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Ride Bucket List

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This thread's purpose is for people to post the rides that they've wanted to ride, but don't have the chance. I couldn't find anything similar to this. So, i'm going to post this. If there was something like this that i didn't find, then this is a revival of that thread.

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Schwarzkopf "Thriller" - but as its now in mexico and judging from their drug-war situation there I doubt it will happen - maybe some german showmen buys it back, but thats very far-fetched....


Intamin ZacSpin is also a must - but as I plan to go to Linnamaki and Gröna Lund next year - and they both have one....


On my recent US-trip I rode most of the coasters on my wishlist: Giant Dipper - Done! Schwarzkopf Shuttle-Loop - Done! X2 - Done!

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I don't really have any "ride" bucket lists, they are more "park" bucket lists.


Park Bucket Lists:

Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySEA



Busch Gardens Tampa/Williamsburg

Cedar Point



Holiday World


I know there are a few more parks that I'd like to visit, but those are the ones that are "must" visits for me (that I haven't been to already)

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My ride bucket list is every coaster I haven't been on


I'm with Sir Clinksalot though I do have parks I need to visit.


Holiday World

Mt. Olympus


Lake Compounce

Alton Towers

Port Aventura

Tokyo Disney's

Fuji Q


Those are just off the top of my head. I have so many parks I've wanted to visit since falling deep into the rabbit hole of coasters when I was a kid.

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Right now, very high on my list are "Expedition Everest" and "Harry Potter/Journey" but I've been told to wait until the Yeti is back in action before hitting EE. And I'm going to be checking off HPatFJ in October. Very psyched.


But below that are pretty much every park in Japan... it's a long list.


Great topic!

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Let's see...


Ride all of the Schwarzkopf coasters in one year, and have the last ten be my 'best of' list- finishing out with His greatest work on earth, WEM's MindBender.


Ride all of the StarPorts in the order for which they opened- SP75,SP77,SP83,SP95,SP05.... and ride them in ONE WEEK.


Have incredible 'woohoo' underneath Mindbender at SFOG...(Ooops, too much?)


And for the preservation of humanity....


Buy the Revolution, scrap the OTSRs, Back Rests, and excessive everything, and RETURN IT TO IT'S STATE OF GLORY AS HE INTENDED IT TO BE!

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Right now, the 3 Intamin pre-fabs are pretty high on my list, along with Boulder Dash. Park-wise, TDL/DisneySEA and DLP are the big ones I'd like to hit at some point down the line. State-side, I'd like to get out to Knoebels and Dollywood.

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Not many things I really care enough to seek out anymore - Canadian Mindbender, Liseberg, and Nemesis are the only few I can think of. Throw in the Intamin woodies and a couple of really f'd up rides and pretty much any small, weird Euro park here and there, and I'll be happy.

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Here's my ride bucket list



1. Pandemonium (one of the Six Flags coasters that's was Tony Hawk themed)

2. Mantis (Cedar Point)

3. Raptor (Cedar Point)

4. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa)

5. Ride of Steel (Darien Lake)

6. Scorpion (Busch Gardens Tampa)

7. Loch Ness Monster (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

8. Gemini (Cedar Point)

9. Mean Streak (Cedar Point)

10. Tatsu (SFMM)

11. Maverick (Cedar Point)

12. Bizzaro (SFNE)

13. Apocalypse (SFMM)

14. Dragon Mountain (MarnieLand)

15. Green Lantern (SFGA)

16. Steel Force (Dorney Park)

17. The Beast (Kings Island)

18. Wild Thing (Valleyfair!)

19. Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFDK)

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I have some unfinished business at Knoebels with two of their attractions : Black diamond Mine and Flying Turns. These two were still being built and tested when I was up there last Tuesday.


Last year, I fulfilled a dream and scratched off two roller coasters off my "MUST RIDE OR DIE!" list: Deja Vu and X[squared] when I went to California and visited Magic Mountain.


As of today, my bucket list is very small; I visited nearly every park and rode every type of ride, but I'm sure there will be some new coaster or some new type of flat ride that will get me excited and make me exclaim: "I GOTTA RIDE THAT!"


"My bucket list has only one thing: that I will get used a lot"

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I have more of a "Parks I want to visit" bucket list. The first thing on my bucket list thought would be to go on a TPR coaster tour!!!!


The parks on my list!

Cedar Point - I want to ride em all, lol


DCA - Once construction is done

Universal Hollywood - Once transformers is done

Hershey Park

Busch Gardens VA

Original Schlitterbahn


There are plenty overseas but chance are I will never make it over there so keeping the list domestic.

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Great topic! Hmmm, there are lots of coasters I really want to ride, but if I were to truly create a "ride bucket list", it would look like this (in no particular order):


1. Bizarro (SFNE)

2. Boulder Dash

3. An Intamin Mega-Lite

4. Balder/Colossos/T-Express (preferably all of the above!)

5. Intimidator 305

6. New Texas Giant

7. X2

8. Expedition GeForce

9. Montu

10. Formula Rossa


As for parks on my bucket list, here's 5 that top my list:


1. Six Flags Magic Mountain

2. Walt Disney World

3. Busch Gardens Tampa

4. Dollywood

5. Six Flags over Texas


And as a bonus, if I had to pick ONE park from abroad to visit (since the likelihood of me making it to overseas parks is, for now, fairly slim), it would be the Happy Valley in China that has Fireball, a Dive Machine, and a Mega-Lite! (followed closely by Mirabilandia!)

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