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  1. Trying to get back into the groove, coaster will be enclosed -
  2. Overview of a Theme park I've had in my head for years. Done the other week, shall do more of this in the future -
  3. Something I did earlier this week - Seriously, what is that thing?
  4. Liking the overall look and feel, but as mentioned before, do try to vary your textures as well as increase the height of your facades if possible; it'll make for a more immersive environment. By the way, will there be performances on the lake?
  5. The first part of Veja Mundo's Expansion - the construction of the French subsection within Old World - has opened. This new subsection immerses guests into the streets and gardens of Paris. First thing guests walk into are two Parisian streets, lined by ornate lamps and old rows of buildings; filled with shops and restaurants of authentic materials (do try the crepe shop). To the leftmost building houses Nighttime Stroll - a dark Old-timer vehicle ride loosely inspired by the film Midnight in Paris. Across the way is a large amphitheatre for live shows featuring authentic frenc
  6. Um... it's still the resort o.o Time again for a quick update! First off, a new land has opened towards the back of the Studios. In an attempt to allow a more reliable place to meet K9 Animation's core characters, as well as to further promote the already family-friendly atmosphere, Pawprint Plaza was made. Pawprint Plaza is a colorful little land, designed to look like something out of a cartoon. Rather small, this land contains three attractions: * Lara Labyrinth - A dark ride based on the ever-popular Valleydog, is rather wacky within itself. * Grand Carousel - Self explan
  7. Just a bit of things coming up for a certain MARFlepark - Future 'kid-friendly' section - Props to anyone who can figure out the Los Angeles landmark being referenced/recreated here -
  8. I see you all have problems with the overall look of the Yukon Adventure facade, particularly in regards to the choice of terrain and shrubbery. The choice was all within reason - the ride and surrounding area was based on a comic (this one to be exact). So, in an effort of immersion, I designed the facade on the overall location, and took cues from the actual concept art, hence the faux snow. Anyways, now that we got that taken care of... Mini-update time! Happy New Year from the Echenima Resort! The countdown celebrations proved to have been a popular event, and the park
  9. No. Sorry but, no... no, no, no, and no. Why would you even suggest that for a theme park? -.-
  10. Hello again, time for update on things! And boy do we have plenty of new things abound: First off, the Italy subsection of Old World has recently opened new MiniGrand Dark ride called Da Vinci's Flyers - In this classic-to-be dark ride, taking inspiration from Leonardo's works, guests will board a makeshift flying machine and, via suspended track (akin to ET and Peter Pan) fly above scenes of Venice, Rome and beyond - In other news, MARFleparks announced even further expansion for the Veja Mundo park. Plans include the following: * Through a deal with BBC, a Doctor
  11. I have a sudden burst of ideas for my park Veja Mundo. Thinking about adding-in a Doctor Who ride into the European section. However, I am not sure as how to go about this. Should it be a dark ride? Thrilling Flat? Coaster? Just tossing this up in the air for anybody's input into this idea.
  12. This looks exciting! I've pondered the idea of a Portal ride (even a whole park), but never got too far with it. Needless to say, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this goes
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