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  1. 1. What is the name of your home park? La Ronde. 2. Do you own a coaster related T-shirt? Yep! From Bizarro (now Superman) at SFNE. 3. Do you enjoy Vekoma SLCs? Meh. I like the way Ednör looks. 4. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Goliath, TTD, Maverick. 5. One park you would definitely never go back to is... This is hard to answer when your home park is your least favourite . 6. Have you ever ridden a drop tower taller than 200 feet? Yeah, Power Tower at Cedar Point. 7. What is your favorite roller coaster? Don't make me choose! I love Nemes
  2. Most of La Ronde's rides have awful names, but the worst is Le Super-Manège (the Super Ride), an ugly Vekoma corkscrew with baynercurve.
  3. LOVE the drop over the tunnel, but the supports on the lift hill are really weird.
  4. Love the name of Tiamat, it brings me back to my ancient mythology class. Only wish I'd thought of it first (I call Apsu!).
  5. I don't know... do you think RuPaul would ever sponsor a ride? I hope he does! If all the homophobes refuse to ride, maybe the line won't be two hours long...
  6. My dad called Top Thrill Dragster "the Drag Queen" - I think he got the name mixed up with Rita: Queen of Speed. Still makes me laugh.
  7. Worst B&M: Leviathan. It wasn't worth the trip to the GTA (but not much is ). Worst Intamin: Ok, I understand Cobra at La Ronde isn't great but I don't think it's that bad. My vote goes to Colossus at Thorpe Park. The ten inversions thing is just a gimmick and the ride itself is boring. Sadly I've never been to a park with a GCI, so I can't rate them
  8. La Ronde 1. Goliath 2. Vampire 3. Cobra 4. Le Monstre (both tracks) 5. Boomerang 6. Dragon 7. Tobbogan Nordique 8. Super-Manège 9. Marche au Mille-Pattes 10. Ednör-L'Attaque
  9. Hey guys from five years ago, So I've been a lot less active on TPR since I made this thread, but I've gotten significantly better at playing this game, and gotten myself a decent amount of CSO. I'm thinking of reviving this recreation, possibly (hopefully) with some help (especially in 8cars etc.). The major differences: a) I'm no longer 13, b) I plan to make this adaptation realistic and c) I'm better organized in my parkmaking. That having been said, I have two questions for you guys. The park, from the tip of the island (Goliath's out-and-back portion) down to the bridge, measures about
  10. Train Would you rather get a good grade in a class you hate, or a bad grade in a class you love?
  11. Incorrect track welding, causing certain death. What's worse than the Conservative Party of Canada?
  12. ... and then a new group of angry rioters came along and destroyed those too. Then, all the rioters calmed down, put on gowns and had a little tea party on the ruins of Darien Lake, but were interrupted by...
  13. My favourite is 432 Park Avenue in New York. So elegant in its simplicity.
  14. ...who were subsequently beaten up by every Quebecer who thinks Quebec is better than the rest of Canada...
  15. ... a mysterious creature with ten times the number of any given human anatomical feature hatched from a random chicken egg, and wreaked havoc upon...
  16. Titan, but because someone dropped an immense rubik's cube on the track, the train derailed and flew across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in...
  17. Hey guys! I've made a small park (based on Electric Fields). Check it out here! EDIT: Screenshot: Plaza.BMP
  18. A new NCSO park, just to christen my new CD copy of RCT2. Shall I continue? The language (of the park) is French, but I may change that. SCR1.BMP SCR2.BMP
  19. I rode a TOGO once. It was awful. Have you ever had to rush to a park because you still haven't paid off your season pass?
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