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  1. I did some imagining and came up with a concept of what an entirely new Kiddy Kingdom/Planet Snoopy expansion could look like! I added a B&M family inverted coaster as well as 7 other small flat rides. I retained 2 of the classic spinning car rides and rethemed them, then added a few more new kid/family rides that the park doesn't have yet. I also added a small stage as well as an shaded eating area, making the entire area feel more modern and complete with the existing Planet Snoopy.
  2. I live about 10 min from this and still have yet to get the credit. Maybe I'll go next year once they add the next one.
  3. The strippers show up at 10 from what I've heard. Although now there's plenty of boats to pass the time!
  4. Just rode back row, far left and there was a slight rattle. Nothing horrible but definitely noticeable. Unfortunate for a brand new coaster. The first drop is awesome but I really wish it had the old restraints. You definitely don't float like on Sheikra.
  5. As a graduating senior next month, I've learned the most important rule of school (and life for that matter) Only do what makes you happy Never do anything just to "look good on a college application" or just because your friends say it's cool. You have to look into exactly what YOU want to do and what makes YOU happy. Also, don't worry about grades to the point of nausea. Yeah, they're important, but if your stress level/mental health ever is compromised as a result, then it's a problem. Get on the teacher's good side and turn in high quality stuff for the first month or so and then you'll be good the rest of the year if you ever need anything. If you're scared to do something, do it, unless you genuinely think you'll be unhappy as a result. Most of the time you'll learn from it and will end up being a memory you wouldn't have had if you didn't do it in the first place. The past 4 years have been the shortest but also the longest 4 years of my life. You'll realize a LOT about yourself and the actual "school" part of it is nothing. The stuff you do outside of school is the stuff that's important and that's the stuff you'll remember. Prepare to come out as a different person, because I know I'm nothing like I was at the end of 8th grade. Just make sure you change for the better, and not for the worse.
  6. I completely agree with you. About RMC Mean Streak, I actually made a concept of that about a year ago, here's the link if you haven't seen it: My computer is actually pretty weak. I have a NVIDIA GeForce 920M, i5 at 2.6GHz, and a 750 GB 5400 RPM drive. Like Projektion said, I'm using the in-game recorder so it really doesn't matter what computer I have. However, this park, now that it's done, runs about 10-15 FPS around medium settings, which isn't too bad considering how much is going on. I do a ton of modeling. The whole station, path area, fencing, theming, Paddlewheel boat, pretty much everything that isn't a tree or a coaster is done by modeling. Most of it is pretty basic or just replicating but I actually designed the station as well. That actually took longer than the coaster itself. Thanks for all the positive feedback! It's great to know my work is being appreciated.
  7. Ever since the announcement of Shoot the Rapids leaving, I've been thinking about a realistic option that could take its place. As a result, I created Badlands, a GCI wooden coaster that would span the past area of Shoot the Rapids. Here's a video:
  8. This is a weird simple one but I love watching how Top Thrill Dragster engages into the catch car
  9. Mean Streak. One time I was at the park alone and rode it 10 times
  10. Mine is Cedar Point and I'm happy to say it's my favorite park.
  11. Yes it is in the Wild Beast spot. I originally tried a design "RMCing" Wild Beast, but the 82' height didn't give me much to work with so instead I designed one from scratch.
  12. I've been working on a RMC concept for this park for a few months now and I finally finished it. Let me know what you think!
  13. I just drove by today and was going to report that the whole thing was already up but I guess that's been covered already! I've never been on a Pinfari before so it'll be interesting to see what I think.
  14. I actually find the new paint of Dragster to be way more of a needed change than Raptor. Don't get me wrong, Raptor needed it too, but wow Dragster is just
  15. I love GateKeeper even though it's not trying to kick your ass. In fact, that's what I DO like about it. It's a coaster I could ride over and over and over and never get tired of it.
  16. Wow that's crazy. I remember getting it in May of the year it came out (2012 I think?) and it was $35 for everything. I knew it was too good to be true!
  17. After riding Lightning Run the first time, I described it as a "steel RMC". Now the park will actually have a steel RMC
  18. It depends on the type of ride. I like the old ones on dive coasters, but on headbangers, I'd prefer the new ones. So basically I wish Valravn had the old ones and Rougarou had the new ones
  19. Also, when you think about it, most B&M's (if not all?) immediately begin the ride after the lift. On dive coasters, there's a ton of time between when the train clears the lift to when it actually begins the moving at high speed. So in return, it may seem early, but it's due to how much time you spend at the top of the lift. Here's a doubler to show how Raptor compares. They actually both are the same amount of time from when they leave the lift to when they enter the MCBR. http://www.youtubedoubler.com/?video1=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DgiY0WhKpnpI&start1=50&video2=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-Qt1LutrWnY&start2=51&authorName=
  20. I think it'll be a great ride and it'll be super unique for probably most of the Cedar Point crowd. I've been on Sheikra and I found it to be an amazing ride, and it's probably my favorite at BGT. Then this coaster looks even better, so I'm sure I'll like this even more. If this coaster was going to literally any other park, it would probably be one of the best coasters at the park, but like ImmelMatt said, when you compare it to the absolutely fantastic existing lineup at Cedar Point, it just doesn't stand out. I do find it a little strange that there isn't anything special to it though. The layout is good, but not amazing. Based on the rendering, there aren't any "thematic elements" such as tunnels or splashdowns or anything that really stands out. Not like I was expecting it, but no theming even like Banshee has. They pretty much took out the last area of trees in the front of the park and plopped this coaster down and surrounded with more concrete. However, this is only the rendering so I'm not sure what Cedar Point may have in store. In terms of the actual ride, I think it's weird that they're going back to this old style ride and put in one with an unoriginal layout. Looking back, Gatekeeper has arguably the best layout of any wing coaster and it was one of the very first wing coasters, plus the awesome keyholes and front gate interaction. Maverick has the launch tunnel, moderate theming, water bombs, and was the first idea of a low to the ground high speed coaster. Dragster has the whole race theme with audio and lights as well as the midway interaction, not to mention it was the tallest coaster. All of the previous additions have been, for the most part ,brand new innovative rides. All of Cedar Points additions are usually an A or A+ and I feel like this is a B. One thing I didn't even really notice until my GP friend pointed it out, but it's extremely similar to GateKeeper. Obviously the holding drop is completely different and unique to this ride, but the 3 inversions (immelman, dive loop, zero-g) that Valravn has, GateKeeper already had. Not to mention the same wide style trains with wing seats and the exact same restraints. I'm hoping that the restraints don't restrict the airtime too much, as I thought that was the best part of Sheikra. I also find it strange though that this has a 54" height requirement, where as GateKeeper and Banshee have a 52" height requirement. Overall, I do think it'll be an amazing ride and I'm probably being pretty critical of them considering it's my home and all-time favorite park so I care a lot about what they do. Could they have put something better in? Yes probably. Is this still a solid addition? Of course. It won't be another Maverick but it'll be another high capacity, reliable, impressive looking coaster.
  21. Wow I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that thought that. I wonder what causes it. It must have to do with the steel wheels since no other RMC has them and all of the others are butter smooth.
  22. Still one of my favorite coaster experiences to this day. The first time I tried was a Saturday in July when they're open until 10. I got in line, it was dark out, and the ride went down and they sent everyone home. So sad. I came back a few weeks later, Saturday again and open until 10. I waited to get in line right as they closed it and got the last train of the night. OMG. Such a fantastic ride at night, although extremely rare.
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