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  1. I'm more of a WOOOOOOer But when I went to Thorpe Park for the first time a year ago I screamed my head off on Stealth! First time in years and years that i've screamed on a ride like that!
  2. I'm seriously considering it! I'm from Scotland in the UK so its kind of daunting but I'm going to see what trips are happening next year and try and get over my fear and just do it! You guys look like you have an amazing time and its a dream of mine to ride some of the coasters you guys all have. Andy, trips like the one in this report look too good to miss out on!
  3. I've really enjoyed reading your report. I makes me REALLY want to go on a TPR trip...... Now I just have to pluck up the courage to actually join one!
  4. I saw Captain Philips the other day and all I can say is Wow.....Just wow. I actually stopped breathing a couple of times during the movie! It was amazing! Tom Hanks was simply incredible and I have to say this is one of the best movies ive seen in a LONG time. I loved every minute of it. I didn't think id enjoy it half as much as I did and I really recommend it to everyone. Seriously, see this movie! I also watched the Evil Dead remake the other day. I havent seen the original but the remake was only alright in my opinion. I mean, I love gore as much as the next horror fan but most of the time I was just thinking half of it wasnt necessary at all! It was just for the sake of more blood and gore. Ugh, I don't know. I wanted to like it more than I did but in the end all I saw was a movie that wanted as many limbs removed throughout the duration as possible XD - Just my thoughts I do now wanna see the orginal though
  5. This is my cute boy has gotten so big! Edward is only just over 2 years old. He's a big boy and heres two of Edward and my mum's kitty Angel. She's 6 months now
  6. ^^ Just ask her to come round to yours for a movie night, or out for dinner or something, just the two of you. Spend some time alone with her, and see if you can work out if she likes you. If you still aren't sure, then just ask her if she would be interested - tell her you really like her and you think you wanna be more than just friends and want to know how she feels about that In other news, on the 18th of this month it would have been mine and my ex's year anniversary! BRING ON THE DEPRESSION xD
  7. That's hard. Did you not just move in together recently? Yes. We moved in together in the beginning of October 2012. But i've moved back home with my mum now - i'm much happier there anyways. It was him that wanted to move in together, not me. I'm feeling a little better, but I still miss him loads
  8. My boyfriend broke up with me on saturday That was us at 8 months officially together....He said he couldnt have a long term relationship anymore and didnt want the commitment of a girlfriend and that it had nothing to do with me, but that he just wanted to be by himself right now.... I don't think i've ever been this upset and in this much emotional pain before. I love him...
  9. I enjoyed LOTR but I wasn't a HUGE fan or anything. I really expected The Hobbit to drag out somewhat as it is on for a LONG time but in fact, I REALLY enjoyed it! It wasn't as slow as I expected it to be and I didn't get bored or sleepy
  10. My new little kitty in his festive scarf (Got him in April 2012) This is Edward
  11. Here's my tree in my new flat Our crappy xmas tree.
  12. My boyfriend bought me a Ukelele for xmas (by my request) and he's just started teaching me how to play! (he's played quitar for YEARS so is pretty experienced with stringed instruments). He says i'm learning really fast and much better than he expected :3 but the one downside? My fingers are KILLING me! :'( but i'm enjoying it
  13. I LOVE sharks, I find them utter fascinating - I would kill to cage dive with Great Whites It's on my list
  14. Well me and my boyfriend have been going out almost 5 months now and we're moving in together on Saturday I know people will say its too fast, but i've never felt this way about someone ever, and could really see this lasting a long time and i'm very excited about it
  15. I loved reading this TR. I'm heading to Orlando in Sept (for the 6th time) and was thinking of maybe doing a Photo TR like yours, if I remember to take enough pictures that is. Your report was really interesting to read and I love all the details you include I look forward to more!
  16. I was working at T in the Park (Scotland's biggest festival) at the weekend and managed to catch McFly and Twin Atlantic on the main stage It was wet, cold, exceedingly muddy and the air smelt of piss, sex and alcohol, but it was worth it
  17. Well I did really enjoy the new Spiderman! Although, I think I do still prefer the Toby Maguire version.
  18. Has anyone seen the new Spiderman movie yet? I'm going to see it tonight I'm slightly skeptical because I liked the Toby Maguire version so much, but i'm hoping for the best.
  19. Maybe that's finally what's happened. Universal has sold the rights or at the very least is coming up with a large figure to put to Disney, and they're preparing by making way for Transformers to come in cause they know theres a big chance they're getting rid of Marvel?
  20. Anyone hear anything about Universal apparently filing a construstion permit to demolish the old 'Murder, she wrote' soundstage? Do we think they might build Transfromers on this plot? or maybe something original??
  21. Right, I'm coming over from the UK and will have a Flexi Ticket Plus - which gives you unlimited 14 day access to Universal, IOA, Busch, Seaworld, Aquatica and Wet n Wild. I want to go to HHN one night but would prefer to stay and scream. Seeing as I already have a 14 day ticket, would they have an option to just pay for the evening, and not have to pay for the day and night? How much would it be? Did that even make any sense? Thanks!
  22. Well i'm now in a relationship I'm not usually the kinda of girl that gets into them, and when I do I get bored VERY quickly, but I've been seeing this guy for two months now and I really REALLY like him I hope it goes well...like really well
  23. Went to see Cabin in the Woods yesterday and thought it was...ok? I liked how it was different and such but I think they made it too obvious too early that all was not what it seemed, I think they maybe should have left it as bit of a surprise, at least until half way into the movie? Anyways, it was good but not as good as I was hoping.
  24. ^ DON'T DO IT BRO! It will NOT end well. Think of it this way, how would you feel if it was the other way around and you were the one with the girlfriend that you loved and she left you and got with him. I mean if you're going to go for it, you should come to the realisation that you're most likely going to lose your bestfriend. Who's more important, this chick or him? Coming to think of it, you should be telling you're bestfriend that his girlfriend is trying to get with you behind his back! She obviously doesnt wanna be with him. I hate girls that do things like that. They're NOT good peoples.
  25. This is my first tattoo that I got done today. It's above my right ankle on my leg. It's for my cat Sophie that had to get put down last year, to remember her and how much I love and miss her My name also begins with an S and I love cats, so I guess it can have a double meaning, but its mainly for Sophie.
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