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  1. The fact that you can customize the ride sequences, so its not just a set animation, and have it change the stats of the ride, already makes this game about ten million times better than RCTW...
  2. I think Intamin might plan on using the cable lift to launch the train a la Maverick, since it seems like the lift is much shorter than the non-inverting loop. If that ends up being true, then I could definitely see this coaster being one of the best in the world...
  3. Something like Microsoft Hololens, with real and CG effects would be absolutely insane... True VR seems like a waste though, I mean at that point you're basically on a souped up simulator.
  4. Canobie Lake Park 1: Putting up with the Town of Salem's crap for so long, seriously... The park really shouldn't have accepted their stupid rules back in the 80's 2: Running Yankee Cannonball with only one train... 3: Removing the fog on Psychodrome (It's not the same )
  5. I've only ridden the fair version, but they one I rode was a ton of fun with one op, but sucked with another... So it seems for the traveling ones that the op running it makes a real difference. As for comfort the one I went on had almost unpadded shoulder restraints so it gave some gnarly friction burns on my bare shoulders after the 3-4 ride, but if you're wearing a t-shirt or long sleeves you should be fine.
  6. I believe Carolina Cobra was the last new credit I got a Carowinds... It's hard to remember after riding Fury, since everything else after that was a blur. Even Intimidator... PS, Diamondbacks better.
  7. This seems like something that would fit well with Canobie... Maybe they'll be in line sometime in the future?
  8. ^I rode it back when I went in 2013 and loved it! It's a great ride besides some of the transitions, much better than Anaconda in my opinion.
  9. I completely agree... Camden by far has the best Whip. It seems like the others just don't let them run at full speed, which Camden does, so that might have something to do with it.
  10. I think the one moment that sticks out in my mind would be Swamp Fox's (Family Kingdom) nearly unbanked final turn into the station... It's probably one of the fastest points on the entire coaster, so when you hit that turn you get some absolutely INSANE laterals! It is without a doubt the most intense single moment on any coaster I've been on... Especially when you consider that the rest of the coaster is fairly boring.
  11. I think a coaster that combined Mavericks elements with something like Bizarro, Expedition Geforce, or any other Intamin Mega with height and speed would be pretty great... It'd probably end up costing about as much as Steel Dragon 2000 so it probably wont ever happen, but a man can dream.
  12. I completely agree! When I went on it during Banshee Bash my head got banged up so badly that I couldn't walk straight after getting off. That didn't stop me from riding again a few hours later though...
  13. So I've started... Here's a few screenshots showing what I've gotten done so far. Still a long way to go, but it's coming along nicely I think
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