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  1. Alright. I find it easier to speak in English anyway; it's my mother tongue.
  2. Peut-être, mais je vais essayer! Est-ce que ce change de langue est permanente, ou est-ce qu'il est seulement pour cet indice?
  3. Me too! I'm sure I'd like LA if I had ever been there.
  4. No, because I get them anyway. Is Android superior to iPhone?
  5. Anéantir? Ça fait du sense que vous avez choisi un nom francais, mais c'est un peu étonnant, après tous les indices en Anglais. Bon choix de thème!
  6. For goodness' sake Coupon, you're like someone on Facebook trying to get attention. That building is great!
  7. C'est magnifique; la France mérite une montagne russe comme ça... Je sais qu'ils ont des autres parcs, mais ça c'est surement le parc le plus fin. Je visiterais dans un moment si j'avais le monnaie pour y aller. (Honnêtement, je suis anglophone, mais parce que je vis en Montréal, je sais communiquer un peu en français.)
  8. Dotrobot: I hardly think age is an indicator of maturity. I've known 30-or-40-something year olds who act like they're seven, and I've also known the opposite. If you took the time to notice, you would see criticism everywhere; but this criticism, as QR said, doesn't involve pointless remarks about how much it sucks or how much you hate it and how you'd sooner eat your hair than build this sort of stuff. It involves constructive criticism. I wouldn't say, "this sucks", I would say, "I think you could do this/that and change this/that". In way of my defense for what I commented (on your comment), I'd like to point out your own reasoning; I should be allowed to express myself in whichever way I feel is necessary. In this case, the picture I posted clearly states that I have no clue why/how you find Pacificoaster's screen unappealing. If you're allowed to think what you think, then so am I.
  9. ^What he said. Also, those trees look kinda weird; they don't fit the graphics. Those buildings do look nice, though!
  10. I'm thinking of deleting Six Flags Ontario and creating a family-owned park set in the exact same location. I recently passed by the place I was thinking of on my way to the Startford Shakespeare festival (In Stratford, ON). I've decided it's perfect; it's beautiful, forested land that's between two largish cities (Belleville and Kingston). It would have a timeline. This new park would include a fair number of roller coasters; it has CW and La Ronde to compete with. There'd be: -A Schwarzkopf looper (possibly to be demolished) -A relatively small but surprisingly powerful B&M hyper (like a smaller Nitro) -A Vekoma (either a looper or a boomerang) -An Arrow (if I decide to use a boomerang from Vekoma) -A Gertslauer spinning coaster -An ancient wooden roller coaster from the park's opening day -A newer, larger, better wooden roller coaster (either something from the late '80s or a GCI from the late 2000s) -Possibly an Intamin Impulse -Kiddie coaster There'd be a lot of foliage all over the place. It's just a tiny bit hilly, too, so I could use that to my advantage. Any suggestions? Creative names for the park owners?
  11. With its location and size, I can easily see it as Goliath...
  12. Yes, but you already knew that... Didn't you? Do you like Legend of Zelda?
  13. I had to evacuate my house because my toaster is an a- hole.
  14. No. Do you hate when the first comment on the 1000th page is unrelated to it being on the 1000th page?
  15. In fact, what I'll do is buy my way into the governments of every nation, and abolish money. Lol.
  16. What would I do? -Build my own city, complete with the most architecturally stunning subway system in the history of existence (beating out Moscow and Montreal) -Fund a research program for how to make Mars inhabitable -Fund a space program to transfer at least a billion people to Mars -Donate so much money to education that even in remote, poor African communities, the classrooms are 5-star -Bribe people to not kill each other -Nachos! -Build a 2 mile high tower in every national capital that requests one (to save space on government buildings. Think about it; the Pentagon, the White House and every other government building in and near D.C. Heck, even the states' governing offices could fit in there.) [NOTE: Make it... Indestructible!] -Cure cancer and AIDS.
  17. Current Series: [NBC] Chuck [NBC] Community [FOX] Glee [NBC] SNL (that counts, right?) [Comedy Central] The Daily Show [FOX] Family Guy Former series: [FOX] Arrested Development [uSA Network] Monk (OMG Monk) Cartoon Series (yes, inside I'm five years younger): [Nickelodeon] Fairly OddParents [Nickelodeon] SpongeBob SquarePants [ABC, CBS] The Bugs Bunny And Tweety Show [Cartoon Network] Duck Dodgers [ABC, CBS] The Roadrunner Show
  18. ^ Is worthy of congratulations < Is hungry v Hates people
  19. I'm starting another year of school at noon today. At least there's the perk of getting enough sleep... one day a year.
  20. You're so great... your buildings are like an NCSO version of Coupon (from my perspective) and lots of your other things are also accolade-worthy.
  21. ^ Is correct, occasionally < Likes to read v Likes to party!
  22. I can't believe I never noticed this thread. Pinball isn't my favorite game, although we do own a Funhouse machine (we put it in the dining room), which my dad got for his 40th birthday. Sadly, it no longer works, and pinball machine repairpeople are hard to find in Montreal.
  23. This might sound like a dumb complaint, but my four favorite places in Montreal: the Tim Hortons, the pool, the beach and La Ronde, are all closed today because of mild hurricane stuff. At least the underground city is still open and I still have power!
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