people will always find a reason to complain about something.
  9. I attended Gay Days a few times back when I lived in Orlando. Always had a blast, but never went to any of the parties. Me and my friends were in that group that were more interested in the rides and drinking (and a little man-scouting) in the parks In fact, I met the first guy I ever seriously dated my first time at Gay Days... Oh the memories.
  10. ^ I agree, I think Ed's interest is souly that he really cares for the park and wants to see it become great again. I also agree that they are asking WAY to much from potential investors given the huge degree of risk for the park, while offering little to nothing back in return.
  11. ^ but if they did go the route of adding a dark ride, no matter what theme, they could simply alter or rebuild the entrance facade to match.
  12. That would miss the whole point of trying to create hype though. If your planning an expansion to Planet Snoopy, and you want a bit of mystery around the announcement, you probably wouldn't want to be advertising the Peanuts gang in the teasers. Adding them to any of the pre-annoucement teasers would almost have been like showing all their cards in a poker game.
  13. They are on the right track. It's a great idea to try and pull in the family crowd now. If the play there cards right, the demand is there, and they really wanted to go that route, they could build even more additions and turn that area around the casino into a pretty popular vacation destination.
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