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Ride Bucket List

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Naturally, I'd love to ride every notable coaster. But what I've been pondering most lately are wooden coasters.


The Gravity Group: Innovative layouts, great airtime even on small coasters, and in some cases...Timberliners!


Intamin: I've been craving more pre-fabs in my life. I love the thundering speed and unusually strong airtime of El Toro, and I'd love to experience its siblings, some of which are rumored to have even more airtime or appear to have more intriguing layouts.


GCI: Just on the chance there are others with the airtime of American Thunder, the intensity of Prowler, or the pure fun of rides like Renegade and Lightning Racer.


CCI: These may be a bit hit or miss, but I'm sentimental towards them, as Tremors and Timber Terror quickly made CCI my first favorite wooden coaster manufacturer. Since I've ridden those two and Boulder Dash, I'm not sure I'm even aware of which ones should be next for me (maybe Rampage and Shivering Timbers).


Scenic railways: I love the idea, and the history behind them. Plus, while I'd expect tame or overly modernized versions here and there, I've heard some are still quite intense.


Classic wooden coasters: Granted, this is another category offering vastly variable ride experiences, but I'm increasingly drawn toward the classics. Some are still airtime machines, and some are simply nostalgia trips. In this day and age, the designation can span quite a timeframe; I feel that some coasters from the 70s and perhaps even 80s fit the bill. And unlike many, I am a fan of the ACE Coaster Classics list; sure, it includes many tame rides, but on wilder ones, the restraint configurations can't be beat.


Wooden wild mice: Duh!

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I would like to do the "firsts" of legendary designs:


Ride of Steel – Darien Lake

Millennium Force – Cedar Point

Kawasemi – Tobu Zoo Park

Batman the Ride – Six Flags Great America

Maverick – Cedar Point

Atlantis Adventure – Lotte World

Apollo’s Chariot – Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Magnum XL-200 – Cedar Point

Kumba – Busch Gardens Tampa

Xcelerator – Knott’s Berry Farm

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Intimidator 305



Expedition GeForce


Boulder Dash


T Express

Any Megalite


The Voyage


Formula Rossa

New Texas Giant

Cheetah Hunt

Blue Fire






And many, many others.

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I made this a long time ago and keep adding to it.


In no particular order

1. Medusa - SF Discovery Kingdom

2. X2 - SF Magic Mountain

3. Manta - SW Orlando

4. Kumba -BG Tampa

5. Steel Dragon 2000 - Nagashima Spa Land

6. Mindbender – SF over Georgia

7. Goliath – SF over Georgia

8. Bizzaro – SF New England

9. Tatsu – SF Magic Mountain

10. Hydra the Revenge – Dorney Park*

11. El Toro – SF Great Adventure*

12. Bizzaro – SF Great Adventure*

13. Batman Dark Knight – SF New England

14. Superman Kerption Coaster – SF Fiesta Texas

15. Kraken – SW Orlando

16. Insane Speed – Janfusun Fancyworld

17. Dæmonen – Tivoli Gardens

18. Superman / la Atracción de Acero – Parque Warner Madrid

19. Superman Ultimate Flight – SF over Georgia

20. Superman Ultimate Flight – SF Great Adventure*

21. Nighthawk – Carowinds

22. Shivering Timbers – Michigan Adventures

23. Hades – Mt. Olympus

24. Expedition G-Force – Holiday Park

25. Ravine Flyer II – Waldameer

26. Boardwalk Bullet - Kemah Boardwalk

27. Piraten – Djurs Sommerland

28. Balder – Liseberg

29. Kawasemi – Tobu Zoo Park

30. Fly Over Mediterranean – Happy Valley Chengdu

31. Mega-Light – Happy Valley Shanghai

32. Fire-Ball – Happy Valley Shanghai

33. Crystal Wings – Happy Valley Beijing

34. T Express – Everland

35. Colossos - Heide-Park Soltau

36. Boulder Dash – Lake Compounce

37. Windstorm – Old town/ Funspot

38. Ispeed – Mirabilandia

39. Katurn – Mirabilandia

40. Eagle's Fortress – Everland

41. Blue Fire – Europa

42. Mir – Europa

43. Silver Star – Europa

44. Tele2 Insane – Grona Land

45. Thunderhead – Dollywood

46. Mystery Mine – Dollywood

47. Renegade – Valleyfair

48. Shockwave – SF over Texas

49. Scorpion – BG Tampa

50. Mindbender – Galaxy land

51. Terminator – SF Magic Mountain

52. Déjà vu – SF Magic Mountain

53. Revolution - SF Magic Mountain

54. Dragon Mountain - Marineland

55. Viper – SF Magic Mountain

56. Ninja – SF Magic Mountain

57. Riddlers Revenge – SF Magic Mountain

58. Silver Bullet - Frontier City

59. Diamond Back – Frontier City

60. Desperado – Buffalo Bills Resort/ Casino

61. Pepsi Max T he Big One – Black pool Pleasure Beach

62. Big Dipper - Black pool Pleasure Beach

63. Grand National - Black pool Pleasure Beach

64. Steeplechase - Black pool Pleasure Beach

65. Roller Coaster - Black pool Pleasure Beach

66. Wild Mouse - Black pool Pleasure Beach

67. Zipper Dipper - Black pool Pleasure Beach

68. Irn- Bur Revolution - Black pool Pleasure Beach

69. Air – Alton Towers

70. Nemesis – Alton Towers

71. Rita – Alton Towers

72. Oblivion – Alton Towers

73. Stealth – Thorpe Park

74. Nemesis Inferno – Thorpe Park

75. Montu – BG Tampa

76. Prowler – Worlds of Fun

77. Kentucky Rumbler – Beech Bend

78. Mr. Freez – SF ST Louis

79. Mr. Freez – SF over Texas

80. Poltergeist – SF Feista Texas

81. Superman Escape – WB Movie World

82. Jet Ski Rescue – Sea World Australia

83. Powder Keg – Silver Dollar City

84. Wild Fire – Silver Dollar City

85. Black Mamba – Phantasialand

86. Tornado- Särkänniemi Amusement Park

87. Tornado - Bakken

88. Winjas – Phantasialand

89. F1 Coaster - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

90. Emotion Coaster - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

91. Jokers Jinx – SF America

92. Tennessee Tornado – Dollywood

93. X coaster- Magic Springs

94. Formule X - Drievliet Family Park

95. Abismo - Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

96. G Force - Drayton Manor Park

97. Wicked – Lagoon

98. Furius Baco - PortAventura

99. Desert Race - Heide-Park Soltau

100. My first design to be built whether it’s at a park or my backyard


101. Superman Ultimate Flight - SF Great America

102. Whizzer - SF Great America

103. Hair Rasier - Ocean Park

104. Cheetah Hunt - BG Tampa

105. Mythos - Europa Park

106. Manta - Sea World San Deagio

107. Swarm - Thorpe Park

108. X-flight - SF Great America

109. New Invert - Parc Asterix

110. Wild Eagle - Dollywood

111. Dare Devil Dive - SF over Gerogia

112. Skyrush - Hershey Park

113. Verbolten - BG Williamsburgh

114. Superman Ultmiate Flight - SF Discovery Kingdom

_________________________(*)= Ridden __________________________________

May 1st 2010 - # 11,12(my 100th coaster),20

May 2nd 2010 -# 10

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I thought I would join in with this one.

(In no particular order)


1) Intimidator 305

2) Kingda Ka

3) Maverick

4) Blue Fire

5) Tatsu

6) El Toro (SF Great Adventure)

7) The Voyage

8) Eagle's Fortress

9) Black Mamba

10) Wild Eagle

11) Sky Rush

12) Millennium Force

13) Expedition GeForce

14) Apollo's Chariot

15) Mythos


To be fair, any parks that I haven't been to will be on my bucket list, which unfortunately doesn't stretch much further than UK parks, Florida Parks and Miribilandia in Italy.

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Don't have A List. And no coasters anticipated, yet.


But, for a ride I definitely want to ride at least once in my life is...


Ratatouille (eventually-to-open) at Walt Disney Studios,Paris.


It's (so far) always been my fave Pixar-Disney movie

and the (hopeful, still) fact that the ride will again use the

incredible awesomeness of "trackless vehicles" tech.

(see: Aquatopia/TDS; Pooh's Hunny Hunt/TDL)


In fact - I think I want to find and enjoy as many

Trackless Vehicle Rides as I can, while I can,

as the old body allows, lol.


So, hopefully, the Rat at WDS, and Mystic Manor at HKDL

I will eventually get to enjoy - and then, whatever new

trackless magic they'll come up with, in Shanghai.... mmmmm.


And then, there's other companies (like Sally Corp.) who do

trackless vehicle rides now. Got to find all of them, heh heh.


(And as a random sidebar - could you imagine Disney

coming up with a trackless vehicle ride in one of

those two huge circus tents in WDW/MK's new Circus

Land? That would be crazy and awesome sweet!)

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  • 5 months later...


Must rides:

Millennium Force

El Toro (SFGADV)


Verbolten (might happen this year)

Bizarro (SFNE)


Expedition GeForce




Wild Eagle

Afterburn (Carowinds)


Boulder Dash


Would also like to ride:

Yankee Cannonball

Blue Fire

Top Thrill Dragster

Kingda Ka






Must visit:


Silver Dollar City

Europa Park


Cedar Point



Would also like to visit:

Canobie Lake

Morey's Piers


Knott's Berry Farm


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(Any Megalite)


Exp. GeForce

Goliath (Walabi)








T Express


Moutain Flyer GCI




Parks in general:




Alton Towers


Tokyo Disney Sea

(All the Florida Parks)


Luckily New Hotness will bring me on a few of these this summer! So Excited

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1. Bizarro at SFNE

2. Intimidator 305

3. Viper at Magic Mountain

4. X2

5. Big Boom at Nasu highland? I think that's the park.

6. Griffin and/or Sheikra

7. Mind bender at SFOG

8. Goliath at SFNE

9. Tatsu

10. Volcano: The Blast Coaster

11. Dragon Khan

12. T Express

13. Pony Express at Knotts

14. Shock wave at SFOT

15. Mr. Freeze

16. Beast

17. Wicked Twister or another impulse

18. Camel Back at woombang

19. Top Thrill Dragster

20. Tons more.....

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any of the intamin woods(balder being #1)

anything at disneysea or tokyo disneyland(hoepefully taking care of this one next year with a tpr trip)

busch gardens williamsburg

one of those crazy, quirky and just plain weird japan parks(again, hoping to take care of this with a tpr trip)

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In no particular order:

1. El Toro

2. Tatsu

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Millennium Force

5. Maverick

6. Shock Wave

7. Apocalypse (SFMM)

8. Wild Eagle

9. X-Flight

10. Intimidator305

11. Bizarro (SFNE)

12. Steel Dragon 2000

13. Behemoth

14. Leviathan

15. New Texas Giant

16. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast

17. Roar (SFDK)

18. Any Japanese coasters

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  • 4 months later...

1. I305

2. Outlaw Run (I know it hasn't opened, it still looks spectacular though)

3. The Voyage

4. Phoenix

5. T-Express

6. Any Intamin Mega-Lite

7. New Texas Giant

8. Nemesis

9. Maverick

10. Formula Rossa


Also, call me crazy, I want to ride at least one Chinese Knock-off coaster before I die. I'm not sure why, I just want to try one out; maybe so I can be on I Shouldn't Be Alive or something

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El Toro


Boulder Dash

Ravine Flyer II


All the woodies at Holiday World

Bizarro (SFNE)

That severely crazy Togo Ultra Twister with the Dive Loop at Rusutsu Resort in Japan that I must have racked at least 100 views on Youtube watching

At least one Intamin Rocket

At least one Intamin Mega-Lite


And finally, Roller Coaster (formerly Manhattan Express), just for the dubious honor to have survived it.

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There are so many I've yet to ride, but the ones that qualify for "Bucket List" level are:


1. Eejanaika (4D S&S in Japan)

2. Outlaw Run

3. Kingda Ka

4. El Toro

5. Dinoconda (Brand new 4D S&S in China)


And technically you could add X2 to to the top of that list..I rode it a bunch as X but havent been to SFMM since 2008. Going to rectify that in a few weeks. Yes, I'm the 4D coaster's #1 fan

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X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Riddler's Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain

El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure

Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure

Verbolten at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Griffion at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland

And every winged rider, including GateKeeper when it opens!

And any arrow suspended coaster!

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