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  1. Since Fantasy Island doesn't have its own thread and people seem to post about it here I thought I'd share this. I got a season pass renewal email this morning that listed everything they plan to add for 2019. It boils down basically to a new family coaster and some costumed mascots. Anyway, here's the link: http://fantasyislandny.com/new-in-2019/?utm_source=email_ZOHO&utm_medium=button&utm_campaign=2018_8.1_fantasyisland_sph&utm_content=2019Atrractions I might renew just for the Oktoberfest and Halloween events.
  2. I was at the park yesterday (instead of Knoebels, where we're going today) and walked on just about everything. Does anyone have any idea why they asked us to take off our fanny packs on Thunderhawk? We wore them on every other ride, including Talon and Hydra.
  3. Think there's any chance of them getting a Joker 4-d? I loved the one at Great Adventure though I'd like to see one about two minutes longer. It'd be a good fit for the park, too. That or an RMC treatment of the Predator would mean an instant season pass purchase for me.
  4. The Brewery at Union Station is pretty good, if you're into craft beer. It's also alleged to be haunted. One of their brews is called "Apparition Ale."
  5. Wow. I rode this when it was at DelGrosso's. Here's hoping the injuries aren't serious (or worse).
  6. If you can go the last week of August the crowds are generally lighter as the Ohio schools are back in session then. We went that week in 2000 and waited twenty minutes for Millennium Force (its debut year). Their hours may be reduced that week but it may well be worth it. Of course, I haven't been during the regular season for quite awhile so it may be different now, but you might not even need FastLanes if you go in late August. Edited to add: sorry, I misread your post. I've been trying to delete this post but can't find the method.
  7. What I intend to do next year for Halloweekends is to drive out on the first Friday and stay in the Breakers. Attend the Haunt on Friday night but avoid the park on Saturday and take Mrs. Peabody to the Toledo zoo to see the penguins there. We'd then return to the park on Sunday, staying at Castaway Bay ($89 for Sunday night this year) to get the early admission and drive home on Monday. Since I have a Platinum Pass and one of the renewal perks is to bring a friend in free on any Sunday we'd only be paying one admission for Friday night. One could even make the drive from Cedar Point to Cincinnati for Oktoberfest on Saturday if one were so inclined. I won't set foot in Cedar Point on a Saturday again.
  8. I've been publishing a web comic since January 1st and I thought you might be interested in checking it out. My main character is visiting Cedar Point for Halloweekends in the current story arc. The female character is not mine, but I have permission to use her from her creator, Malcolm Earle. Previous comics found my two main characters visiting Kings Island, as the comic is set in Cincinnati. Please check it out and tell me what you think! http://www.bengal-tales.com Here's a preview from the current strip.
  9. How were the crowds? I'd love to attend the Munich Oktoberfest some year but I have a problem with crowds. I did all right in Cincinnati for their Oktoberfest but Munich is on a whole different level.
  10. My favorite day of the year! This will be the third (fourth?) year in a row we are going to the first weekend of halloweekends on a Sunday. In the past the lines for the rides were minimal all morning and we never waited more than 10 minutes for any of the mazes. Great time to go, for sure. Of course, your milage may vary. We always hit Maverick/Millennium Force for early entry, and then TTD at opening (front row only!) and we never experience any lines in the park longer than 15 minutes, with most coasters being a walk-on. Let's hope the same remains true this year! Thanks! I'm looking forward to it. We've never been on a Sunday before. If this works out I'm planning to go again next year for a Friday night at the Breakers then head to the Toledo Zoo on Saturday (Mrs. Peabody is a penguin fanatic), then return for Sunday at Halloweekends again. No doubt Steel Vengeance will be open for early admission next year.
  11. I'll be going on the 23rd. There's a video posted by the park on Facebook that has a nice montage of what they're offering, including shots of the menu boards for both the food and the beer. Hope this helps.
  12. When do the participants of the Christian festival depart? We're hitting the Cincinnati Oktoberfest this weekend and added Cedar Point to our itinerary for Sunday to break up the drive home. I renewed my Platinum pass and as a perk Mrs. Peabody can get into the park free on Sunday. Nice deal, along with a $89 room at Castaway Bay. Can anyone advise on what the crowds will be like this Sunday?
  13. It's definitely one of the "Traver Triplets," but it's difficult to tell which one without more background detail. The only one I know of that has film of it running is the one at Crystal Beach. None of the triplets were mirrors, so I'm guessing that the footage was somehow mirrored.
  14. Mrs. Peabody and I are planning on getting season passes for Fantasy Island for next year. I've learned that they're no longer practicing the draconian "no hands" lap bar policy, so hopefully they're getting the Silver Comet turned around in less than five minutes for a change. Now, if they'd allow the Crazy Mouse to run with two adults in a car that would be perfect.
  15. I rode Firehawk when it was still X-Flight at SWFA. Does that count? I'm going to Cincinnati for Oktoberfest this year and was dismayed to find that Kings Island will be closed that weekend! Fortunately, we were able to get a room at Castaway Bay for Sunday night so we can hit Halloweekends on Sunday. That Platinum Pass really comes in handy!
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