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Ride Bucket List

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1: Outlaw Run

2: Iron Rattler

3: Skyrush

4: Storm Runner

5:El Toro

6: X2

7: Fahrenheit

8: I305

9: Boulder Dash

10: Smiler

(no particular order to those, except Outlaw Run at number 1)


Parks (all credits including ones listed above included)

Alton Towers



Busch Gardens Tampa (went once but didn't ride any coasters)



Cedar Point

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I look at my bucket list in terms of parks not coasters, I want to visit every major park sometime in my life.


I agree with this. If my bucket list consisted of nothing but new rides, there would be no way to reach the end of it--or is that the idea?

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Simply put, what roller coasters do you really want to ride that you haven't yet? I'd have to say it's split between Skyrush and El Toro for me. It used to be Bizarro but after seeing some less-than-stellar reception on this board, I'd try to visit Hersherypark or Great Adventure before SFNE. What about you guys?

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I'd really like to ride Expedition GeForce, T2, and I'd really like to ride a Togo Pipeline rollercoaster... HOWEVER, since Astroworld shut down I now have little-no chance of riding any one of these anytime soon...


Also, Skyrush is suckish

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d have to say it's split between Skyrush and El Toro for me.

Interesting. Last year, for me, it was the same. So I arranged a trip which included both but El Toro was closed

So, right now, here are a few I would really like to try (in no particular order):

El toro

Outlaw Run

A Megalite

Intimidator 305


Expedition Geforce





Also, although this is not something I desperately want to ride (obviously), I would like to have a go on a SLC as I've never ridden one and want to know what it's like after all.

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My top 10 sought after credits would probably be this:


1. Outlaw Run- arranged a trip to Missouri in May primarily because this coaster is there

2. Goliath (SFGam)

3. Intimidator 305

4. Iron Rattler

5. New Texas Giant

6. Expedition GeForce

7. Voyage

8. Colossos (Heide Park)

9. Bizarro (SFNE)

10. Tatsu

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Olympia Looping

Mindbender at Six Flags Over Georgia

Shockwave at Six Flags Over Texas

Any Arrow Suspended coaster with the original train style.


Some coasters that I have wanted to ride for years I finally had the chance to try in the last few years such as Boulder Dash, Dueling Dragons, and Montu.

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My most Sought-After coasters right now are:

1.) Outlaw Run. (Which I will be riding next month, and I couldn't be more excited!)

2.) Skyrush.

3.) Banshee. (Which will be taken care of in July!)

4.) Top Thrill Dragster. (Even though I've been on it at least a hundred times. Its been several years, and I can't wait to get back up there in July to ride it again.)

5.) Maverick. (Same as Top Thrill Dragster)

6.) X2... I do not care how rough it may be. I still want to try it once! The coaster has always looked impressive to me.

7.) Okay... Its not a coaster, but I really want to ride Falcon's Furry when it opens!


(Sorry... I couldn't pick just one.)

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My top ten would be:

1) All RMC

2) El Toro

3) I305

4) Skyrush

5) Kumba

6) Montu

7) Expedition GeForce

8) Helix

9) Kawasemi

10) Katun

the last 4 would be higher, but I doubt I'll be getting out of the country anytime soon

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Too many to count, but here are about 10 that I really want to do:

-El Toro




-Goliath (SFGAm)

-Wildfire (Kolmarden)



-Millennium Force


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