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  1. Today Lott Gardens opened for the second time and might I say it was ever so popular. Here's why: Construction on a roller coaster has begun! That's right, a new ride built by Schwartzkopf that towers at 85 feet tall, will not only send you flying as you pass the trees, but will turn you upside down! Construction crews showed me a few sneak peeks at what was to come... SCR29.BMP A few track pieces, soon to be repainted SCR28.BMP A station house. SCR30.BMP The layout, to be built by September. The roller coaster has no name but I was chosen to name it... Hmmm... think, think, think
  2. Maaaybe... Maybe not. The roller coaster idea is correct though! Just something big - reeal big.
  3. RCT2 and RCT3 graphics: interchangeable Catwalks on lifts: yes Peeps that seem to be missing vital humanoid characteristics: no Licenses from B&M, Vekoma, S&S Arrow, Schwarzkopf, Six Flags and Cedar Fair: yes A resort-themed expansion pack: maybe That's all I am offering
  4. March 9th, 1965 John Lott's Journal I was about to open my recently completed gardens, finished just last week, when a nice but somewhat narcissistic (always me, me, me) young fellow approached me with lots of papers and a shocking but somewhat tempting proposal. Apparently, a small company for which he worked was setting up small traveling fairs around Canada. I was one of their proposed Ontario locations. As a British person who had enjoyed many a traveling fair in my day, I was about to agree. He cut me off; he told me he wanted to set up a permanent fair, named Fun-Town. Convincing me was easy; the fair was to include a carousel, a Fun house, a pool, a Ferris Wheel, a "Haunted" House, a small circus tent and a larger ride, as of yet undecided. The truly hard part was convincing my wife, Martha, to let us go through with it; she wanted a vegetable garden to save money from groceries, and I wanted to earn money for managing the new tourist attraction that would be Lott Gardens. Eventually she fell in favor of the fair, although somewhat close to our cottage. John Lott's Album SCR11.BMP The many acres of undeveloped land that came with the house SCR12.BMP The garden; Martha clipped the photo for no reason I could see SCR13.BMP Ground is being broken! SCR14.BMP The pool is being filled already SCR15.BMP A full pool is almost done! SCR16.BMP Done, with a floating rent-a-swimsuit building for the forgetful guests! SCR17.BMP And finally, a fully created funfair (without the big ride though...)
  5. Thank you, now I know Well, I've started work on a fantasy park instead; next thread with my name on it will probably be it. I'll eventually decide which one is better - La Ronde or my planned "Six Flags Ontario" park. I won't be able to post much for about 2 weeks; I don't spend my weekdays posting much, and next weekend is a trip to a Cedar Fair park, Canada's Wonderland... Kinda ironic, what with the Six Flags theme I'm starting to elaborate on. Oh well, maybe there will be inspirations. Until then, I'm out.
  6. small question... does anyone know where i could download a concrete footpath, among others?
  7. Sorry; My first ever posted park, not just on TPR, was badly planned. Besides, it's just a concept - I was considering scrapping this anyway to start a fantasy park. Maybe suggestions could be helpful; after all, I'm already planning the fantasy one. Please help me decide!
  8. Finally, progress has started on La Ronde ... Some screenshots to show you where everything is: SCR1.BMP Area where Le Vampire and Le Cobra will be SCR2.BMP An empty Lac aux Dauphins, just waiting to be filled! SCR3.BMP Area for Le Monstre, the tallest double-tracked woodie in the world SCR4.BMP Tiny place to squeeze Toboggan Nordique in SCR5.BMP A hill to put Ribambelle, the kids' country on SCR6.BMP In this shot, Ednor - L'Attaque will be fitted. Dragon's lot is also visible SCR7.BMP The as of yet unfinished back entrance/exit themed like the Medieval Village it opens into SCR8.BMP The parking lot Goliath rumbles over at the tip of Ile Ste-Helene SCR9.BMP Just to clarify - the section is not actually Vekomaland, nor are there too many; just 2, Le Boomerang and Le Super-Manege
  9. I'd Include the teacups but Ednor is right above them, it would be impossible. But whatever... maybe the kiddie section will be different, Goliath better, a racing Le Monstre, etc. No real limit when it comes to making a park, real or not!
  10. Sorry that it isn't moving along as expected, because my new computer has yet to download RCT2 but I promise by the weekend I will post about the progress. Expect to see a post every time there are screenshots. One small tidbit - Nobody posted about starting in Expo 67, so the park will be up-to-date, that is, teacups are gone, Ednor is built, insane ticket prices are insane, etc. Am already gathering information on rides. Sorry I did little planning ahead - I was overexcited about posting a new thread. Next update will most likely be screenshots!
  11. So, I'm staring up my Scenario editor, and I wondered, should this be a timeline park? I'm a little fuzzy on the history, but starting in the 60's could be good, I would know what was going through the park managers' minds. Building it in present though, could be good as I live half a mile away. Any suggestions?
  12. Yes, Ednor will be there - thankfully, no design process involved, as Ednor and El Condor are the same roller coaster!
  13. Thank you! My first time on TPR, and first park, although admittedly I need to make some huge design leaps, such as creating track designs, finding ways to make a good park without 8 cars, making the actual scenario, etc. Also, can anyone help me with Le Vampire? Batman has been my mortal enemy for ever in his coaster form
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