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Ride Bucket List

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The Gatekeeper


The Smiler


Millennium Force

Formula Rossa

Magnum XL-200

Twisted Colossus


Intimidator 305

Fury 325

Wild Mouse (Blackpool)

Pepsi Max Big One

Riddler's Revennge

Top Thrill Dragster

Kingda Ka

Raptor (Cedar Point)

Raptor (Gardaland)




Mean Streak


Skyscraper (when it opens)


Flight of The Demons

Steel Dragon 2000


Grand National


Nemesis Inferno

Big Dipper (Blackpool)


That's all I can think of right now

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I want to go on a TON of roller coasters.However, here are some I really want to ride:


Thunderbird, Holiday World

Wicked Cyclone

Goliath (SFGAM)


Raptor@Cedar Point

Gatekeeper@Cedar Point

Magnum XL 200@ Cedar Point





Outlaw Run@Silver Dollar City

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Luckily I get/got to ride a ton of my bucket list coasters this year, although I still have some huge must rides on my list:


1. El Toro (The airtime looks so relentless and amazing)

2. Dodonpa (That launch looks unnatural)

3. Fluch von Novgorod (Indoor, launch, vertical lift... say no more!)

4. Shock- Rainbow Magicland (So unique and fun looking!)

5. Bizarro- SFNE (Looks like Millennium with more airtime!)

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These are the top seven most appealing roller coasters I haven't ridden yet. After This, I haven't thought much about it.


7. Leviathan (Canada's Wonderland)

6. Any Intamin Pre-Fab

5. Any Intamin Mega Lite

4. Goliath (Walibi Holland)

3. Intimidator 305 (King's Dominion)

2. Skyrush (Hersheypark)

1. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

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I'm looking forward to a lot of coasters in Europe and the US, so instead of one top ten I have 2.

Europe top 10:

10: Katun (Mirabilandia)

9: Shambhala (PortAventura)

8: Smiler (Alton Towers)

7: OzIris (Parc Asterix)

6: iSpeed (Mirabilandia)

5: Dragon Kahn (PortAventura)

4: Balder (Liseberg)

3: Schwur des Kärnan (Hansa park)

2: Helix (Liseberg)

1: Wildfire (Kolmarden) (yes I'm so exited for this ride it's already my number 1 without it being open it's because it's a RMC in europe, and I like to try the hype.)


United States top 10:

10: Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa)

9: Incredible Hulk (Islands of Adventure)

8: Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

7: Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventures)

6: Outlaw Run (Silver Dollar City)

5: Fury 325 (Carowinds)

4: Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)

3: Banshee (Kings Island)

2: All Six Flags RMC Iron Horses (They all look so good, and I didn't want to make a complete RMC list)

1: El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventures) (After all I heard about this ride, no way I'm going to miss this credit)

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Top 10 in the United States in No Order


Boulder Dash

The Voyage

Lightning Run

El Toro

All RMC's

Intimidator 305





Top 10 International in No Order


The Smiler



Goliath Walibi

Olympia Looping

A Megalite

Steel Dragon 2000

T Express


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Top 10 Coasters/Rides: Updated


10. Steel Dragon 2000 @ Nagashima Spa Land (2018)

9. Medusa Steel Coaster @ Six Flags Mexico (Finally Rode)

8. Blue Fire @ Europa Park (2019)

7. Megafobia @ Oakwood Theme Park

6. Atlantis Adventure @ Lotte World

5. Gravity Max @ Lihpao Land

4. Tyrolean Tubtwist @ Joyland Park

3. Montana Rusa @ Park Del Cafe

2. Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park (2019)

1. I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here @ Thorpe Park



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Updated list (in no particular order):


-El Toro



-All RMCs



-Fury 325

-Expedition GeForce

-Intimidator 305


-Any Intamin Mega-Lite

-Boulder Dash


-The Voyage

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Everything that Disney and Universal will do, world-wide, in the next 15 years.



(I'll be 77 by then, so for now, that works for me.)


2013, David and me at TDL. Will we make it to 2028? Stay tuned! (o:

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Considering that one day I would like to ride every B&M, RMC, and major Intamin coaster in the world, I will attempt to limit my list to 10 coasters overall!


1. Lightning Rod

2. Expedition GeForce

3. Wildfire (Kolmarden)

4. T Express

5. Medusa Steel

6. Fury 325

7. Voyage

8. Balder

9. Helix

10. Wood Coaster (Knight Valley)


Honorable mentions go to my remaining RMCs (Wicked Cyclone, Storm Chaser, Goliath, Joker), the remaining Intamins (Goliath-Walibi, Colossos, any Mega Lite, iSpeed), some larger B&Ms (Nemesis, Leviathan, Katun, Shambhala), and some other misc. coasters (Ravine Flyer, Phantom's Revenge, Lightning Run, Atlantis Adventure). I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting!

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Techincally, these are completed, but can I say here that I waited almost ten years to go to SFGADv and finally did, in October last year. Kingda Ka and El Toro were on the bucket list, along with Nitro and the Chiller (which was doomed two years into the wait). Honestly, this trip is my most prized memory.

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Bizarro (SFNE)

Wicked Cyclone


Outlaw Run

Steel Medusa

Adding Fury 325, Goliath (SFOG), Lightning Run, Piraten, Boulder Dash, Expedition GeForce, T Express, Cannibal, The Junker, and The Voyage to my lust errr... list

I can cross off Wicked Cyclone, i305, Skyrush, and Bizarro now, all of which made my top 10. Hoping to cross off Fury 325 and Goliath this weekend

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Ugh, this is gonna be a long list haha.


1. Twisted Colossus

2. Wicked Cyclone

3. Lightening Rod

4. Banshee

5. Cheetah Hunt


You know what, every roller coaster other than the ones at Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens Williamsburg & Tampa, other than Cheetah Hunt, solely because I've been those parks numerous times. So, how many am I on now?


35. Nemesis

36. Helix


Yeah, the list goes on.......one day I'll be able to travel and get to these parks.

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Considering that one day I would like to ride every B&M, RMC, and major Intamin coaster in the world, I will attempt to limit my list to 10 coasters overall!....


I realize I made this post just two months ago, but in an attempt to organize the "most important" roller coasters for me to ride, I compiled an official bucket list for myself. This list basically shows me that after I complete the remaining few coasters in the US, my next focus should be travelling to Northern Euro/Scandinavia (Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden). I think I may be able to check off 3 wood and 3 steel in 2016 if I'm lucky!



1. Fury 325

2. Expedition GeForce

3. Medusa Steel

4. Flying Aces

5. iSpeed

6. Joker

7. Any Mega Lite

8. Wicked Cyclone

9. Goliath (Walibi)

10. Leviathan

(H.M. Helix)



1. Lightning Rod

2. Wildfire

3. T Express

4. Balder

5. Voyage

6. Mountain Flyer (Knight Valley)

7. Colossos

8. Ravine Flyer II

9-10. (Some of those crazy Chinese GG coasters I can't keep straight...)


This list isn't exactly in an order... Just a basic estimate of what I want to ride more.

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